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10 June 2021

EUR 95 million will be invested by MAN in Ma這polska

EUR 95 million - this is how much the new investment of MAN Truck & Bus SE will be worth, implemented with the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and the Polish Investment Zone in Niepo這mice. A letter of intent was signed in the Krakow Technology Park, and MAN received a decision on support from Deputy Prime Minister Jaros豉w Gowin.

MAN - Niepo這micePhoto: Krakow Technology Park

As part of New MAN strategy, the factory in Niepo這mice will be expanded in 2020-2022. This will significantly increase production capacity and employment in the plant, which will become one of the largest employers in the region. The value of the investment will be EUR 95 million. The start of production, after the expansion of the plant is planned for September 2022. Ultimately, over 2,500 people will be employed here, both on the production line and in the administrative area. Planned average daily production will amount to over 300 vehicles and 200 cabins.

- The MAN concern is at a turning point in its history, undertaking a comprehensive transformation of the company which is dictate by the challenges of the future. Poland is a very important country for us, in this process. We have two modern production plants, a financial and accounting center and a sales company that has been present on the Polish market for over 28 years. Our employees in Poland, and there are already over 5000 of them, do a great job and provide services of the highest level. We are all the more pleased with the fact that Niepo這mice and the MAN Trucks plant will play a significant role in this process - said Michael Kobyszne, Member of the Management Board of MAN Truck & Bus SE, responsible for production and logistics.

- The expansion of the MAN plant in Niepo這mice announced today will make it a real giant. This investment means hundreds - and ultimately thousands - of attractive jobs. For the plant in Niepo這mice, it means a technological leap and a higher position in supply chains. Finally, it marks an important step in the transformation of our industry towards modernity, competitiveness and efficiency. And this is the apple of my eye and the goal of one of the flagship programs of my ministry. Well, the new Polish Industrial Policy will enable us to return to the path of sustainable and rapid economic growth after the pandemic. This event shows that in business, as in life, consistency and long-term action are important, but it is also crucial to play a team game - said Jaros豉w Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labour and Technology.

I am glad that we managed to convince the company to once again choose Poland. As PAIH, we supported a German investor in obtaining public aid. The MAN Trucks plant in Niepo這mice has been operating since 2007. We take pride in the fact that one of the most modern truck manufacturers in the world is operating here and is expanding. I believe that this multi-million euro investment will strengthen our country’s position as a leader in the automotive industry. We are also pleased that the project will implement modern solutions in the field of electromobility. Poland is a good location for new investments. This is proved by the economy that has coped well with the global slowdown, a well-developed logistics industry, educated staff and the proximity of key markets, including Germany and France. The new investment of the company brings double benefits: both to the investor and the Polish economy, and in particular the Ma這polska region, all will benefit from it. Equally important, there are new, high-quality jobs. Among the projects currently supported by PAIH, one of the largest groups are investments in the automotive industry - we support as many as 21 projects. This sector has long been one of the economic pillars of Poland, says Krzysztof Drynda, Chairman of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

So far, 26 companies have invested in the Niepo這mice Investment Zone, 47 investment projects benefit from tax relief, out of which 6, within the Polish Investment Zone.

- The first MAN investment was a milestone in the development of the KTP subzone in Niepo這mice, which is still the largest industrial zone in Ma這polska. I am glad that thanks to the Polish Investment Zone, we can once again help MAN increase the scale and quality of the concern's presence in Poland. The significant expansion of production capacity and a rapid increase in employment will be accompanied by an investment in an even higher technological intensity of production. The Industry 4.0 revolution is happening before our eyes - says Wojciech Przybylski, Chairman of the board of the Krakow Technology Park.

The plant in Niepo這mice will play an important role in introducing new technologies to the market and will respond to the challenges of the future, providing solutions for mega trends related to digitization, electromobility and autonomous driving in the field of heavy goods vehicles. These three directions are revolutionizing the way we think about transport. They also pose a challenge, but also a great opportunity for employees who will participate in the transfer of knowledge and the development of competences.

- I am very glad that the management board of MAN Truck has decided to expand the factory in Niepo這mice. The dynamic development of the Niepo這mice Investment Zone confirms that it is the right place to locate businesses, thanks to the committed employees, the professional approach of administration bodies, and good conditions for everyday functioning and life - says Roman Ptak, Mayor of Niepo這mice.

Projekt rozbudowy zak豉du firmy MAN w Niepo這micach

MAN investment

The expansion of the MAN Trucks plant in Niepo這mice is one of the key elements in the implementation of the New MAN strategy. It is based on 3 pillars: a solid company, a strong team and putting the customer in the spotlight. All these elements will be addressed in the MAN Trucks plant in Niepo這mice.

During the three-shift system of work, a complete portfolio of MAN trucks will be created here, from light and medium class vehicles to heavy class trucks, appreciated not only by customers, but also by experts and journalists, winning numerous awards and distinctions, such as the International Truck of the Year 2021. The plant will also include a truck modification centre and a cabin fit out centre.

The MAN Trucks plant in Niepo這mice was opened at the end of 2007. Until now, heavy-class vehicles intended both for European and non-European markets have been produced there. By the end of 2020, more than 171,548 tractor units and chassis were produced there.

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