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19 April 2021

AI ecosystem in Poland. The Digital Poland foundation’s latest report

In terms of the number of experts working on the development or implementation of artificial intelligence, Poland ranks 1st among CEE countries and 7th in the entire European Union - according to the Digital Poland Foundation’s report "State of Polish AI 2021".

  • The latest report on the state of development of artificial intelligence in Poland is a comprehensive study on the AI industry on the Polish market. It contains information on Polish companies that develop products and services using AI tools.

  • The publication is a source of knowledge for Polish and international investors. It includes: expert comments, the most important trends, the characteristics of the R&D ecosystem and the academic sector.

  • - In 2010 there was a handful of R&D centers in Poland. However, that was just the beginning of the growing trend that is now achieving its boom - says Agnieszka Szweda, Expert in the Center for strategic Investments of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).


The development of artificial intelligence in Poland. People are the key

An extensive study conducted by Digital Poland is the first and so far the only one on the market, that comprehensively presents the implementations and interest of domestic companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

When it comes to the number of experts working on the development or implementation of AI, Poland ranks 1st among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and 7th in the European Union. It is, among other reasons, thanks to the quality and high level of services provided, that the country has become a trustworthy place for investors. For years, the following have been operating in Poland, among others, Amazon, EY, Google, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, TCL, TomTom, UBS or, for example, T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom), running R&D, GDS and SDC centers.

The last 10 years show the tremendous progress that Poland has made in the R&D sector, including AI development. In 2010 there were only a handful of R&D centers. However, that was just the beginning of the growing trend that is now achieving its boom. For some of the centers, AI remains the leading technology used in product or service development. Global players from across industries have come to Poland to work with Polish talents who guarantee the highest worldwide standards in performing the functions crucial for their global operations. We expect that this growth will continue, not only due to the abundance of skilled human resources but also because Poland offers one of the most attractive incentive packages for R&D operations in the region, including tax incentives, grants, and EU schemes - says Agnieszka Szweda, Expert in the Center for strategic Investments of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

When it comes to the structure of Polish AI - 45 percent of the companies using artificial intelligence are to be found in Warsaw. This is due to international corporations that have decide to locate their headquarters in the capital of Poland. After Warsaw, the ranking is as follows Kraków, The Tricity, Wroc³aw, Poznań and Katowice.

- We observe that technology investors usually like to explore Warsaw as the first choice for their location. However, with a proper understanding and knowledge of the local markets and their tech ecosystems, investors start to appreciate and consider other places as well. This why it is essential to help new investors discover a full tech potential in different locations by providing them with accurate information and guidance. This is the role of PAIH. The rapidly growing centres such as Wroc³aw, Kraków, Tricity, Poznań, Katowice have their competitive edge and specific local strengths. Those may be less evident at first, but once discovered, they can lure new players and increase the number of AI companies in the future - explains Agnieszka Szweda, PAIH.

The State of Polish AI 2021 report shows that Polish AI companies usually operate on the basis of teams of five to ten employees. The largest teams work in corporations - over forty people. More than half of the companies developing products and services based on artificial intelligence earn seven-digit profits, and 8 percent of such companies generate revenues in excess of PLN 50 billion.

One-third of the companies involved in the development of artificial intelligence earn most of their revenues in Poland. At the same time, according to the survey, 32 percent of the companies are base their buisnesses on foreign clients. The direction for expansion for Polish technology companies are mainly:

  • North America (44%),
  • European Union markets (42%),
  • Great Britain (21%).

In turn, the industries for which Polish AI companies most often work are:

  • IT and telecommunications (58%),
  • finance and banking (41%),
  • trade, including e-commerce (34%).

The publication "The State of Polish AI 2021" also indicates that the dominant languages used for the development of AI are Python (95%) and R (50%).

The report "The State of Polish AI 2021" in English is available on the website of the Digital Poland foundation.

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