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22 November 2017

European Labour Mobility Congress

European Labour Mobility Congress is the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers within the freedom to provide service. The event will be held on . . .

22 November 2017

„I. Economic and commercial forum Poland-El Salvador“ Business and investment opportunities in El Salvador

El Salvador, with an extension of over 21,00 km2 (population of 6,5 Million) a modern infra-structure of roads and . . .

23 November 2017

8. MotoSolutions Forum - Best Practices in the Automotive Industry

MotoSolutions Forum is one of the most important conference events in the automotive industry in Poland. Since 2010 this . . .


08 November 2017


CETA: a game changer for trade with Canada

Canada is liberalising trade exchange with the European Union, which means that Polish companies have great investment . . .

14 November 2017

Polish edu-tech enters Singapore

Supported by Polish Trade and Investment Agency and its Singaporean division, Polish e-learning start-up, Nuadu is to launch its business development office in the South . . .

14 November 2017

Chinese revolution in PAIH portfolio

First time in PAIH’s history Chinese investors made it into the top regarding FDI stock, while the German companies had to say goodbye to the leading position. When . . .

They invested with us

Mercedes-Benz Polska

Ewa Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Ph.D.
Head of Corporate Communication and External Affairs, Mercedes-Benz Polska

Within the Mercedes’ global growth strategy, last year the company decided to invest in the CEE region, that is still considered as an attractive safe haven comparing to other parts of the world.For an investment decision to be made, we . . .

MoneyGram International

Alex Holmes, CFO & COO, MoneyGram International

MoneyGram considered a wide variety of factors in choosing Poland and Warsaw, and we conducted a comprehensive global search that included several Eastern European countries. Poland’s fundamental strengths made it the obvious choice for . . .

Lundbeck Poland Sp. z o.o.

Zuzanna Jawor,
Head of Business Service Centre

The most important criteria in our decision making was the access to great talent in Poland - which has a large pool of highly qualified, multilingual people. We chose Kraków due to its great air connections, its strong academic institutions and . . .

Capgemini Poland

Marek Grodziński,
Vice President, Head of European BPO Delivery Centers, Board Member, Capgemini Poland

In recent years Poland has proven its position as one of the most attractive global locations for business investments. As one of the first representatives of the business services sector in the country, we have had the chance to observe the . . .

Servier Group

Colm Murphy,
Production Site Director, Servier Group (Anpharm SA)

“This year the Servier Group celebrates our 20 year presence in Poland. With our successful operations has come the opportunity to invest in education, R&D and since 1997, in our manufacturing operations at Anpharm S.A. in Warsaw. These . . .

Pearl Stream

Kye Soo Park,
President of Pearl Stream

“When in 2010 together with our partner JP Weber we planned an investment in Strzelce Opolskie, we did not expected that the project will be so successful. We did not focus only on maintaining good contacts with companies from Wrocław . . .

State Street Poland

Scott Newman,
vice president of the Polish unit of State Street

“We have chosen Krakow out of 20 different cities in Europe. The reasons to choose Poland were the availability of well-trained university graduates and a developed transport and office infrastructure. Poland is a strategic location for . . .

DCT Gdańsk

Boris Wenzel,
Chief Executive Officer,
DCT Gdańsk S.A.

“Container terminal DCT Gdańsk was opened in October 2007. In 4 years, DCT became the destination for the largest vessels in the world. Poland is perfect for businesses looking to cover the entire region: it is the natural gateway to the CEE, . . .

Great people and employees to work with

Antonio Melone,
Managing Director for Production,
Indesit Company Polska

"Indesit has been developing and creating new facilities as well as new jobs in Poland since 1992. The country is a priority investment destination on the global map of the company’s strategic policy. We see Poland not only as a perfect . . .

Focus on Poland

Xavier Douellou,
Managing Director,
3M Poland

"For the last 20 years 3M invested over USD 350 million in Poland. This year we opened two new production facilities in Wrocław. In fact, in the near future 70% of our production for export to countries in Central and Eastern Europe will come from . . .

Best combination of operating costs, business conditions, and friendly government

Bill Hall,
European Operations Manager
Pittsburgh Glass Works Poland

"Once we at Pittsburgh Glass Works decided that we would search for a manufacturing location, we conducted an exhaustive search covering over 100 potential sites in 4 European countries, Canada and the USA. Our final decision was based on a number of . . .

World class source of intellectual capital

Arne Sorensen,
Director of Arla Global Financial
Service Center, Member of ABSL

"Arla Global Financial Service Centre was successfully set up in the Tri-City three years ago. We are extremely pleased with our location in Gdansk, where we benefit from great office facilities and access to highly skilled personnel. It was . . .

Prime location, perfect investment conditions

Valérie Vanbiervliet
Regional Director Benelux & Eastern Europe

"Goodman has been present in Poland since 2005 and has found that Poland has proven to be a very solid economy with a lot of growth potential and important support from the authorities.We were delighted to have been awarded the tender to develop the . . .

Modern aviation industry in Poland

Roman Staszewski
President of the Management Board
Hamilton Sundstrand Poland

"In our search of development opportunities, ways of enhancing efficiency and improving competitiveness, we came across the Polish Aviation Valley. Due to the fact that Southern Poland is a region with strong traditions in the aviation industry, we . . .

Half a century of Ikea's presence in Poland

Walter Kadnar
Director General IKEA Retail

"Poland and IKEA relationship has started in 1961, when Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder, placed the first furniture order for chairs in a Polish factory. Years of co-operation result from trust, common goals, confidence in success, and exceptional . . .

Poland offers invaluable opportunity for advanced business services

Jacek S. Levernes
Vice President - HP Global Business Services EMEA

"When HP decided to open up our Global Business Service Center in Wrocław 5 years ago, we believed we would hire 1000 graduates by 2010. Today we employ +2000 specialists whose skills and experience are highly valued by our customers. We discovered . . .

Right decision at the right time

Pedro Soares dos Santos
CEO and Member of the Board
of Directors at Jerónimo Martins Group

"We are as committed to serving the Polish consumer today as we were in our first days in Poland in 1994 when we found out that the country had a sizable market, perspectives of joining the EU, which guaranteed political and economic stability, and a . . .


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