Swedes love natural products from Poland

12 December 2022
The Swedish Innovation Organic Scandinavian Award went to a Polish cosmetics manufacturer and nearly 20 domestic brands in two Polish pavilions - this is the balance of events at the trade fair in Malmö, Sweden. The promotion of Polish products at Eco Living Scandinavia and Nordic Organic Food Fair 2022 was organized by experts from the PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Stockholm.

Eco Living Scandinavia and Nordic Organic Food Fair 2022

This year's edition of Eco Living Scandinavia and Nordic Organic Food Fair 2022 was held under the title "Polish Year". The fair's organizer decided to distinguish our country thanks to the strong representation of Polish companies in 2021 and Poland's involvement in the production of organic and natural products.

As part of the organization of Poland's presence at Eco Living Scandinavia and the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2022, the PAIH office in Swedish PAIH office prepared a cosmetic pavilion "Natural Beauty Poland". There were products from six companies: 4 Szpaki, Hagi, Mokann, Natural Baby Care, Simply More and Be the Sky Girl. Three of these companies were nominated for the prestigious Innovation Organic Scandinavian Award. Ultimately, the winner was Be the Sky Girl for a body care product.

From the beginning, we assumed that we would operate on international markets, because the values we follow are universal. We want our brand to support women in building their self-esteem, so that they dare to do what they love and live their own way. Every time we plan to enter a new market, we direct our first steps to PAIH. This was also the case in Sweden. We were introduced to our current distributor for the Scandinavian markets by experts from the Agency's Stockholm office. The Innovation Organic Scandinavian Award is the culmination of our activity in Sweden so far, but also a solid impetus for further development. As an award winner, we have the chance to build stronger brand recognition, in the eyes of the Swedish client, we have gained a lot. We are not going to waste I this opportunity. Our goal is a constant presence in the best retail chains, offering the highest quality organic products. We are counting on further, fruitful cooperation with PAIH - said Elżbieta Karwik, one of the Be the Sky Girl brand founders.

Swedes spend the most on cosmetics in the entire European Union. Natural cosmetics are a relatively new, but dynamically growing market. According to the latest forecasts, already in 2025 the value of the Swedish organic cosmetics market may reach SEK 3 billion. Thus, it will account for as much as 10% of the entire local beauty industry. And although the Swedes are attached to traditional brands, especially premium ones, environmental awareness is high, so sales of this type of products are growing - pointed out Sebastian Magier, Head of PAIH's Foreign Trade Office in Stockholm.

The PAIH office also cooperated with the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) in the preparation of the Polish food pavilion - entitled "Poland Taste Good". Eleven Polish companies presented their products: Royal Apple, Appolonia, Balviten, EuroWafel, Fresh Factory, Lei Food & Drink, Lestello, Limeko, MLB Biotrade, PPH Tabit and ZPS Jamar. Visitors to the pavilion were attracted by live cooking demonstrations.

During the fair in Malmö, PAIH's experts also organized two discussion panels, one devoted to food and one to cosmetics with the participation of Swedish and Polish experts.

Polish entrepreneurs whom we supported at the fair have established numerous promising business contacts with potential partners. The fair was a great success for PAIH and confirms that our activities on the Swedish market are on the right lines - summed up Sebastian Magier from PAIH.

The 10th edition of the Eco Living Scandinavia i Nordic Organic Food Fair was held in Malmö on the 16-17 November 2022.

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