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Podlaski Industrial Park

The Podlaski Industrial Park (PPP) is being built in the Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality within the „Operational Program for the Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013 Priority I: Modern economy, Activity I.3. Innovation support.”

(The PPP investment areas will be available for investors already in January 2013)

I. Podlaski Industrial Park in Czarna Bia這stocka

The Podlaski Industrial Park (PPP) is located in the middle east part of the Podlaski Voivodship in the Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality, 22 kilometers from Bia造stok and 35 kilometers from the border with Belarus. It is managed by the authorities of the municipality.

Important communication paths run through the Czarna Bia這stocka municipality:

  • national road no 19 Bia造stok - Sok馧ka - Ku幡ica Bia這stocka (35 km from the border with Belarus),
  • national road no 8 Bia造stok - Suwa趾i - Ogrodniki (circa 140 km from the border with Lithuania) and
  • the international train track Warsaw - Bia造stok - Grodno (Belarus) - Vilnius (Lithuania).

Picture 1: Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality - Network of  road and railway track connections

II. Sector Profile of the Czarna Bia這stocka economy

The Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality is a rural/urban community, small agricultural farms of 5 ha dominate where mostly grain and potatoes are planted.  From the total area of farmland which is occupied by 3 866 ha (18.7% of the municipality) arable land takes up 60.5% (2338 ha) and grassland takes up 39.5% (1 528 ha). 78.5% is land Class V and VI in the structure of arable land and 63.2% in the structure of grassland.

Czarna Bia這stocka municipality is a rural sub-region, with a dynamically developing food sector, especially milk, meat, poultry and grain processing industries as well as the following sectors: wood, building, machinery. The most strategic sectors are: food industry, machinery industry, wood industry, furniture industry and tourism industry.

Besides the forest, agricultural and public sectors, most of the businesses in the area consists of small and medium enterprises offering services for the local and regional market.

Like in rest of the country, also in the city and municipality of Czarna Bia這stocka, the private sector dominates over the public sector.

Variety of forests, the artificial water reservoir and numerous tourist tracks are the reason the municipality and sub-region is a very attractive touristic destination.

III. Location of the Podlaski Industrial Park

The Podlaski Industrial Park is being built where the closed down Agricultural Machinery Factory BIAFAMAR was located. This will be a fully equipped investment area of 5,883 ha with modern technical infrastructure in the middle of the Knyszy雟ka Puszcza forests. The choice of the location of the Podlaski Industrial Park was dictated by the accessibility of the land for investment, its favourable bearings and many years of industrial traditions.

The PPP real-estate is noted in the land registry under the numbers 1578/51, 1578/56, 1578/57, 1578/77, 1578/78, 1578/79, 1578/97 and has a Land Registry (KW) no 120740 run by the IX District Court Division of Land Registry. The investment area is in perpetual use, it belongs to the Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality.

Picture 2: Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality Map

IV. Podlaski Industrial Park Offer

As the effect of the Project „Building and opening of the Podlaski Industrial Park” carried out within the Operational Program of the Development of Eastern Poland the investment area for large and medium size investors will be formed. Within the project modern land utility points will be built: electricity, water-sewage management and road communication systems. The Municipality Authorities also developed options for “medium size” or “small” enterprises in the Podlaski Industrial Park.

Modern technical infrastructure will be adjusted to the needs of potential investors in the forms presented in the pictures below. They are included in the Local Spatial Development Plan.

Picture 3: Location options for „medium size” production enterprises in the area of PPP

Picture 4: Location options for „small” production enterprises in the area of PPP

In the current spatial development plan the PPP area marked as 2.1 PU and 2.2 PU is intended for production and service buildings. The basic functions of this area will be production sites,warehouses, that will help the development of cooperation between science and business and service objects connected to industry functions. As a supportive function administration and social objects are planned, internal roads, squares, storehouses, movement and unloading equipment, technical infrastructure objects and equipment.

The area of the Podlaski Industrial Park is surrounded by forests. In the direct neighbourhood of PPP there are industrial-storehouse buildings. The investment land is flat, with very good geotechnical conditions.

Picture 5: Location of PPP

The Podlaski Industrial Park can be accessed from national road no 19 via the ring road connecting the city of Czarna Bia這stocka with the industrial areas (circa 3 kilometres) or by train from the PKP Czarna Bia這stocka station, located 3 km from the PPP area.

Picture 6: Access road to the PPP area

V. Investment Attractiveness of the region

  • Labour and costs of employment in the Podlaskie Voivodship

Labour costs in Poland are four times lower than in Denmark, Sweden or Luxemburg. In the Podlaskie region the average monthly gross salary in the industry sector in October 2010 was 2920,80PLN, which is 85% of the average salary in Poland. Low labour costs and its high productivity are one of the most important strengths of the region and Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality.

  • Economic development driver of the Podlaskie Voivodship - success companies.

The strategic location of the Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality nearby the voivodship city will allow the companies that will be located in the Podlaski Industrial Park  easy access to potential subcontractors and suppliers in the region. Analyzing the regional market of potential subcontractors and suppliers it is worth to notice companies that are leaders in the prestigious national ratings. Below we are presenting finalists of the national edition of the “National Leaders in Innovation & Development 2010” contest:

  • APS SA company from Bia造stok, winner in the category “Innovative services” for the project “Microscopic steering and supervision systems of the sewage system plant”.
  • Plum Ltd. from Ignatki, winner in the category “Innovative EU project - entrepreneur” for the project “Improving the competitiveness of PLUM by launching on the market an innovative product - EcoMax PID regulator”

It is also worth to notice capital groups (“MISPOL”, Makarony Polskie” „Bia這stockie Zak豉dy Mi瘰ne S.A.”) as well as finalists of the “Forbes’ Diamonds 2010” contest (UNIBEP S.A. from Bielsk Podlaski, Okr璕owa Sp馧dzielnia Mleczarska in Pi徠nica - dairy Company, Sp馧dzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita in Wysokiem Mazowieckim - dairy company). The successes of the mentioned companies support the opinion about the good conditions for industrial development in the Podlaskie region and the Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality.

VI. Sectors with big investment potential in the Podlaski Industrial Park and Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality

The following sectors have the biggest potential for development in the area of  Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality:

  • Metal and machinery industry
  • Power engineering (production of ecological fuels pellets produced from straw and wood waste)
  • Food Industry.

Metal and machinery industry

The metal and machinery industry is connected to the dynamically developing in Poland construction sector, electro-technical, food and automotive industry, as well as production of agricultural machines and tools. In the area of Czarna Bia這stocka Municipality there is a long tradition of metal and machinery industry, a couple of modern companies are active in this sector. Among others the following companies are registered in this sector:

  • BARTOSZ (Bujwicki-Sobiech Partnership) specializing in the sanitary engineering branch. The company offers environmental friendly machinery and equipment as well as complete systems that enable meaningful savings of water, heat and electric energy usage. It designs and builds water treatment stations, boosters, compression treatment for separation of solids, intermediate pumping stations, air exchangers with heat recovery, air handling units.
  • CYNKOMET Ltd. , a company producing manure spreaders, farm trailers and containers. In 2004 the company launched the largest in Poland fire zinc coating plant with a zinc tub of  the dimensions 9,0 m x 1,5m x 3,1m.
  • PROMOSTAL Ltd. specializing in constructing industrial, retail and office buildings in steel construction. It manufactures steel constructions and has its own architect’s office.

Power engineering (production of ecological fuels - pellets produced from straw and wood waste)

The investment offer of PPP is also directed to the investors from the power engineering trade using ecological energy sources. Taking into consideration the agricultural character of the region, especially the large acreage of grain cultivation and the high supply of wood waste, it is worth to consider the concept of building in PPP a pellet production factory.

Production of pellet that is composed of three types of base material such as straw, saw dust and waste paper, based on innovative technology, meets the criteria of a project that would qualify to be financed by the Innovative Economy Programme. Pellet production is an easy way to obtain ecological fuel, which could be used not only by individual farmers but most of all by the nearby power stations.

There are almost 500 colleges and universities in Poland that employ over one hundred thousand scientists, half of them have a doctor’s degree. There are 2 million students in Poland, almost half of the population of the age between 19 and 24 is studying in universities and colleges, and these statistics keep growing. Among the graduates many are from technical schools and these are the students that employers are mostly looking for. This gives a leeway to investors who are looking for well-prepared specialists of various disciplines - from management, IT to biochemical.

The Podlaski Industrial Park that is being built within the Development of Eastern Poland Operational Program is an attractive and very well prepared investment area, which thanks to its ideal location provides entrepreneurs with markets and cooperation possibilities. Professional management of PPP by the local authorities guarantees excellent service to the most demanding investor. Entrepreneurs can also count on help in contacting the government offices, advice at the stage of applying for EU funds and attractive investment incentives in the form of real-estate tax exemption. Another potential area of support for the investor in the Podlaski Industrial Park is the EU support program for innovative as well as R&D entrepreneurs. The PPP investment area offer in Czarna Bia這stocka is complemented by highly educated employees and high labour productivity.


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