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Bia造stok Science and Technology Park (BPN-T)

(Park under construction)

MANAGEMENT: Bialystok Science and Technology Park - budgetary unit


Cases concerned management and activities of BPN-T:

Anna Daszuta-Zalewska
Head of the Bialystok Science and Technology Park
tel: +48 85 732 00 52
tel:/fax: +48 85 869 65 43

Bialystok Science and Technology Park
ul. Branickiego 17D
15-085 Bialystok

Cases concerned “Bialystok Science and Technology Park” project:

Ma貪orzata Piekarska
Mayor's Plenipotentiary of “Bialystok Science and Technology Park” project
tel: +48 85 869 62 26
fax: +48 85 869 62 11

Justyna Mielech
Manager of Innovative Economy Office
tel: +48 85 869 60 40

City Office in Bialystok
Strategy and Development Department
Innovative Economy Office
ul. S這nimska 1
15-950 Bialystok


The "Bia造stok Science and Technology Park" is a project implemented in the years 2008-2014 by the City of Bialystok, co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme "Development of Eastern Poland" for the years 2007-2013.

The value of the project is about PLN 168 million including co-financing of UE and state budget which is approximately PLN 126 million.


Within the framework of the Project, the following investments are implemented:

  1. construction of 2 facilities of the Bialystok Science and Technology Park:
    • Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration,
    • Technology Center,
      and land management around buildings,
  2. equipping of the facilities,
  3. developing the infrastructure and making the investment areas available for the purposes of industrial, production and service development - with an area of 23 ha - by way of construction and reconstruction of the streets and technical infrastructure within and around the Park,
  4. reconstruction of the access roads to the Park, to improve the accessibility.


The Bialystok Science and Technology Park is located in the southern part of the city within the boundaries of the "Dojlidy" housing estate, in the direct vicinity of the service real property and Suwalska Special Economic Zone - the Bialystok Subzone. Nearby the Park and the Zone, there is also the academic campus complex - the University of Bialystok Campus. Such synergic concentration will result in the emergence of the knowledge and industry district in this area of the city, generating the research sphere as well as the sector of production and services based on innovative solutions and high technologies.


The Bialystok Science and Technology Park is crucial investment for development of the City of Bialystok due to the fact that the Park shall become an important element of the regional innovation system. The operation of the Park will facilitate the emergence of contacts and cooperation networks of business and scientific circles in the city and region.

According to carried out analyses in the context of determining the profile of the Park, the crucial industries for development of the Podlaskie province and to the use of the City of Bialystok's are:

  • IT, BPO,
  • biotechnology,
  • pharmacology,
  • electronics,
  • electrotechnics,
  • nanotechnologies,
  • teletechnics,
  • material technologies.

However, this list is not closed. The range of industries may be extended by other profiles within the framework of interesting innovative projects proposed by future Locators of the Park.

The main criterion for selection of projects for the Park is an individual assessment of their innovativeness. In the assessment and selection process participates the Park's Programme Council appointed by the President of Bialystok. Members of the Council are representatives of the scientific community, representing Bialystok universities recognized in the country and abroad - Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok University of Technology and University of Bialystok. The Council is also be composed of representatives of the business environment, representing associations of local businessmen.

The aim of Programme Council appointed for operation in years 2011-2014 is to provide Head of Park with opinions and advices regarding the principles of operation and development directions of the BPN-T and also verify projects implemented in the Park.


The Bialystok Science and Technology Park's aim is supporting technology companies at all stages of their development together with stimulating the establishment of such companies.

The activity with regard to creation of entrepreneurial attitudes among students and researchers and with regard to incubation is conducted in partnership with universities and academic entrepreneurship incubators.

One of the key tasks of the Bialystok Science and Technology Park is generating new enterprises. The incubation process includes first of all, the following categories of services for supporting entrepreneurship: training, advice on business, advice on the issue of acquiring financial resources from external financial institutions, assessment and support of technology transfer.

The other elements of the process of supporting new companies is: supervision and assistance from the part of employees and collaborators of the Incubator, cooperation network inside the Incubator and external support network formed by the universities and scientific and research institutions, business environment institutions, large enterprises and their associations, financial institutions.

The Park offers assistance to newly emerging companies as well as to existing companies which wish to implement or develop new, innovative projects with the support of the Park. This assistance consists of providing office, service, technology and laboratory space in the Park on preferential terms. A key task of the Park is also mobilization of cooperation between enterprises and the scientific-research environment. Other services to be provided are services with regard to providing the modern ICT infrastructure, lease of conference and exhibition halls, advice and organization of trainings for entrepreneurs, promotion of companies operating in the Park, other business-related services.

In conclusion, the Park's offer include:

  • lease of ready to use spaces for companies and scientific-research institutions (office, technology and laboratory space),
  • incubating newly emerging technological companies,
  • sales/lease of areas for investments,
  • provision of the modern ICT infrastructure,
  • provision of specialist equipment for the research and development purposes of companies,
  • lease of conference and exhibition rooms,
  • advice, information and trainings for entrepreneurs,
  • promotion of companies operating in the territory of the Park,
  • the possibility to operate in the e-Park (to be a virtual occupant of the Park),
  • other business-related services.


The buildings of the Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration and of the Technology Center are located on a plot with an area of 3.41 ha. The gross floor area of the built facilities is around 13 000 m2.

Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration - vizualization

Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration is a multi-purpose facility, performing logistic functions associated with management and development of BPN-T and supporting the emergence and development of high-technology companies by offering them the equipped office and service area as well as representative, conference and exhibition functions.

In the building with the total useful floor area of about 5 751m2 (5 floors), the following parts are separated:

  • representative and administrative part of the Park,
  • conference rooms, exhibition hall,
  • office and service space for lease.

At the ground floor level, the representative part is located, including the social space, conference room, exhibition hall and service part. The first floor accommodates the administration part and the office part with spaces for lease. The other floors accommodate office and service spaces for lease.

Technology Centre - vizualization

Technology Centre is a facility for the implementation of the tasks associated with conducting in the Park the service and production activity in the field of high technologies and the implementation of the tasks arising from participation of the Park residents in scientific and research programmes.

In the building with a total useful floor area of 7 200 m2 (2 floors), the following parts are separated:

  • offices,
  • administration,
  • laboratories.

At the ground floor level are located: the administration part, laboratories and the "open space" part with spaces for lease. The first floor accommodates the office and laboratory space for lease.

A part of the laboratory space will be used for: laboratories - Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, biomedical and physicochemical profile laboratory, Computer Graphics Laboratory as well as Medical Imaging Laboratory. In addition, in the building of the Technology Center will be located Data Center which will provide clients with innovative services like IT collocation, cloud computing, virtualization (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CaaS) and hosting.


The buildings of the Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration and of the Technology Center, built as part of the project, will be equipped with basic furniture and data communications equipment together with a package of specialized software and necessary audio/visual equipment (conference rooms). Some "open space" rooms will be left without any furniture what allows the Park occupants to adapt these rooms to their own needs. Some laboratory rooms will be equipped with specialist equipment as well as apparatus and materials necessary for working in the laboratory.


Prepared within the project of “Bialystok Science and Technology Park “ specialist area anticipates commissioning of the following laboratories:

  • MEDICAL IMAGING LABORATORY which goal is to give access to an innovative on global scale diagnostic equipment for regional companies representing the medical industry, operating in the clinical research market and for companies specializing in the manufacture of innovative software dedicated to the analysis of and processing of medical images. The laboratory will create an opportunity to conduct unique research in many fields of medicine, computer science and physics.

  • ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY LABORATORY will allow conducting research and development, testing devices and prototypes of electric and electronic equipment resistance for the operation of various disorders, study emissivity of the above-mentioned prototypes and equipment, as well as conducting trainings about requirements for equipment manufacturers in terms of electromagnetic compatibility of their products. In laboratory will be also made ​​orders for companies wishing to obtain certificates or create new products.

  • COMPUTER GRAPHICS LABORATORY which will be a framework for cooperation on innovative projects connected with interactive computer graphics 2D and 3D between professionals in industries such as information technology, computer graphics and advertising and marketing and universities. An important element of the laboratory will be workshops and trainings in the field of interactive computer graphics for the staff of the regional SME companies raising their competences in the production of digital products.

  • BIOMEDICAL PROFILE LABORATORY where will be carried out R & D projects in field like diagnosis of metabolic diseases and research on food and dietary supplements.

  • PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROFILE LABORATORY in which will be prepared area that future hirer would adapt to own needs.

  • DATA CENTER (CPD) - its equipment will provide access to office software and utilities for the Park beneficiaries on the basis of terminal (cloud computing). In addition, for the training purposes will be launched the special platform. CPD will provide services at a high level of security TIER-3, what will encourage entrepreneurs to chose the offer of the Center. CPD will provide services such as: dedicated and virtual servers, collocation, managed hosting, Disaster Recovery center, Cloud Computing, rental software, backup systems, replication and re-duplication data systems, and more. Center will also provide specialized services for storing and processing data of Bialystok Science and Technology Park and Park’s laboratories. On the basis of CPD infrastructure will operate two virtual laboratories: Hybrid Cloud Processing Laboratory and New Technologies of Computer Networks Laboratory.


The offer of Bialystok Science and Technology Park investment areas which total area is approximately 23 ha, is addressed to investors who will run an innovative company on it. According to the initial concept of separating areas for the innovative production and service activity, the Park's offer include 27 real properties with the following areas:

Investment area

Area (ha)

Investment area

Area (ha)























































The current, initial division of BPN-T investment areas is not final. Futher internal divisions are planned as it will allow to make the Park's offer more flexible and locate more innovative investment projects in its territory.

BPN-T investment areas have all utilities. Within the "Bialystok Science and Technology Park" project were implemented: road works in terms of construction and reconstruction of roads, carry out of the major networks: water supply, sanitation, storm water drainage, lighting and cabling works.

At the end of December 2013 and the beginning of January 2014, within the tendering proceedings two companies purchased the plots in order to allocate their businesses in the Park. Plots A and B were sold.

Concept of investment areas subdivision for service and innovative production activity within framework of the project Bialystok Science and Technology Park (BPN-T)


Bialystok Science and Technology Park is very popular among both local companies as well as companies of international importance, what resulted in the signing of letters of intent on cooperation with companies from the following sectors: ICT, engineering and industrial automation, electronics, marketing, communication, advertising, medicine, cluster initiatives.

In order to become a Locator of the Incubator the company or the subject should get a positive application assessment which is evaluated by a specially appointed committee. The greatest impact on the assessment of the substantive part of the application have: innovation and commercial potential of the project, as well as leading business in the Park’s preferred sectors, cooperation with universities and other BNP-T Locators and positive impact on the environment and the regional economy. It is worth becoming the BPN-T Locator as we build a community of creative, open and entrepreneurial people. Being our member is a source of valuable contacts and new projects.

Between years 2012 and 2013 Bialystok Science and Technology Park has conducted three rounds of recruitment to the Technology Incubator:

  • 1st round was held from 1st March 2012 to 31st August 2012. It was addressed to the subjects planning to run start-ups and to those which at the end of the first quarter of 2013 operated on the market no longer than 1 year.

  • 2nd round was held from 1st September 2012 to 31st December 2012. It was addressed to the subjects planning to run start-ups and to those which at the end of the first quarter of 2013 operated on the market no longer than three years.

  • 3rd round was held from 1st January 2013 to 31st March 2013. It was addressed to the subjects planning to run start-ups and to those which at the end of the first quarter of 2013 operated on the market for no more than three years.

As a result of carried out recruitment, BPN-T Locator status received 24 innovative companies which businesses are based on the modern technology. They mostly operate in branches like: ICT sector, automation and robotics, electronics, e-marketing, mobile applications,
e-commerce, telecommunications and computer graphics.

At present recruitment to Technology Incubator is continuous - application requests are considered depending on available office space.

Becoming a Locator of Technology Center may companies which lead innovative businesses based on modern technologies. If the company wants to rent an office in the Technology Center, it must complete and submit application form available on BNP-T website. For the time being, Locator status was given to companies which operate among IT services for the financial sector, software development, data processing, production of medical implants and technologies for environmental protection.

Detailed information about recruitment procedures for the Technology Incubator and Technology Center is available at


The Bialystok Science and Technology Park provides entrepreneurs with public assistance, inter alia, by providing on preferential terms - with discounts and exemptions - office, service, technology and laboratory space as well as conference, training and exhibition space and specialized equipment and server space. In addition to it, BPN-T will offer consultancy, legal and accounting services as well as training, seminars and workshops.

Discounts in BPN-T are given on a basis of the de minimis rule.


Technology Incubator and BPN-T Administration

Technology Center




For detailed information about the Project, please visit the website


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