Joint promotion of the agri-food sector thanks to the agreement between KOWR and PAIH

18 November 2022
At the headquarters of the National Centre for Agricultural Support (KOWR), a cooperation agreement was signed between them and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). It will enable both institutions to jointly promote the Polish agri-food sector on foreign markets.

The agreement between KOWR and PAIH

On behalf of PAIH, the document was signed by the Chairman of the Management Board Krzysztof Drynda and a Member of Management Board Zdzisław Sokal. On behalf of KOWR, the agreement was signed by the General Director Waldemar Humięcki.

During the meeting, its participants discussed the prospects for the development of a presence on foreign markets, including Africa and Asia. At the same time, they emphasized that Polish companies are totaly ready to enter new markets - they have the necessary know-how, innovation and competitive quality. Thanks to this, some Polish entities are already winning contracts, but there is still a great potential for cooperation between PAIH and KOWR.

The agri-food sector does not only mean food producers. There are also companies providing specialized technology, for example technological systems for dairies, which have recently gained the interest of African countries. Together with KOWR, we will cooperate for the synergy of activities and the most effective promotion of the Polish economy - said Krzysztof Drynda.

PAIH’s Chairman also reminded that the Agency has several dozen Foreign Trade Offices operating around the world, which allow for the quick and effective reaching of foreign partners. He also added that such directions of expansion as Africa or Asia will be more and more attractive for Polish companies, and that PAIH is actively working to create new business relations in these regions of the world.

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