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18 January 2022

PAIH, and ACA create new export opportunities for the cosmetics industry to the market of the ASEAN countries

On January 18, 2022, PAIH’s Chairman Krzysztof Drynda and Member of the Board Grzegorz Słomkowski, General Director of the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry ( Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown and the President of ASEAN Cosmetics Association (ACA) Mrs. Lee Pang signed a Memorandum on cooperation between the organizations.

PAIH, and ACA create new export opportunities for the cosmetics industry to the market of the ASEAN countries

Asia is the largest cosmetics market in the world, generating nearly 38% of revenue from global sales of these products. Therefore, the region of ASEAN countries is of great importance for the Polish cosmetics industry. In this area of 662 million potential customers, it is estimated that the market for cosmetics and personal care products will grow by approximately 1.6 percent by 2023.

For many years, PAIH has been actively participating in activities to promote and increase the awareness of the advantages of Polish cosmetics on distant Asian markets. Among other things, by participating and organizing conferences and fairs - says PAIH’s Chairman, Krzysztof Drynda. Polish products are already known to customers from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. However, we still do make full use the potential of foreign expansion into the Southeast Asian markets - he adds.

New trends are visible in the cosmetics industry of ASEAN countries. Changes in the lifestyle and increasing incomes of Southeast Asian societies are changing shopping preferences. Niche brands, produced in an innovative way, cosmetics for skin and hair care, the children's products segment and organic cosmetics based on organic ingredients are gaining popularity. Shopping preferences are also changing.

The restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic in the world changed the distribution channel of cosmetic products. Consumers are more and more often deciding to buy products via the Internet, using international trading platforms, says PAIH’s board member Grzegorz Słomkowski. The last two years have contributed to the spread of e-commerce in the Southeast Asia region. Leading cosmetic brands used this time for intensive activities and promotion on the Internet. Therefore, cosmetic companies planning to expand into ASEAN markets should pay attention to the growing importance of the e-commerce channel.

The COVID-19 pandemic limited the sale of cosmetics in stationary stores. Sales of cosmetic products decreased by 4% in 2020 compared to 2019. Therefore, foreign expansion is seen as an opportunity for the Polish cosmetics industry. As shown by the success of Poland-ASEAN - Regional Cosmetics Forum, the demand for Polish cosmetics in the ASEAN region is significant.

We see particular opportunities for the development of the Polish cosmetics industry in the growing interest in halal products. On the one hand, companies from Poland are interested in in-depth knowledge of the regulations of this product category, on the other, countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia are focused on expanding the offer of cosmetics in this segment. The interest of the ASEAN countries in the subject of legal regulations in force in Europe, on which the production of cosmetics is based, is also important. The EU regulations regarding this sector are a benchmark for the world, and Poland is a very strong player on the map of Europe and a reliable partner that it can introduce to this world - says Ms Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, General Director of the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry. For us, the memorandum is an important step towards deeper integration of the Asian and Polish markets and businesses in these regions. We are curious about what we can give each other, what expertise to share and what benefits this cooperation will bring us in an economically difficult period for the cosmetics industry - summarizes the signing of the Memorandum Mrs. Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown.

The Memorandum creates opportunity for the further development of the Polish and southeast Asian cosmetic sector - said Ms. Lee Pang. In our opinion it is the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation, which will be beneficial for all sides. That is why, as of today, we should make ever effort to turn our involvement up till now, into firm action - she added.

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