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Establishment of the Park

Wroclaw Industrial Park (WPP) was established on 14 May 2005 pursuant to an agreement signed between the Municipality of Wroclaw and DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o., Archimedes SA, and Wrocławski Park Technologiczny SA. On 7 December 2007 Bombardier Transportation Polska Sp. z o.o. and Wojdyla Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. joined the signatories.

Wroclaw Industrial Park was established with a view to:

  • revitalizing industrial buildings, facilities and areas as well as developing new areas and assuring their effective use,
  • expanding and adapting the existing industrial facilities to the requirements of contemporary technologies, environmental protection and work safety,
  • adapting old industrial areas to meet the present and future needs in respect of the city’s spatial development,
  • attracting new investors and manufacturers as well as creating new jobs,
  • integrating the business community.

Building A1 Dozamel Sp. z o.o. (Fabryczna Street 10)


Park type

WPP is not a business entity but a 163 hectare zone located on the premises of the former factories of Archimedes, Dolmel and Pafawag, whose manufacturing traditions date back to the 19th century. There are approximately 140 office and industrial buildings and 19 hectares of roads at the site.

The ownership structure in the area is complex, with land, properties and roads owned by 70 different entities (the biggest ones including DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o., the Municipality of Wroclaw, Bombardier Transportation Polska Sp. z o.o., Wojdyła Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.)

Managing entity

Pursuant to the agreement on the establishment of WPP, the Park is managed by DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o. - the successor of former Dolmel. DOZAMEL, a company wholly owned by the State Treasury, provides industrial services and manages the integrated infrastructure including workshops and storehouses as well as the water supply system, sewerage system, gas supply system, heat network, telecommunications and computer networks. DOZAMEL is a member of ARP SA Group.

As WPP’s managing entity, the company is responsible for planning the Park’s development, obtaining EU funds for its revitalization as well as improving business conditions for the companies operating in the Park and for future investors.

The Park’s managing entity undertakes initiatives and activities aimed at integrating the Park’s business community and creating a positive image of the WPP brand. It is also the originator and organizer of the National Industrial Parks Forum and member of Polish Business and Innovation Centres Association. 

Formal organizational structure of the Park

In order to provide a platform for the exchange of information and for collaboration on matters important to the Park, the managing entity puts great emphasis on cooperation within the Park. To this end, two bodies were established, i.e. the Park Council comprising all Park Members listed in the WPP Member Register and the Advisory Body including the signatories of the agreement on the establishment of the Park. Two documents regulating business activities inside WPP, Regulations and Management Rules, were prepared and adopted.

Regulations are aimed at optimizing mutual relations between Park Members and regulating the scope and organization of activities of the Park’s bodies. They define the tasks and powers of Park Members, the managing entity, the Park Council and the Advisory Body. Management Rules, on the other hand, define the rules of conduct and mutual relations between Park Members and the managing entity with a view to leveraging the opportunities offered by the Park. The guiding principle inside WPP is the respect for property and ensuring that the rights of owners and business entities to freely conduct their business are not restricted in any way save for the regulations of law. 


Wroclaw Industrial Park (WPP) stretches on a 163 hectare area, on the premises of the former factories of Archimedes, Dolmel and Pafawag with a more than 100-year history of manufacturing. These historical names were used to call the three zones into which the Park was conventionally divided - Archimedes zone (A), Dolmel zone (B) and Pafawag zone (C).

The Park is very conveniently connected with the airport (6 km), the Odra river port (4 km), a highway (8 km) and the city centre (3 km). It is close to Wroclaw belt highway, the inner city beltway as well as the railway infrastructure, to which the site is connected by its own railway siding.

Wroclaw Industrial Park


Park’s Offer

Benefits of investment:

Locating company’s operations in Wroclaw Industrial Park yields tangible benefits, including:

  • convenient location - in a highly industrial area, in the centre of the city, in close proximity to the airport, inner city beltway and railway infrastructure. The park is very conveniently connected with the airport (6 km), the Odra river port (4 km), a highway (8 km) and the city centre (3 km),
  • a well organized industrial infrastructure (workshops, storehouses, office spaces, internal roads, railway tracks and siding, commercial areas for lease and sale), access to which helps minimize the risk connected with commencing business activities in the Park as there is no need to develop the site or invest in new facilities and process utilities,
  • broad access to comprehensive industrial services, allowing the companies operating in the Park to focus on their core business,
  • support for companies that invest and create new jobs in WPP - municipal state aid programs involving property tax exemptions.

Activities of the City and the managing entity on behalf and for the benefit of the companies in WPP:

  • City of Wroclaw’s state aid programs to promote entrepreneurship involving property tax exemptions for small and medium companies, including new investments in industrial parks,
  • creating a good image and strong brand of Wroclaw Industrial Park,
  • systematic modernization of roads and improvement of public transportation in Wroclaw Industrial Park.

Dolmel zone


Services offered in the Park

WPP is one of the largest industrial parks in Poland, offering comprehensive services and a wide range of production and office areas for lease.

The idea of Wroclaw Industrial Park is to allow the companies operating on its premises to focus on their core business. It is made possible thanks to a structured offer of industrial and non-industrial services provided by the managing entity and available in close proximity to companies operating in the Park. The service package includes:

  • management of industrial facilities - construction, modernization, adaptation;
  • lease of manufacturing, storage and office spaces;
  • supply of the necessary process utilities i.e. electricity, heat, water, gas, compressed air as well as providing access to the sewerage system and telecommunication and computer network;
  • industrial services including maintenance, overhauls and repairs of cranes and hoisting equipment, construction and storage services, special rail and road transport in Poland and abroad (including oversize loads), machine removals, occupational health and safety services;
  • non-industrial services, including conferences, restaurant and catering as well as hotels.

There are two WPP centres providing comprehensive services and offering special deals to Park companies - WPP Conference Centre and WPP Health and Safety Centre:

WPP Conference Centre:
  • convenient location close to the centre of Wroclaw and Wroclaw industry, proximity of transportation routes,
  • A-class, disabled-friendly building,
  • four air-conditioned rooms seating 150, 50, 27 and 22 people,
  • modern and interesting interior design, equipped with the necessary technical solutions, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment as well as wireless Internet access,
  • complementary services - comprehensive catering service (restaurant, lounge, terrace), free parking, babysitting services provided by the local kindergarten on an hourly basis.

WPP Health and Safety Centre:

  • a store offering health and safety products - retail and wholesale, wide range of leading Polish and foreign producers (Robod SA, PPO Strzelce, 3M, UVEX, KCL, Ansell, Venitex, Ejendals, Tiger Steel): ear, eye and head protection, protective clothing and safety footwear, gloves, fall protection equipment, cleansing agents; ample storage area allowing immediate sale from stock, including delivery to the customer,
  • health and safety vending machines for distribution of personal protection equipment and tools: SafetyPoint® i ToolPoint®,
  • outsourcing of health and safety services,
  • work clothing supply service,
  • occupational health and safety and fire safety consulting and training services.

There is also a private day care centre providing regular kindergarten education.

WPP Conference Centre


Park integrators

Dozamel Sp. z o. o. initiates numerous activities, so called WPP business community integrators, for the benefit of companies operating in the Park. All of these activities enable the Park’s managing entity to strengthen cooperation between Park’s companies and to build increasingly better relations with and between them. Such integrators include:

  • WPP Academy - cyclical seminars and lectures during which Park’s entrepreneurs meet with entrepreneurship theory and practice (such as e.g. the „Meet the Expert” cycle organized in cooperation with the Western Chamber of Commerce) aimed at propagating knowledge about the latest trends in various areas of business;
  • www.wpp.wroc.pl - an information and community portal, with park news and continually updated databases of companies operating in WPP;
  • WPP Air Products Welding School - established to improve qualifications and recruit qualified workers for companies employing welders;
  • WPP Visual Identification System - a standardized graphic visualization of WPP’s brand, WPP logo registered as a trademark;
  • Traffic Management Study - developed in cooperation with the City Office as the first stage of clearing and improving traffic inside WPP.

Companies operating in the Park

There are about 280 companies from nearly 60 different industries and employing more than seven thousand people in Wroclaw Industrial Park. The key and most strongly represented industries include construction, electrical machines, electrical engineering, electronics, IT, welded constructions, metallurgy, metals, machining, transport and forwarding.

Companies operating in WPP include domestic companies such as Archimedes, Dozamel, Dolnośląska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych and Donako as well as branches of international groups such as General Electric Power, Bombardier Transportation, DeLaval, Fortaco. There are also three higher education facilities operating in WPP.



Wroclaw Industrial Park
DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o. - managing entity
ul. Fabryczna 10
53-609 Wrocław

Park Council
Rafał Komar - Chair of Park Council,
Ewa Hoyenski - Deputy Chair of Park Council,
E-mail: wpp@wpp.wroc.pl

Executive Board (Secretary)
tel: +48 71 35 65 701
fax: +48 71 35 51 218
e-mail: sekretariat@dozamel.pl

Marketing and Customer Relations Office
DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o.
tel: +48 71 35 65 556
e-mail: wpp@wpp.wroc.pl

NIP PL: 8960001014
REGON: 931085872
KRS: 0000085139 District Court for Wroclaw - Fabryczna VI Commercial Department of the National Court Register

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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