A Cooperation Agreement with FinTech Poland

04 May 2022
PAIH and the FinTech Poland Foundation have signed a Cooperation Agreement. The document concluded on 29 April of this year will enable the transfer of expert knowledge between the organizations and joint activities aimed at promoting Polish entrepreneurs operating in the fintech sector abroad. On behalf of PAIH, the agreement was signed by Members of the Management Board Grzegorz Słomkowski and Zdzisław Sokal, and the FinTech Poland Foundation was represented by the Chairman of the Management Board Paweł Widawski.

A Cooperation Agreement with FinTech Poland

The FinTech Poland Foundation for Financial Innovation is an independent think tank whose aim is to promote the development of the digital finance sector in Poland and to build a thriving ecosystem of cooperation and a platform for dialogue between market participants and public institutions, including regulators and supervisors. An important aspect of the foundation’s activity is the promotion of the Polish fintech sector in the world and the implementation of the idea of building an international financial center in Poland.

The Foundation develops analyses and reports, it also works to create progressive and safe legal regulations, supports open and effective financial supervision and a developed culture of innovation as well as access to venture capital.

The signing of the Cooperation Agreement by PAIH and FinTech will allow to achieve synergy of activities and support the promotion of the Polish FinTech sector on the international arena.

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