The Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum PAIH with the participation of the Presidents of Polish and Ukraine was a great success

06 April 2023
The event organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in cooperation with the President of the Republic of Poland Entrepreneurship Council gathered several hundred entrepreneurs from Poland and Ukraine, Ministers and Ambassadors, and its honorary guests were President Andrzej Duda and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The Forum took place in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The event was attended by entrepreneurs from many sectors such as construction, machine manufacturing, IT, transport and logistics, medical and pharmaceutical industries and many others.

The Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum

The meeting was an opportunity for talks between representatives of the business world and key representatives of State Administration and organizations supporting entrepreneurship, such as institutions from the PFR Group. The possibilities of obtaining synergy of activities in order to maintain the functioning of Polish companies in Ukraine, increase the presence of Polish business in the country of our neighbour and support it this difficult moment of armed conflict were discussed. The Forum was graced by speeches by the Presidents of both Poland and Ukraine. In his speech, President Andrzej Duda thanked Polish entrepreneurs for their commitment to the helping Ukrainians since the first days of the Russian invasion.

I thank all those who participate in supporting the defenders of Ukraine, for those who are fighting today to defend their homeland. Thank you to all entrepreneurs. I know that many of you have spent huge amounts of money through private donations and what you carried in your own private cars. You saved the lives of many defenders of Ukraine - said President Duda - Today we are meeting at a business forum. Even now, despite the war, we have organized a normal business forum. We look at what will happen in the future. We want you to get involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine. We will try to create the conditions for this. We also want you to cooperate and do business together after the war - he added.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke. He thanked Polish companies operating continuously in Ukraine, also in the most endangered regions. He stressed the importance of maintaining the continuity of the Ukrainian economy for the functioning of the country.

We have a great future in building our countries and economies. At this important event, we can talk about building cooperation between Poland and Ukraine, and thus a free Europe. When a business expands its presence in a country, it confirms that the country has a future. Thank you very much, Poland, for believing in the future of Ukraine - said President Zelenskiy - I want to thank every Polish entrepreneur for cooperation with Ukraine. Thank you for every workplace that creates prosperity for Ukrainians and Poles - he added.

The Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum

In the panel devoted to Polish-Ukrainian economic exchange, representatives of Polish institutions talked with Ukrainian entrepreneurs about the current conditions of cooperation and prospects that await our countries in the future. At the same time, they stressed the current record volume of exchange and the need to overcome differences and difficulties between our countries.

Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, Chairman of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Management Board, emphasized the importance of developing mutual relations to maintain and accelerate the pace of development of both countries. She also spoke about the importance of Polish companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Paweł Borys, Chairman of the Polish Development Fund’s Management Board, was of a similar opinion, reminding that it is necessary to improve cooperation in order to overcome legal, organizational and economic obstacles in investments. In turn, Yevhen Tafiychuk, director of Nova Poshta, appreciated the possibility of doing business in Poland and the conditions that Ukrainian companies can count on. Oleg Syarkevich, Board Member of Farmak Ukraine, spoke about the need to jointly develop advanced sectors of the economy, such as pharmaceutical sector. He stressed that cooperation between Poland and Ukraine can be very beneficial for both countries, responding to the demand of European markets, which currently import most of the drugs from Asian countries.

The Forum ended with a networking session of entrepreneurs and representatives of the State Administration and Institutions present at the event.

The Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum