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21 July 2022

The signing of an agreement between PAIH and the City of Bobolice

On July 21 of this year, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the City of Bobolice. The document was concluded by the Mayor of Bobolic Mieczysława Brzoza and the Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board Krzysztof Drynda.

Bobolice and PAIH

The aim of the agreement is to achieve synergy of activities in creating new business opportunities for the local Government. The signed agreement is also confirmation of the good cooperation between the City and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Bobolice and PAIH have been cooperating for several years in making the local Government more attractive to investors. The city was already appreciated for its investment plan and its implementation as early as 2017. Bobolice was awarded by PAIH at that time for running an investor-friendly website.

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