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Bia這gard Investment Park Invest-Park

Bia這gard Investment Park "Invest-Park" has been created in North - Western Poland, in the second half of 2012. It is a fully developed area of 45 ha, 14,38h of which has been included in the K-S Special Economic Zone.

Part of the Park’s area has been named the best investment area in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship, in the “Golden Site” contest carried out under the patronage of Ministry of Economy.

INVEST-PARK provides new possibilities of supporting entrepreneurs planning to launch production in northwestern Poland. 

Launching production is associated with an investment process. An investment process - including the purchase of a land with the purpose of investment, developing the concept of a production facility, preparing the building design and obtaining a building permit, erection of a production building with the office and staff space as well as the infrastructure (connections, access roads, car parks etc.), staffing and training employees - usually lasts approximately 18 months. Not only is it a long-term process, but also an expensive one. In case of Invest-Park Bia這gard we complete the full investment process within 6-9 months.

For investors who require even shorter lead times of the investment process we can offer production facilities currently under construction for rent or for sale. Available space of the above is from 1,500m2 to 5,000 m2.

How can production be started at Invest-Park Bia這gard

In order to quickly and efficiently launch production activity on the premises of Invest-Park we offer for investors one of three options:

Option A - Purchase of a production facility
Option B - Rent of a production facility
Option C - Purchase of a production facility after renting it for an agreed amount of time ( ex: 3, 5 or 10 years etc.)

We offer only new production facilities with office and staff space and the technical infrastructure with parameters meeting the expectations of the investor necessary for production.

The Invest-Park Bia這gard project has been subsidised by the local government, which allows us to offer new production facilities at low prices.

Among our clients are companies from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.

The entire investment process involves preparing a preparing the building design, obtaining building permits construction of the production facility with the office and staff space and as well as the technical infrastructure - connections, access roads, car parks etc.).

The time required to complete and hand over the finished facility to the investor oscillates between:

  • 6-9 months - relates to the industrial sector requiring to obtain an environmental decision
  • 6-9 months for companies from food processing sector
  • 4-6 months -for companies from other sectors

Within the scope of the Invest-Park Bia這gard project, the time of launching production is significantly reduced while lowering the investment costs.

During the realisation of the investment process we support the investor in staffing highly-qualified employees and we provide free-of-charge staffing and training for the production personnel.

"Invest-Park" is partnered with the Koszalin University of Technology. The university teaches over 9.000 students, in over 50 programs (a.o: electronics, IT, mechanics, mechatronics, civil engineering and economics).

Bia這gard county is situated at an intersection of important road and rail routes, which enables the region’s inhabitants to easily commute to work. There are approx. 310.000 inhabitants in the 35 km radius from “Invest - Park”, of which approx. 210.000 are of working age.

Technological Incubator

A state of the art object of Inkubator Technologiczny (8.000 m2), which offers rent of production premises, is also located in the Bia這gard Investment Park “Invest - Park”.

Inkubator Technologiczny offers rent of production premises from 360 m2 to 2.000 m2, and is the only object of its kind in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship.

There are currently 10 companies operating their business on the premises of the Inkubator. The companies employ over 330 people. The biggest amount of space is rented by foreign investors, namely, international corporation Valassis Communication, Inc., which has moved its branch from the United Kingdom, and German company Kabel-Technik-Polska.

Also, to entrepreneurs from metal industry the Inkubator offers services through Powder Coating Centre (www.foseko.pl).

Industrial lands

Invest-Park Bia這gard has a fully developed area of 45 ha, 14,38h of which has been included in the K-S Special Economic Zone. The area can be dived into plots sized to the investors needs. Investors that operate in the special economic zone can receive up to 55% return on their investment costs.

We are the only Economic Zone in Northern Poland, where such a significant reduction in investment process and its cost is possible.

The offered investment premises are located in the direct vicinity of Inkubator Technologiczny in Bia這gard.

When locating their investment on the premises of "Invest-Park" the investor receives, free of charge, the support of Regional Investor Service Office. The office cooperates with highly qualified specialists in engineering construction, economic law and finance. Depending on the investor’s needs the Office provides help with launching production, training and recruiting as well as cooperating with local entrepreneurs and public administration.

Bia這gardzki Park Inwestycyjny „Invest-Park” sp. z o.o.
ul. Ko這brzeska 58, 78-200 Bia這gard
phone: +48 600 899 138
e-mail: biuro@investparkbialogard.pl

More info at: www.investparkbialogard.pl

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