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7 March 2022

The Ukraine Support Team

In connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) has established a team to support Polish-Ukrainian business. The newly formed group will coordinate the relocation of companies from the Ukraine and help in finding new markets for products previously exported mainly to the east.

The aim of the business support team is to monitor the situation in Ukraine. The group established by PAIH will deal with the identification of risks that may affect the functioning of Polish companies which have up till now operated on the territory of Ukraine. The support team will take action to minimize the business consequences caused by the war in Ukraine.

3 main areas of activity of the PAIH business support team

The first is activities for businesses operating in Ukraine. PAIH will help in the relocation of such companies to Polish. The agency will provide support in among other things, looking for investment sites, warehouses or what is generally understood as locations for different purposes, where companies with operations in endangered areas will be able to transfer their activities. This offer is addressed not only to Polish companies but also to those coming from EU countries.

The second important aspect of support is for exports, which have suffered as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. PAIH will support entrepreneurs in finding new markets for goods contracted or already produced. Our Centre for Export support and our foreign trade offices, have prepared specific support options. The business support team will direct entrepreneurs to new markets and help in finding potential recipients.

PAIH will also support companies from industries that have suffered due to the limited availability of raw materials and components for production, which were obtained from the war zones. The agency will inform entrepreneurs where raw materials are available and will help to establish direct contacts with subcontractors from given sectors.

PAIH has launched a special hotline for companies in need of support in relocating their business to Poland from the territory of Ukraine, agency consultants are waiting to help +48 22 334 99 11. Contact is also possible via e-mail:

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With a view to maintaining the business continuity of our Ukrainian friends, we are implementing a program to support the temporary transfer of operations to Poland. As part of PAIH’s support program:

  • The provision of free co-working space in the center of Warsaw
  • The introduction of a permanent service in Ukrainian
  • A database of immediately available logistics and production space
  • Provides all the information necessary for a quick start of a business

All interested parties will receive full, free support from our specialists in the field of:

  • Looking for a suitable property to run a business from/in (sites, factory buildings, offices)
  • Advising on possible state aid (grants, tax exemptions)

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