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28 May 2021

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency at IMPACT'21

The change of the foreign expansion strategy and the opportunities offered by the Covid-19 pandemic - these are the main topics of this year's Impact'21 congress. The event was held in a hybrid form, and nearly three hundred representatives of the economic community shared their knowledge and experience.

Impact 2021The Chairman of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) Krzysztof Drynda took part in a panel discussion on "Broken supply chains in the world as an opportunity for Polish business" together with prof. Halina Brdulak from the Warsaw School of Economics, Jerzy Pietrucha, Chairman of the Management Board of “Grupa Pietrucha” and Michał Siwek from BNP Paribas. The discussion focused on identifying the export potential of industries that may especially benefit from the current situation. The interlocutors of Grzegorz Kowalczyk, a journalist of the daily newspaper “Gazeta Prawna”, were also looking for ways to increase the added value of potential new investments.

The breakdown of supply chains and the pandemic meant that producers, in order to mitigate their risks, have begun to look for sub-suppliers located closer to their operation. This has made it possible to maintain the pace of export growth - noted Krzysztof Drynda.

Among the sectors with high potential, such as the service sector, the following industries related to energy (natural gas, energy mix, including investments in nuclear energy and renewable energy), electromobility and health protection were mentioned.

Another discussion during Impact'21 was conducted directly by PAIH’s  Chairman, Mr. Krzysztof Drynda. The interlocutors were: Tomasz Czapliński representing the SpeedUp Group, Ronald Binkofski - a representative of Honeywell and Artur Chmielewski - a Polish engineer representing the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The main topic was foreign investments.

PAIH at Impact

Representatives of the largest foreign entities were looking for solutions that Poland could still introduce to attract bigger and better, high-quality foreign investments to Poland and take advantage of post-pandemic opportunities. They also pointed to aspects that help companies build their competitiveness. These were, among other things: a stable macroeconomic situation, Poland’s location in the center of Europe, the availability of qualified employees, or the so-called early adopters.

Polish entrepreneurs quickly adapted to the new situation on world markets. Thanks to their flexibility, innovative approach, relatively attractive labor costs and highly qualified staff, they are able to compete with the world's largest economies - summed up Krzysztof Drynda.

Impact CEE was one of the largest online events in the CEE region focusing on innovation and economic development. In addition to the changes brought about by the pandemic, the discussions also concerned topics related to, among others, energy transformation, the green economy, but also with the development of local e-commerce, the National Reconstruction Plan, cyber security and management in the Polish sports sector.

Impact'21’s agenda focused on topics related to global financial challenges within 13 thematic paths: Finance, E-commerce, Mobility, Energy, the Green Economy, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Urban Next, Health, Digital Future, Women Empowerment, Art, Sport, Event Marketing Future Forecast.

During the event, there were also workshop sessions, first readings of reports and industry analyses and Roundtables - closed meetings for the most important decision-makers and leaders shaping the Polish economy, as well as accompanying events: Startup pitches - a virtual pitching session of the most interesting startups from the region, and online networking enabling online meetings with other participants and speakers of the event.

Impact'21 was a place for exchanging views and substantive discussions held at the meeting point of business, politics, science and modern technologies. The spring edition of Impact gathered nearly 200 speakers.

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