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P這ck Industrial and Technological Park

Plock Industrial and Technological Park (PPPT) is an integrated investment area established as a joint venture of the Municipality of P這ck and PKN ORLEN in order to create attractive business conditions for enterprises. Local governmental authorities and international oil and energy company decided to implement PPPT because of its innovative nature in order to stimulate science and knowledge, realize R&D projects and to create in P這ck new attractive jobs. PPPT offers its clients attractive investment areas and modern office spaces. By partnering with academic institutions, research institutes, enterprises, public administration units, business support institutions and international organizations PPPT builds network of cooperation as well as supports and initiates R&D activities.

P這ck Industrial and Technological Park is also a coordinator and co-founder of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster, which aims to improve the competitiveness and growth of the innovative potential of the companies from the chemical industry through the exchange of knowledge and experience with institutions representing the research sector (for more go to


P這ck Industrial and Technological Park is located in P這ck - a city in the north-western part of the Mazovian Province. The Park’s investment areas, its main office - Corporate Services Center as well as Administration Center, are situated on the northern border of the city, in the immediate proximity of the main refinery, petrochemical plant and the seat of PKN ORLEN. The advantage of the Park is its central location in relation to the capitals of Central and Eastern Europe countries and the largest Polish cities. It is near to every place from P這ck. The most important municipal agglomerations and economic centers of the Central Poland, such as Warsaw, 鏚z and Toru, are about a 100 km away from P這ck.


Foreign and Polish investors may locate their businesses within excellent communicated investment areas equipped with all necessary technical infrastructure. The PPPT investment grounds are divided into zones profiled for production, industry and services for investors interested in having there their manufacturing centers operating in the widely understood chemistry and related branches from different industries. Investment zones are located in the direct vicinity of the main petrochemical and refining plant of PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Group companies as well as leading European and Polish production and service companies conducting their activities in chemical and other related industries. 

Zones III - VI of the P這ck Industrial and Technological are available for investors. Preferred activity on these areas includes industry, production, services, science, technology and office administration. They are developed in all utilities necessary to run business: water, sewage, central heating, gas, telecommunication and electricity. The internal network of asphalt roads 5,5-7m wide is connected directly to the town streets in 7 exit points, ensuring a smooth entering and leaving the zones.



  • Zone VII is  entirely used for activities performed by business-related companies.
  • Zone VIII is entirely used by PCC Exol, where the investor located its facility producing ethoxylates.
  • Zone IX is entirely used by Flexpol, where the investor located its facility producing BOPP films.


PPPT investors can count on a business partnership with ORLEN Group, which perfectly stimulates the economic development of companies operating in different sectors and industries. Prospects of cooperation with sector leaders offer current and future investors a unique synergy much better than anywhere else in Poland. The functioning of the PKN ORLEN - Central European leader in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industry - guarantees access to technical infrastructure and transport utilities, Poland's largest industrial sewage treatment plant (including hazardous), industrial sewer, power utilities, heating, electricity, process steam, water and technical gases. Companies interested in investing within PPPT have access to a broad base of raw materials and products offered by PKN ORLEN. Investment project located in PPPT can be based on semi-finished and final products of the refining and petrochemical processes, such as: petrol and base oils, monomers, polymers, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and energy products and by-products. Investors can also benefit from specialized services (chemical rescue, plant fire department), which certainly guarantees a sense of security within performed business and industrial operations. ORLEN Group offers also a wide range of business support through the implementation of various services: administration, accountancy, design, health and safety at work, maintenance, laboratory, persons and property protection, and additional services in the field of mechanics, electricity, control engineering and repairs.


Companies that decide to invest in the PPPT can take advantage of a self-government investment incentives in the field of real property tax exemption to support new investments for entrepreneurs who run business within P這ck Industrial and Technological Park, as well as the real property tax  exemption to support new  investments  of  innovative  entrepreneurs  or  those who run research and development business in the city of P這ck. Investments in the territory of PPPT may be granted the status of a special economic zone (SEZ) which means an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to apply for an exemption from the income tax. Public aid in the form of income tax exemptions in special economic zones is one of the main investment incentives in Poland for domestic and foreign investors

Foreign and domestic investors may count on comprehensive support at every stage of the investment realization. PPPT facilitates contacts and cooperation with relevant institutions associated with investment realization by offering „investor’s fast track” in order to speed up the administrative procedures for obtaining required decisions and permits. It offers professional assistance in the stage of investment preparing and implementation, as well as support in the field of technical consultation, architectural and technical designing. The Park also provides consulting and design services related to the projects co-financed from EU funds and the necessary documentation required to obtain EU grants. PPPT analyzes the development needs of the entrepreneurs interested in applying for support to choose the best possible option.

Investors can also benefit from a dedicated HR package, which includes the organization of recruitment and staff training in compliance with the individual needs of the investors. In cooperation with Education Centre, a training and consulting company with the capital share of PPPT, as well as with local labor market institutions, PPPT can provide employees with the highest qualifications. In cooperation with universities it is possible to work out the profile of training for future personnel according to the expectations of the investors.



P這cki Park Przemys這wo-Technologiczny S.A. (P這ck Industrial and Technological Park SA)
39 ㄆkasiewicza Street
09-400 P這ck, Poland
phone: (+ 48 24) 364 03 50
fax: (+ 48 24) 364 03 52

Contact person:

Micha Dzier瘸wski - Manager
Investor Service and Marketing Department
phone: (+ 48 24) 364 03 56
fax: (+ 48 24) 364 03 52



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