B2B Poland-ASEAN meetings – Regional Cosmetics Forum

15 February 2022
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) invites representatives of Polish cosmetic companies to participate in B2B meetings with cosmetic companies from the ASEAN market as part of the "Polish-ASEAN Regional Cosmetic Forum", which will take place online between the 07-20.03.2022.

Poland-ASEAN B2B Sessions

The online event is aimed at Polish companies looking for business partners in Southeast Asia ( the markets of markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia). Companies interested in participating should have on offer products from the cosmetics sector that match the trends and market demand of the region. The meetings are also intended for business representatives from the Southeast Asia region (distributors, importers, wholesalers, industry organizations) looking for business partners in Poland.

The meetings will be held on a dedicated B2Match platform. Thanks to which, it will be possible to book individual meetings with a group of potential partners in order to establish new business relationships. Platform users will be able to freely choose business partners, companies or industry organizations with whom they will establish initial contacts.

Participation in the event and registration on the platform is free. Company profile registration until 02.28.2022.

The next stage of the Poland-ASEAN – Regional Cosmetics Forum

The B2B meetings are the next stage of the “Polska-ASEAN Regional Cosmetic Forum” aimed at promoting the Polish cosmetics sector in the Southeast Asia region. The event is co-organized by the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry ( For years, PAIH and have been undertaking joint initiatives aimed at creating favourable conditions for the development of the Polish cosmetics industry and strengthening the role of domestic producers from the cosmetics industry on the Polish and foreign markets. Taking into account the positive experience of mutual cooperation so far, a formal Cooperation Agreement was signed. Thanks to which, joint activities for the positive development and image of Polish companies in the cosmetics industry will be even more effective.

The ASEAN Cosmetics Association is also a partner in the event. An organization made up of entities from various Southeast Asian countries with an aim of harmonizing and maintaining cosmetics regulations, raising the standards of technical competence and scientific knowledge in local industries, and the expansion of the cosmetics trade in ASEAN.

The ASEAN region

Southeast Asian countries, along with the increase in population and wealth of citizens, are becoming the main driving force behind the sale of cosmetics and personal care products in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2019, this sector reached $ 5.9 billion in ASEAN. According to forecasts, by 2027 its value will amount to USD 8.4 billion.

New trends are also becoming apparent in Southeast Asia, and as the economy grows, so do customers’ purchasing preferences. Despite the strong presence of recognized cosmetic brands on the market, niche innovative brands are gaining more and more popularity. Customers are looking for environmentally friendly cosmetics, including those based on organic ingredients. Products intended for skin and hair care, as well as for children, are of particular interest. Halal cosmetics that protect against the sun and cosmetics for men record a strong increase in sales.

Despite the stable development of the cosmetics sector, entering the Southeast Asian markets requires appropriate preparation and a long-term expansion strategy, including significant expenditure on brand and product promotion. The challenge for Polish cosmetics is, among other things, strong competition from local Asian brands, mainly from Japanese and Korean producers.

However, the chances of Polish companies on the local market are strengthened by the dynamic development of e-commerce in the region. Online sales are becoming the main distribution channel for cosmetic products – already, products from the beauty segment are the most frequently purchased type of product on e-commerce channels.

Cosmetics made in Poland

Polish cosmetic brands are successfully developing sales in Asia, including South-East Asia, for example in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Recent months, which have sensitized both customers and contractors to the price of products, have shown that it is the attractive price and the high quality that goes hand in hand with It, that are an extremely strong bargaining point in talks with potential foreign business partners.

The positive situation is reflected in the fact that Poland currently ranks 5th in the EU in the field of cosmetics production, just behind the leading and internationally recognized Italy, France and Germany. Among other things, the arguments for cooperation with Polish companies are: over 100 years of tradition in the field of production and the highly qualified staff. The production of cosmetics in Poland is carried out in accordance with EU norms and standards, which is especially important in the case of expansion, for example, to Asia. The wide product offer, in line with the current global cosmetic trends, including those tailored to the needs of customers, even in the most distant markets, undoubtedly attracts contractors from all over the world – explains Maja Justyna from PAIH’s office in Singapore.

More information about the event and registration on Poland-ASEAN B2B Sessions.

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