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6 April 2022

An invitation to a Virtual Hydrogen Fair

Online event
The Virtual Hydrogen Fair is an event aimed at showcasing the potential of the Polish hydrogen sector on the international arena. The fair will be held on 6-7 April 2022 in virtual space. The event is organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.


Wirtualne Targi Wodorowe PAIH

Hydrogen is increasingly penetrating public awareness as an energy carrier of the near future. It is, like electromobility, a gradually developing megatrend. It will not only revolutionise people's living environment, by significantly reducing harmful emissions, but above all it will change the face of numerous branches of the economy through its use in various areas of production, transport and the energy sector. The European Union, implementing the provisions of the European Green Deal, published last year in a document entitled: "A hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe". This document clearly defines the next stages of development of the hydrogen economy within the EU.

Poland is currently one of the world’s leaders in terms of hydrogen production. Poland has already produce a framework for its hydrogen economy in the form of a document entitled the Polands’ Hydrogen Strategy, published on December 7, 2021. This strategy contains six key issues for the development of hydrogen technologies, including legal regulations, the role of H2 in decarbonisation and the implementation of hydrogen technologies in the power and heating sectors.

The importance of hydrogen and its impact on various areas of socio-economic reality will be discussed by experts during the Hydrogen Industry Conference. Parallel to the conference, a Hydrogen Trade Fair will be held, during which Polish and foreign companies will be able to present what they can offer on dedicated stands and be able to establish B2B talks via the stands (free in basic version) rendered in 3D space.

The event is supported by a partner - METAJAR, a provider of virtual exhibition spaces.

We encourage Polish and foreign companies related to the hydrogen sector to participate in the event, registration can be conducted via the event start page.

Please note that separate registrations apply for both events - for exhibitors and for those willing to participate in the Conference.

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