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Grudziądz Industrial Park

Grudziadz Industrial Park (Grudziądzki Park Przemysłowy Sp. z o.o.)



The Office of the Management Board of the Grudziądz Industrial Park


86-300 Grudziądz, Polska
Waryńskiego 32 - 36 Str.
Telephone: +48 56 696 80 91
Fax: +48 56 696 80 98
E-mail: gpp@gpp.grudziadz.pl

The Grudziadz Industrial Park has been established to prepare the investment land. We are here to help companies which want to set up businesses in Grudziadz, both at the stage of obtaining permits and formalities, and after the completion of the investment process. Through the Business Incubator we support micro, small and medium companies. 

The management company - Grudziądzki Park Przemysłowy Sp. z o.o. - was set up in December 2004.

The Grudziadz Industrial Park has about 40 hectares of undeveloped land, two industrial shops totalling 12 thousand square metres, and the Business Incubator. In addition, we cooperate with the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone which has about 89 ha of land in Grudziadz.



With population of about 100 hundred thousand people, Grudziadz is the fourth largest city in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province (north of Poland). The nearest airports are in Bydgoszcz (60 km) and Gdansk (110 km), seaports in Gdynia (130 km) and Gdansk (115 km). The A1 motorway which connects the south and north of Poland plays an important role in the city development. There are four motorway interchanges in the Grudziadz area.

All offered plots are located near the main roads, have valid zoning land use plans and available utilities. 



Investment land offer

A. Undeveloped land

Offer No. 1

Available area: 4.3695 ha. Plot No.: 21/55, cadastral district 0118 - area 3.5467 ha; 21/635, cadastral district 0118 - area 0.8228 ha. The property is located in an industrial complex included in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, near a large plant with foreign capital. The plots are adjacent to a new road with an access to utilities (water, sewer, power, heat, steam, natural gas). The land is undeveloped converted farmland, flat, fee of trees, of a regular shape.



Offer No. 2

Available area: 3.4391. Plot Nos: 1/7, 2/4, 2/5, 9, 10 cadastral district 79. Purpose: storage and manufacture. The property is adjacent to an asphalt road, near the exit from the ring road leading directly to the A1 motorway.  Undeveloped converted farmland, flat, of a regular shape, located close to railway tracks. Utilities: power available at plots 1/7 and 2/5;  water in Lotnicza street (diameter 225) and in Kręta street (diameter 110); sewer about 300 metres away, telecommunication network in Lotnicza street.



Offer No. 3

Available area: about 89 ha. The property is included in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. Purpose: storage and manufacture. All utilities are available. Form of making available: according to the rules applicable to special economic zones.

Location: at the intersection of roads connecting Gdansk and Gdynia ports with the south of Poland (four A1 motorways interchanges are very close) and the east-west roads (main road 16 is 450 m away, the interchange on the planned expressway S5 Nowe Marzy - Poznan – Wroclaw will be 12 km away). The land is adjacent to the Grudziadz Ring Road.

Profile: location close to the A1 motorway and at the intersection of important roads is very convenient for logistics and distribution centres. Within the 30 km radius there are the largest pulp and paper manufacturers (Mondi Świecie, International Paper Kwidzyn, Polpak Papier), and the food processing, chemical, metal, electronic, electrical  and light industry companies, which makes subcontracting convenient.



B. Developed land

Offer No. 4 Buildings No. 76, 95

Floor area: 2 industrial shops of approximately 6,000 m² each (60 x 30 m and 78.5 x 24.68 m), three-storey, each building has separate entrances, but they are connected by a passage on the 1st and 2nd floor. One shop has a single-storey office annexe. Two lift shafts in each shop. The facility was modernized in 2008 and is included in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. 

Total land area: 1.5 ha.
Location: Grudziadz, ul. Waryńskiego (former STOMIL complex).
Form of making available: renting
Infrastructure: power, water, sewer, heating, access for trucks, car park, lift shafts.

Building No. 76


  • I storey – 3.26 m – 6.17 m
  • Mezzanine – 2.53 m
  • II storey – 4.50 m
  • III storey – 4.83 – 5.15 m.

Schedule of shop areas:

  • Footprint area – 1823.16 m2
  • Net floor area - 6243.66 m2
  • Net cubage - 26659.17 m3
  • Link floor area - 69.86 m2
  • Link net cubage - 279.61 m3
  • Floor area - 6232.00 m2.


Building No. 95


  • I storey - 5.17 m
  • II storey - 3.93 m
  • III storey - 3.98 m - 4.61 m.

Schedule of shop areas:

  • Footprint area - 2538.15 m2
  • Net floor area - 6274.12 m2
  • Net cubage - 29107.33 m3
  • Ramp net area - 55.84 m2.



Offer No.  5

Business Incubator

The Business Incubator supports the incubated companies by offering preferential rent rates and by providing consulting services and training.  The incubator offer is aimed at micro, small and medium businesses. The incubator building has the office, commercial and production areas, as well as conference and training rooms.



  • office areas

    office areas from 21.70m2 to 52.50m2 equipped with basic office furniture, computer hardware, phone and computer wiring. Located in a modern building equipped with the alarm system and CCTV.
  • commercial-production-storage areas

    three workshops located on the ground floor, area from 107 to 219 m2
  • conference and training rooms

    rooms with mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and internet access. Equipped with projectors, wall screens , interactive whiteboards, videoconference, notebooks.



  • Rossmann Supermarkety Drogeryjne Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Unitex Sp. z o.o. Research and Development Centre
  • Schumacher Packaging
  • SKS Connecto Polska Sp. z o.o.



The Office of the Management Board of the Grudziądz Industrial Park


86-300 Grudziądz, Polska
Waryńskiego 32 - 36 Str.
Telephone: +48 56 696 80 91
Fax: +48 56 696 80 98
E-mail: gpp@gpp.grudziadz.pl

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

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00-025 Warsaw

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