Polish scaffolding in Israel

15 March 2023
Thanks to the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), Polish scaffolding manufacturer Plettac Distribution has established cooperation with an Israeli partner. "Israel is one big construction site. Therefore, it can be an interesting alternative to the markets where Polish exporters from the construction industry have operated so far - said Mateusz Kamer from PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office in Tel Aviv.


In 2021, foreign sales of products from the Polish construction industry accounted for 4% of the total export of goods. Outside Poland, we sell mainly paints, paving slabs, structures and parts of structures made of iron or steel, articles of cement or concrete, tiles and wall tiles. Over 83% of products sold abroad go to the European Union. Israel is also one of Poland’s trading partners in this sector. For several years, this market has been more popular among Polish exporters due to the dynamic development of the construction industry there. It is mainly stimulated by the government's efforts to develop the transport infrastructure. As well as the implementation of construction projects in the field of energy and municipal management, including those of considerable value and with a wide scale.
Due to the huge demand for construction materials and technologies, local contractors from Israel are interested in importing goods. They are particular open to products from the European Union. There are two main reasons for this. The first is a change in the rules for registering imported building materials in the Israel Standards Institute. Where they now recognising EU certificates so there is no need to obtain an Israeli quality certificate. Secondly, tightening the rules for the registration of selected building materials, which directly affect the safety and quality of building finishing. These types of products must meet Israeli standards, which are based on European quality standards. Polish entrepreneurs from the construction industry strictly follow these rules, which is why their products are welcome in Israel - explains Mateusz Kamer, head of PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office in Tel Aviv.The Polish scaffolding manufacturer,” Plettac Distribution” took the opportunity to take advantage of the favourable economic situation on the Israeli market. In establishing contact and finalizing negotiations with a local importer, he was supported by experts from PAIH‘s Foreign Trade Office in Tel Aviv.

In the summer of 2022, after months of negotiations, research and other preparations, we obtained our first certificate confirming the compliance of our scaffoldings with Israeli requirements. We would not have gone through this long and complex process if it had not been for the support we received from PAIH’s office in Tel Aviv. Mateusz Kamer, who manages it, constantly accompanied us in this process. Thanks to this, we started cooperation with a local representative and currently participate in numerous projects throughout the country. Our goal for this year is to increase the volume of exports to Israel - says Wojciech Dinst, Vice President of the Management Board of Plettac Distribution.

As Mateusz Kamer from PAIH’s office in Tel Aviv explains, an opportunity to learn about the potential of the Israeli market and establish relationships with local partners is participation in the annual Construct and Design fair. This year, on the promotional stand organized by PAIH, six Polish companies presented their products. - Israel is one big construction site. Therefore, it can be an interesting alternative to the markets where Polish exporters from the construction industry have operated so far – said the PAIH expert.

The construction and fit out industry is one of 12 priority industries for the Polish economy. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency supports its development through cooperation with domestic industry organizations, the organization of promotional events and advice from PAIH Foreign Trade Offices.


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About the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is an advisory institution belonging to the Polish Development Fund (PFR) Group. This is the first point of contact for exporters and investors. It operates both in Poland and through its  network of offices around the world. It strengthens the recognition of Polish brands on international markets, promotes domestic products and services as well as technological solutions made in Poland. The agency helps entrepreneurs in choosing their  optimal path of expansion abroad. It also supports the inflow of foreign direct investments to Poland and the implementation of Polish investments in the country. PAIH cooperates with the public sector and regional partners, offering, among other things, training, audit and promotion of investment properties, cooperation in the organization of business missions and communication support in the implementation of joint projects.

About Plettac Distribution

Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Ostrzeszów was established in 1996 by the German concern PLETTAC AG with its registered office in Plettenberg. In 2004, 100% of the company's shares were taken over by Polish entrepreneurs. The shareholders of Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. had long been closely associated with the scaffolding industry. In 1991, together with PLETTAC AG, they founded the first professional company providing assembly and lease services for modern scaffolding – Plettac Sp. z o. o. This company soon became a leader in scaffolding assembly in Poland. Currently, after transformation, it belongs to the Bilfinger Berger concern. The President of Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. was a co-founder of the Association of Scaffolding Companies, which later transformed into the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Scaffolding (PIGR), associating companies assembling and manufacturing scaffolding. Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. in the newly expanded plant in Grabów nad Prosna, manufactures  frame and modular scaffolding systems  that are dimensionally compatible with systems manufactured by other leading manufacturers. The company plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. – The plant in Grabów nad Prosną has experienced and highly qualified staff, automated machinery, Welding Certificate issued by SLV Berlin – Brandenburg according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and "B" certificates for individual scaffolding systems issued by IMBiGS in Warsaw. Scaffolding manufactured by Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. can be found on construction sites in Europe, Scandinavia and North America.