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Grzegorz Oszast

Grzegorz Oszast Member of the Board
Grzegorz Oszast
Member of the Board
Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Grzegorz Oszast is an experienced manager. He is a graduate of the University of Wrocław and MBA studies at - Oxford Brookes University at the University of Business - The Polish Open University, as well as the School of Business at Central Connecticut State University and Wrocław University of Technology. He started his professional career as an entrepreneur. As the owner of several companies, he successfully operated in the consulting and marketing sector. Later, he worked in, among others, the following companies: Impel as Sales Director, THULE as Country Manager, Kredobank (Ukraine) as Polish-Ukrainian Business Director and PKO Bank Polski as Sales Division Director. He has also served on many Supervisory Boards.

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