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Science and Technology Park "Technopark Gliwice"

The Science and Technology Park


44-100 GLIWICE (POLAND), Konarskiego 18C



„Technopark Gliwice” Ltd. Company is a science and technology park, which was created on April 27, 2004 by:

    • The local authorities
    • The Silesian University of Technology and
    • Katowice Special Economic Zone Co.

The Science and Technology Park „Technopark Gliwice” Ltd. supports:

    • Creation of new, innovative technological companies
    • Transfer of technology to small and medium-sized companies
    • Gaining grants from the European Union
    • Implementation of research projects
    • Measuring and monitoring services
    • Promotion of small and medium-sized companies

The most important aim of „Technopark Gliwice" Ltd. is creation of modern investment venture which is consistent with the European Union, satisfies investors’ expectations and which allows young, technically educated people to an economically effective and socially profitable running a business activity and taking advantage of enormous intellectual capability, which is embedded in the Silesian society.

The park owns specialized machines and computer software:

  1. RAPID PROTOTYPING FDM Vantage designed to produce elements of machines and appliances with the use of rapid prototyping technology.

    • Developed for demanding applications and high-accuracy.

    • The technology of pressed settlement of FDM material allows to produce functional models and prototypes which have complex shapes.

    • Models made with the use of FDM technology can be characterized by a very high accuracy of reproduction.

    • Thanks to ABS material the models are light; they have high resistance for mechanical damages. They can be also easily joined to form bigger objects thanks to easiness of stickiness which is a characteristic for a model material.

    • The offer is destined for diverse branches of industry from ornamental and building to machine industry.

  2. WATERJET WARICUT HWM-P1520/1-3D - designed to cut objects with the use of abrasive jet

    • Waricut is the trademark of the world wide proven cutting and separating technology in the area of water jet cutting systems.

    • The technology works by compressing water and focusing it into a concentrated point, creating an ultra high pressure jet. This jet is capable of eroding almost any material it comes in contact with. The force of erosion can then be amplified further with the addition of an abrasive material mixed within the water, enhancing the cutting process.

    • Almost all materials with different thicknesses can be machined without heating or deformation and low burr formation with this environmentally sound, cold and highly precise process.

  3. ZEISS ACCURA - a measuring machine

    • ACCURA is designed for very high precision, thus delivering fast and highly accurate measuring results at the same time.

    • All ZEISS measuring technology is combined in one machine which makes it possible to use the ideal measuring method for your applications.

    • Active scanning with VAST® technology and an automatic stylus rack system increases flexibility and productivity when determining size, form and position.

    • Carl Zeiss quality throughout the system with an extremely rigid, light bridge made of thermally insensitive materials, all axes with 4-side air bearings, and pre-cabled for touch and optical sensors, as well as scanning, thus making it immediately multisensor capable. Fully enclosed X axis and Y drive axis use glass ceramic scales with a patented, thermally neutral frame and have a passive elastomer vibration damping.

  4. FIVE AXLE MACHINING CENTER DMU 60 MB is exploited to a very precise machining of items

    • The Five-axle machining center is a machine tool (milling machine) numerically controlled at five axes.

    • At each axes, there is installed direct meter circuit of position, called linear encoder, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the accuracy of produced items up to 5 mm.

    • With the use of the 5-axle machining center it is possible to conduct following measuring tasks: slab milling, holes boring, machining of curvilinear surfaces, holes drilling, threading.

    • Numerical Control CNC Heidenhain i530 allows for linear, circular and helical interpolation at 3 axes and linear and circular interpolation at 5 axes. The replacement of tools from cutting tool store takes place automatically with accordance to the machining program without any particular mechanism.

  5. Computer systems services:

    • MES Ansys - computer-aided analyses with the use of finite element method

    • CAD/CAM CATIA - Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application

    • CAD SOLID EDGE ST - a design system used to parametric feature solid modeling

    • MTS - computer-aided programming of CNC machine tools


  • President of “Technopark Gliwice” Ltd.: Prof. Jan Kosmol
  • Supervisory Board:
    • President of the Board: Irena D±browska
    • Vice-President of the Board: Aleksander G±dek
    • Member of the Board: Prof. Gerard Kosman


    • Region: Southern Poland
    • Voivodship: Silesia
    • County: Gliwice

„Technopark Gliwice” Ltd. is located in the very centre of academic campus in the area of The Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. This location is extremely attractive, because it allows to direct contact and transfer of technology from one of the biggest universities of technology in our country to small and medium-sized Silesian companies. Thanks to it, when the Park was opened (on June, 2008) all the places available were rented and currently 28 technological companies are running here their businesses, mainly from IT sector.


  • Automatics
  • Mechatronics
  • IT
  • Fine Mechanics


The Technopark’s principal activity is the provision of training and consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, which include:

  • Incubation of new technological companies (currently there are 28 technological enterprises, mainly from IT sector).
  • Organizing and conducting specialized trainings with the use of Technopark’s machines and engineering software.
  • Manufacturing services with the use of machines and specialized software.
  • Support and promotion of small and medium-sized companies.
  • Transfer of technology to small and medium-sized companies.
  • Measurement and research services.
  • Help with gaining grants from the European Union.
  • Rental of offices and training rooms.

Moreover, The Technopark offers services in the line of advanced computer systems:

  • Computer-aided design used to design of objects - CAD CATIA
  • Computer-aided analyses with the use of finite element method - MES Ansys
  • Computer-aided design - CAD Solid Edge ST
  • Computer-aided programming of machine tools CNC - MTS



The Science and Technology Park

Konarskiego 18C Street, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
phone/fax: +48 32 335 85 00

e-mail: info@technopark.gliwice.pl

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza 50

00-025 Warsaw

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