PAIH’s participation in the Congress 590

The 7th Congress 590 has ended. Behind us are numerous discussions, exchanges of thoughts, views and experiences of Polish entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, economic experts and representatives of government institutions, including the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

PAIH's participation in the Congress 590

PAIH was represented by members of the Management Board and Experts. Chairman Krzysztof Drynda participated in the panel "Hydrogen future or hydrogen illusions?" Members of the Management Board took part in discussions on aid to Ukraine, the Three Seas Initiative and the future of energy storage. Zdzisław Sokal participated in the panels "Polish-Romanian Economic Forum - panel devoted to the discussion on the possibilities of Polish-Romanian cooperation in the reconstruction of Ukraine" and "Trade exchange with the Countries of the Three Seas Initiative. How to increase it?". Grzegorz Słomkowski was a speaker in the session "Modern and innovative ways of energy storage and transmission". PAIH’s expert Grzegorz Gałczyński spoke in the panel "What will the transport of the future look like? What does the network of connections in Poland and the EU look like?".

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