PAIH was an active participant of the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz

The already closed the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz was attended by a strong representation from PAIH. The panels dealing with the key areas of development of the Polish economy and the image of our country on the international arena were attended by members of the Agency's Management Board and specialists from individual departments.

PAIH was an active participant of the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz

The Agency’s Management Board participated in the Forum. During the panel devoted to the production of hydrogen, Chairman Krzysztof Drynda reminded everyone about the rapid pace of development of this technology. He also emphasized the role played by PAIH in building business relations and building the hydrogen brand as a Polish export commodity. During his participation in discussions, he also emphasized PAIH’s role as an ambassador of Polish industry in the world and the importance of the Agency's support in the decision of Polish companies to start exporting and their opening up to new directions of economic cooperation.

As PAIH, we educate companies interested in exporting in the area of business and the legal culture of foreign markets. We are looking for new locations. Africa and the Middle East are very promising directions - he said.

During the discussion on cybersecurity held at the Forum, PAIH’s Management Board Member Grzegorz Słomkowski reminded that PAIH attracts investors from the IT sector from around the world, thanks to which this industry already employs half a million specialists in Poland. During the debate on the challenges and opportunities of Polish exports, he talked about the change in the perception of Poland, thanks to the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition.

Thanks to Expo, we have greatly expanded awareness about Poland. We hope that the next exhibition in Japan will be an opening for us to that region. In the Asian region, among other things Polish cosmetics are already well known, however, we want to gain new sectors - he emphasized.

Piotr Dytko, Member of the Management Board, who participated in the debate, emphasized that for emerging industries, ingenuity is a crucial element and is a distinguishing feature on the market. He also added that a key element is the cooperation between local governments and universities, which is needed for a high level of education of future specialists.

During the three-day Forum, other PAIH experts also participated in the discussions. Łukasz Grabowski also from the Center for Export spoke about the need for entrepreneurs to signal their needs in order for support instruments to be adapted as fully as possible to them. PAIH’s Center for Export was also represented by Michał Kucharczyk, who reminded that Poland as the leader of the region can be a gateway to Western markets for startups from Central and Eastern Europe. Nicholas Tauber from PAIH’s Center for Export emphasized the importance of understanding cultural codes in a given country in order to effectively reach the chosen market. In turn, the Director of the Partnership and Communication Department Marcin Graczyk defined the directions for effectively building Poland’s image at the upcoming Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai exhibition.

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