PAIH’s participation in the “Pearls” of Local Government Congress

20 May 2022
The "Pearls" of Local-Government Congress has ended. The event took place in Gdynia on 18-19 May of this year. This year's Congress gathered both representatives of the public and private sectors - representatives of business, State institutions and Local Government officials. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency was represented by, among others, Member of the Management Board Zdzisław Sokal.

Pearls of Local Government Congress 2022

During the event, numerous discussion panels and workshops were held. The Congress was an opportunity to talk about what is most important for Local Government officials, local leaders and business. Zdzisław Sokal participated in the panel entitled “Funds, goal and effects – how to make the investment a success that will last”. Monika Zdrojek from PAIH’s Project Centre conducted workshops on what services PAIH can offer, which was opened by Board member Sokal. During the discussion session, Zdzisław Sokal spoke about the cooperation between the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and Local Governments and about what PAIH can offer.

Relations between Local Governments and the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the basis for us, as the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, to be able to achieve our basic goals in terms of supporting foreign investments in Poland and Polish investments abroad. – said Zdzisław Sokal during the discussion panel.

A summary of PAIH’s relations with local governments: