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16 February 2022

Ecological construction solutions from Poland are conquering the EU market

SADDAR, a company specializing in the production of ecological building elements, has signed a contract with a distributor in France. In March this year, the Polish brand’s products will be delivered to French Brico Marche stores.


Brico Marche’s first order is for 51 thousand. pieces of eco-anchors, and by the end of the year SADDAR will export over 150,000 such items to the French market.

This is another success for our domestic manufacturer, which at the end of 2020 began selling its products in an American chain of 350 construction hypermarkets. Saddar’s expansion on to the US market was carried out with the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Our goal is to provide an ideal, ecological product that makes a significant contribution in respect for the natural environment. Over the next 2 years, we plan to strengthen our position in Europe, gaining 25 percent of the market. With a production level of 1.5 million units per year, utilizing 20 bottles per one eco-anchor, in this way we will recycle the equivalent of 30 million plastic bottles - said Dariusz Sadowiński, SADDAR’s inventor and owner.

A pioneering solution for the production of a composite specially developed by SADDAR, based on recycled PET material, including PET bottles, which is very attractive to Europeans. According to EuroPAP News data, only 32.5% of plastic is recycled in Europe, and the most common way of utilizing plastic waste is energy recovery (42.6%).

As part of the Green Deal, the European Commission has adopted a plan under which 55 percent of plastic packaging waste should be recycled by 2030. SADDAR's product solutions significantly support the implementation of this plan. We are glad that our native solutions have gained recognition on European and world markets. We are pleased that, as the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, we can support the company in there conquest - said Łukasz Grabowski, Deputy Director of PAIH’s Export Suport Center.

SADDAR’s installation solutions are used very widely as elements for the installation of fences, wooden garden architecture and in the construction sector. The company offers elements that can be hammered in, screwed in or screwed to almost any type of soil or surface. They are used on a large scale, among other things, when installing huge solar farms. Installation is quick and environmentally friendly, without the use of cement or the need to prepare the ground with the use of heavy equipment. If necessary, the installations can be moved elsewhere without harming the environment.

The basic raw material of PET comes from the recycling of mainly plastic mineral water and carbonated drinks bottles. Which is an important factor in environmental protection and the transformation of post-consumer or post-production plastic waste into a fully-fledged new product. It replaces the more expensive type made of sheet steel, the production of which requires the use of a large amount of energy and non-renewable minerals, while being harmful for the environment, especially the atmosphere.

The eco SADDAR anchor, thanks to the material it is made of, will not corrode in the ground or be subject to weather conditions to which it is exposed. SADDAR’s eco anchors can be reused, ground up and processed into other products. Therefore, they fit into the requirements set by the European Union for products in the field of circular economy.

In 2018-2020, SADDAR invested nearly USD 2.0 million in research and development. This allowed for the improvement of production efficiency to 2.5-3 million eco-anchors per year and to modernize and develop new innovative product models. Currently, the company is planning further investment in the preparation and implementation for the production of models adapted to the requirements of modular construction.

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