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14 September 2021

PAIH will run a series of lectures on the protection of intellectual property rights in China

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in cooperation with a team of experts: Dr. Joanna Matczuk, attorney at law and patent attorney (IP Boutique) and Michał Bielewicz, advisor in the field of IP and sales to China (Trademark Partners), is organizing a series of meetings entitled "Your Brand in China - A series of practical lectures." It is a response to the needs of Polish companies planning to expand on to the Chinese market. The organizers of the project will pay attention to the specificity of the trademark protection system behind the Great Wall - including the aspect of creating Chinese equivalents of trademarks and the not uncommon phenomenon of the filing of trademarks in bad faith and the related consequence

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Education of entrepreneurs in the field of trademark protection in China, promoting good practices, introducing the specifics of the Middle Kingdom in the context of intellectual property and finally supporting exports from Poland to China - these are the main points of the educational project entitled "Your brand in China - A series of practical lectures" which will be run by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The first lecture in the series of 12 meetings will be held online on September 23, under the tital "Brand registration in China. The specificity of the Chinese system of trademark protection”. Experts will among other things, introduce the specifics of the Chinese system of registering trade marks for protection; explain why it is worth registering trademarks in China, as well as discuss the most common errors and omissions in the context of filing such applications in China.

I am convinced that with the growing interest in expansion onto the Chinese market, Polish entrepreneurs need to broaden their knowledge of the protection of intellectual property rights in this region. A series of lectures on practical issues related to trademarks, among other things, the choosing of a legal system when registering a trademark, creating a Chinese equivalent of a trademark, invalidating a trademark or means of protection, will create unique opportunities for Polish companies to systematize their knowledge. We want to meet the expectations and needs of Polish entrepreneurs - says Andrzej Juchniewicz, PAIH’s office manager in Shanghai.Know your rights in order to successfully start your expansion

The protection of intellectual property rights in China, including in particular the protection of trademarks, remains one of the key issues in the process of a companies' expansion onto the Chinese market. According to the law, in China, anyone can register the intellectual property of another person and become its full owner –it is the order in which the application is submitted to the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) that is the decisive factor.

- The Chinese system of trademark protection and practice in this respect in some aspects differ from the standards known to us in Europe. Chinese realities can surprise you. Getting to know the basics and specifics of this system will help you to better plan an effective brand protection strategy behind the Great Wall - explains Dr. Joanna Matczuk, attorney-at-law and patent attorney at IP Boutique.

- Intellectual property in China is becoming an increasingly important aspect of running a business there. Meanwhile, today the question of having a trademark protection certificate in China is one of the first topics of conversation with a local importer. Good protection of your brad protection rights, is definitely cheaper than their recovery. In addition, it allows you to start a business much faster, which is what every entrepreneur cares about - adds Michał Bielewicz, manager and advisor, representative of Trademark Partners.

Although both the quality of legislation and its application are gradually improving in the Middle Kingdom, foreign entrepreneurs still fall victim to unauthorized registration of brands and patents. Companies considering exporting to the Chinese market should secure intellectual property rights at the stage of planning cooperation with Chinese partners. By taking this aspect into account, at the stage of creating a sales strategy, you can avoid subsequent long-term and costly lawsuits.

- The issue of trademark protection in China is particularly important from the perspective of entrepreneurs who treat this market in a strategic perspective. The speed and determination with which Chinese competitors operate in the context of trademark registration pose significant risks and, in extreme cases, may even lead to a company's elimination for years. In my opinion, it is definitely worth getting acquainted with the realities of the brand protection procedure in the Middle Kingdom - adds Elżbieta Pniewska-Caban, Head of the Intellectual Property Department of Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s educational project assumes the implementation of twelve free lectures conducted by PAIH experts, Dr. Joanna Matczuk, attorney and patent attorney, and Michał Bielewicz, advisor in the field of IP and sales to China, devoted to trademarks in China. The experts will present both legal and practical aspects related to the protection of intellectual property rights in the Middle Kingdom. During the series of webinars, participants will learn, among other things, how to ensure the protection of trademarks in China, how to develop a strategy for this, and finally, how to prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights in China.

The series is addressed in particular to Polish entrepreneurs, consulting companies dealing in exports to China, patent attorneys and associations of exporters and importers. Participation in the webinars is free, but limited by the number of places. Registration can be made via the website.

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The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is an advisory institution operating in cooperation with the Polish Development Fund Group (PFR) under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. PAIH is the first point of contact for exporters and investors. It operates both in Poland and through a network of offices around the world. It strengthens the recognition of Polish brands on international markets, promotes domestic products and services as well as technological solutions made in Poland. The agency helps entrepreneurs choose the optimal expansion path abroad. It also supports the inflow of direct foreign investments to Poland and the implementation of Polish investments in the country. PAIH cooperates with the public sector and regional partners, offering, among other things: training, audit and promotion of investment properties, cooperation in the organization of business missions and communication support in the implementation of joint projects.

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