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Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park



Our mission is to create new jobs by offering entrepreneurs favourable conditions to run a business thanks to effective management of productive assets and by providing the infrastructure and consulting services along with a system of financial support.


  • The company Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park has set itself the following aims:
  • increase of the social and economic potential of the commune by providing support for small and medium-size enterprises that create new jobs,
  • increase of the competitiveness of the region,
  • stimulation of regional and local development and increase of the investment attractiveness of the Kędzierzyn-KoĽle region.
  • The aims of the company are realised mainly through:
    • offering the resources of the Park to business entities that will run a business using these resources,
    • as well as investment in the Park’s technical infrastructure, and also preparing new sites (buildings) for investment purposes (for new investors).


Convenient location

  • proximity of Upper and Lower Silesia (almost 9 million inhabitants)
  • 40km to the Czech border

Very good transportation links

  • proximity of the A4 motorway
  • railway junction
  • a large river port on the Oder
  • 3 international airports in the vicinity (Katowice, Wrocław, Kraków)

Versatile opportunities for business

  • 76ha of investment area in the Special Economic Zone
  • developed utilities, office, production and warehousing buildings, all services
  • Investor Service Centre
  • Investor-friendly local authorities
  • Educated technical staff
  • Tax incentives for investors

The Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park is a great place to run industrial, service, logistic and trade businesses since the local authorities have a policy that supports long-term engagement of entrepreneurs in the Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park (real estate tax exemptions).

The Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park, in cooperation with the Kędzierzyn-KoĽle commune, offers support for investors in the investment process through:

  • development of investment offers (investment plots, production buildings, warehouses, office space),
  • preparation of visits and arrangement of meetings,
  • searching for subcontractors and business partners,
  • support in administrative proceedings, e.g. in obtaining permits,
  • consulting in the area of public help.


SOUTHERN FIELD - Site included in the Katowice Special Economic Zone

Southern Field is a huge (77ha) industrial area between the railways on the border of Blachownia Holding and Naftowa street. The Opole region cannot offer many places with such investment potential as Southern Field, which along with the industrial site Blachownia, offers splendid conditions to open new production plants and create jobs. The site is one of the greatest economic advantages of Kędzierzyn-KoĽle.

Permitted uses of the area:

  • Industrial investment,
  • Location of technical units, public utilities and economic administration as accompanying facilities


  • road infrastructure - asphalt road, 19km away from the A4 motorway junction, 3km away from the national road
  • gas network - connection point on the plot border
  • power grid - electricity on the plot, connection point on the borders
  • water supply and sewage - on the plot, connection point on the borders, in the vicinity a waste water treatment plant
  • telephones – telephone lines on the plot border

Owned by:

Owner - Kędzierzyn-KoĽle commune
Legal status - perpetual usufruct


Kędzierzyn-KoĽle city, Sławięcice district
Plots no: 40/3; 40/4; 40/5 and 41

Area: 76.8357 ha

Additional information:

Area without surface water pollution or waste. No subsoilor ground-based obstacles (vacant plot).


The KoĽle River Port is an investment area of over 35 ha. It is a site for economic, production and service investment. The KoĽle River Port has a great potential due to its location, attractive surrounding and infrastructure.

Permitted uses of the area:

  • Service and manufacturing area
  • Water transport area
  • Tourism and sports area, as well as residential development


  • Internal street (Elewatorowa) of 10-metre lane width
  • Public local road
  • Within 25km - 3 motorway junctions
  • Access to river ports in Opole, Gliwice, Wrocław
  • On the plot - rail siding
  • Developed utilities (electricity, water, sewage)
  • Built-up plot with ruined objects: railways, waterfronts, jetties and other objects of the river port

Owned by:

Owner - Kędzierzyn-KoĽle commune
Legal status - full property


Kędzierzyn-KoĽle city, KoĽle Port district,
Plots no: 1049/15, 1048/2

Area: 36ha. Possibility of expanding the site with part of the plot no 1046/4

Additional information:

Area not used at present. Site in the preservation maintenance “B” zone. In future, new waterways are to be opened on the canal Oder-Danube-Elbe and the Silesian Canal; the area of the closed port may become a multi-purpose development centre.



A complex of castle buildings erected in 1563–1584 by Johann von Oppersdorff and many times reconstructed. Turned in 1807 into a military hospital, it was later used as farm buildings and houses. Built with brick, it has small architectural details. Over the entrance there are elements of decoration and the date of erection. The vaults are decorated with geometric patterns. The interiors do not follow a specific style.

Present condition

The shape of the object is of an open letter L; it has two wings: the southern one (parallel to Konopnicka street) and the northern one (close to Pamięci Sybiraków street). Part of the building has basements; it has two superstructure levels and a roof void. It was built on the foundation of a gothic curtain wall and later many times expanded and adapted for various purposes. The extensions and its use for the function required had big influence on the object as a whole. Significant neglect in technical maintenance of the building (especially after 1945) has led to the degradation of the object.

At present, the condition of the object makes it impossible to use it in a safe way. It should undergo urgent engineering repair with consideration of preservation needs.


The estimated value of the revival of the Castle Grounds stand sat 31.5 million PLN. The commune Kędzierzyn-KoĽle has technical documentation of reconstruction of the object for the International Culture Centre. The project envisions creation of a museum, restaurant, administrative area, club and a hotel.

Realisation of the undertaking is planned in the model of public-private partnership. The commune Kędzierzyn-KoĽle does not exclude other possibilities, though. The city is open to offers of potential investors.


inner centre of the city, ul. Pamięci Sybiraków 11,
Old Town district, Kędzierzyn-KoĽle


area - 6700 square metres,
built-up area - 2142 square metres

Additional information:

The area of the Castle Grounds is covered by preservation maintenance on the basis of entry to the Register of Historic Monuments no 831/64 of 21.04.1964.


Kędzierzyn-KoĽle Industrial Park Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szkolna 15,
47-225 Kędzierzyn-KoĽle
tel: +48 77 488 62 15
fax: +48 77 488 69 28
e-mail: biuro@kkpp.pl

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