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Lubuski Industrial and Technology Park


Name: Lubuski Industrial and Technology Park  

Managing entity: Lubuski Industrial and Technology Park LLC

Contact info:
Nowy Kisielin - A. Syrkiewicza 6 Str.,
66 - 002 Zielona Góra
Tel.: 0048 601 55 48 97
E-mail: info@lppt.pl
Numer KRS:
NIP: 9291830193

List of shareholders:

  • The University of Zielona Góra - 39%
  • The Lubuskie Province - 30%
  • The City of Zielona Góra - 30%
  • The Kostrzyn - Słubice Special Economic Zone S.A. - 1%

Stage of development: developed

Status of the Special Economic Zone: Yes - Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone

Type of Park: Industrial and Technology Park



The investment offer covers two functional offers:

  • The Science and Technology Park of the Zielona Góra University (blue) - 40.01 ha
  • The Industrial and Technology Park (yellow) - 126.8 ha
    The total area is - 167.81 ha


Objective of establishing:

Implementing the idea of Science and Technology Park will enable the transfer of research, technology and innovation from science to the economy, and positive impact on many areas of life. The project created within the parties' cooperation in creating a bridge between science and industry, development of infrastructure R & D and promote innovation and entrepreneurship broadly defined.

The area of Lubuskie Industry and Technology Park under special economic zone status is planned for use in productive investment, and warehouses, service buildings.

The area of these investments is particularly attractive because of the frontier character of the entire region, and favorable location for transport to ensure the modernization and development trunk (international) and national road and rail connections in the system east - west and north - south and a well-developed transport network within region.

The Location of the Lubuski Industrial and Technology Park

The Lubuski Industrial and Technology Park is located:

  • In Zielona Góra commune.
  • In the middle of the Lubuskie Tri-City.
  • 6 km from the campus A (the science and technology) of the Zielona Góra University.
  • 4 km from the expressway S3,
  • approximately 50 km to motorways A2 and A18/A4
  • By the provincial road heading for a planned bridge over the Odra river in Milsk.





Nowy Kisielin - A. Syrkiewicza 6 Str.,
66 - 002 Zielona Góra
Tel.: 0048 601 554 897
e-mail: info@lppt.pl 



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