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Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation Ltd (JCI) is a business broker for bio partnering and collaboration in Poland. The company offers to scientists and small companies a high class laboratory space for lease in Krakow LifeScience Park as well as funding and research projects development. JCI realizes contract research services based on LifeScience Park equipment and offers a professional support in the processes of technology transfer and research commercialization.

The company meets the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of comfort of work, convenient location and access to financial and human resources. It is currently the only such specialized and complementary offer on the market.


The Life Science Park Project involves construction and rental of 20 000 m2 of utility area to be found in three separate buildings located at Bobrzyńskiego Street 14 in Krakow, by the end of 2012. The Park is fully adaptable for the specific needs of individual companies, what enables customers to rent laboratories in modular manner. Technology Park is designed for big and medium institutions/companies, while Bio-Incubator dedicated for small and start-up companies and research projects.

Key elements of the infrastructure of the Park are outstanding: the high number of air exchange, the readiness to implement the BSL-3, GMP and GLP standards, reinforced floors and fire-fighting system based on water mist extinguishing system.


In connection to the offer of the Park, Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation is carrying out the investment and development services. Primarily they are addressed to people interested in transforming a research project into commercial activities and to sectoral companies seeking for funds for new areas of activity.

JCI Investments are focused on the financing of projects covering areas such as: innovative medicines, generic drugs, medical devices, equipment, procedures and diagnostic solutions. The amount of project funding is dependent on the demand of every individual originator or the company. Due to the different levels of financial needs, the company develops the investment projects at the "seed" phase, but also at later stages of their development. To this purpose JCI leads the works to start a fund with the funding possibilities excessing the typical venture capital funds.


Services and contract research offer includes the organization and management of the complex research projects commissioned by companies from the life science branch or the usage of equipment which is located in the LifeScience Park. Essential and technical scope of services is carried out by research teams based on a JCI networks.

All above mentioned services can be implemented together or independently, depending on customer needs and expectations.


Realization of the first building of the LifeScience Park was financed with the measure 1.3 under SPO-WKP Programme (Sektorowy Program Operacyjny "Wzrost Konkurencyjności Przedsiębiorstw" w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego, 2008r.). The amount of the subsidy was about PLN 55 m. The next stage of LifeScience Parks expansion are the two buildings, financed by the measure 5.3, under PO IG Programme (Program Operacyjny Innowacyjna Gospodarka) in the amount of PLN 126 m (2010r.).

The activities of the JCI Venture company, which is a seed capital fund specializing in life science, has been co-financed with the measure 3.1, under Operational Programme for Innovative Economy. Funding was in the amount up to PLN 17.5 m (2008r.).


The laboratory area is designed to adapt with a full flexibility depending on the individual needs of the renting company. The infrastructure can be adapted to conduct advanced research in the area of biotechnology, biomedicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, physics, nanotechnology, and environmental analysis. The laboratory space is fully integrated with a social or common area to serve as an inseparable part of research and development process in the Park. The common areas are provided for the Park locators for several purposes including: organizing workshops, conferences and videoconferences, business meetings in specially designer room and in a restaurant.

The complex of buildings has surfaces fully adaptable for the specific needs of big and medium institutions/companies. The laboratory area is integrated with an auxiliary facilities, accessible only to staff: professional changing rooms for employees, central washing area set up in the common area to facilitate washing laboratory glassware, delivery zones equipped with elevators and special zones for storage of bio- and chemical wastes.

LifeScience Park is fully designated for renting of office and laboratory area, as well as technical and organizational area also for small (spin-off) and start-up companies from the life sciences sector. The project predicts 35 chemical, microbiological and biological laboratories (50 m2 each) to be set up as rentable research area, equipped with a basic office and research equipment that will enable renting start-up companies for immediate initiation of their business and research activities.

Since the beginning, project of the Park aimed to meet high demands of the flexibility of rented laboratory area. Thus, this area can now be easily modified and adapted according to the individual need of the tenants. Companies renting the laboratory area in the Park conduct various types of research requiring different equipment for wide array of experiments. This determines the building technical infrastructure to be as much flexible as possible in order to maintain uninterrupted laboratory procedures. JCI will provide technical and project support in case of critical need to rearrange or expand laboratory area either upon request of existing, or new tenants of the Park.


Due to the high technological requirement of tasks carried out in laboratories, LifeScience Park buildings are significantly different from typical office buildings.

  • 80% of the Park surface is occupied with laboratory space dedicated to life science industry;
  • the height of the rooms is: 4,75 m;
  • floor load capacity is 2000 kg per m2;
  • HVAC system provides from 4 to 22 air changes from 1 m3 per h;
  • buildings are equipped with technical shafts for plumbing, HVAC and electrical instalations;
  • fire protection is based on a unique mist sprinkler system (HI-FOG) and electronic smoke detection system;
  • laboratory space was prepared for the standards of BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3 and the standards of GMP and GLP.

Additional services available in the park are divided into groups depending on their function: office (desk, IT services, promotion zone, cloakrooms), for laboratories (data storage, delivery and service of industrial gas, technological sewerage, cleaning, security) and others. In addition to the research and office facilities located in the three buildings of the Park, social, and recreational facilities will be planned as well, including: fitness club, day care, wine bar, scenic terrace.


Life Science Park investment is localized AT Bobrzyńskiego 14 Street in Krakow in the near environment of III Campus UJ in the special Krakow's Economic Zone. There are several existing and planned institutions localized in this area: Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Biotechnology Jagiellonian University (UJ), Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences UJ, Faculty of Chemistry, , Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics UJ, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Jagiellonian University Hospital, JU Collegium Medicum, Malopolska Center of Biotechnology (MCB), National Center of Synchrotron Radiation,  National Center of Hadronic Radiotherapy, coordinated by INP PAS Krakow.


An undisputable advantage of Krakow's Lif Science Park is its localization in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the city. The direct advantage of this localization is a possibility for potential investors negotiating attractive contract conditions for their business, and on the other hand making the Park competitive and attractive for new investments. Rental of the laboratory area in the Park enables to obtain special support coming from public resources. Companies operating within the special economic zone may obtain the public support as an exemption from the corporate income tax. Thus, the company will pay no corporate income tax till the total amount of the public support, calculated on the basis of incurred investment expenditures or expenditures associated with creating a new posts, is cleared. The Krakow's SEZ, where the Park is located in its limits, is currently consisted of 52884 ha. The Zone is part of Malopolska and Podkarpackie region, where public support coming from new and on-going investments in the SEZ is the highest in Poland. Krakow's SEZ is split up into 19 subzones located within 17 counties. Statistics show that within the Zone, to-date 72 permits for private companies have been issued, 5828 new work places have been created, whereas amount of investments within SEZ ranged 1,3 bln PLN. The SEZ is operating based on the Special Economic Zones Act and Ordinance of the Council of Ministers, and will be valid until December 31, 2020.


ul. Bobrzyńskiego 14,
30-381 Kraków

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E-mail: jci@jci.pl

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