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Poland is the 5th best investment destination for aerospace manufacturing projects in Europe (8th in the world) according to PwC survey1

Strengths of Polish aerospace industry:

  • Long-standing tradition,
  • Well-developed suppliers network
  • High quality  workforce and products,
  • Competitive  production and labour costs,
  • Constantly developing R&D, educational and training activity,
  • Aviation and space clusters,

Long-standing tradition

Poland has a 100-year history of aerospace and a tradition of aerospace industry dating back  more than 80 years. Strong scientific, academic and engineering centres were of key importance to the development of this sector. After the period of transformation in Poland, increased international business cooperation and direct foreign investments contributed to its further development. Currently, the Polish aviation industry has a rich export offer of advanced aviation products.

Well-developed suppliers network

There are over 200 aerospace and aerospace-related companies with annual sales of EUR 1,3 bln, and over 30 thousand employees in total operating in Poland.

The majority of these are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), companies with foreign capital, and a small group of enterprises with minority state shareholding. Around 80% of aerospace plants are located in the south-eastern Poland in one of four aviation clusters.

Operating plants are specialized in the production of aircraft (agricultural, training, executive), helicopters, gliders, subassemblies (aluminium, composite, GRFP) and accessories. 90% of aviation production is exported to: USA, Italy, Canada, China, Ukraine, Australia, UK, France, Germany2.

Selected companies operating in the aerospace sector:




„Pratt & Wittney Rzeszów



WSK „PZL - Świdnik” / Augusta Westland



Pratt & Whitney Kalisz



Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company



GE EDC Poland



Thoni Alutec

Stalowa Wola


WSK PZL Kalisz



PZL „Warszawa Okęcie”, Airbus Defence and Space Company



HS Wrocław



Avio Aero



UTC Areospace Systems (Goodrich)



Safran Transmission Systems Poland

Sędziszów Małopolski


MTU Aero Engines Polska



Hamilton Sundstrand Poland



Gardner Poland






1 -

2 - Yearbook of Foreign Trade Statistics 2014,

High quality  workforce and products

The development of the aerospace sector would not have been possible without qualified workers - over 11 thousand engineers (650 graduates in aviation studies) graduate from Polish technical universities every year. Highly developed university and vocational education system and long-standing tradition contribute to the quality of  aviation personnel. Moreover, initiatives such as AEROnet ( led to closer cooperation between industry, self-government, school and university authorities aimed at even more effective training of personnel, for example, through preparation of training programs, and adaptation of school profiles to the market needs.

Selected universities and research centres related to the aeronautical sector:

  • The Warsaw University of Technology,
  • The Rzeszow University of Technology,
  • The Institute of Aviation,
  • The Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry,
  • The Military University of Technology,
  • The Wroclaw University of Technology,
  • The Lublin University of Technology,
  • The Lodz University of Technology,
  • The Silesian University of Technology.

Competitive  production and labour costs

The advantages of Polish aerospace companies lies in the high quality of products (expertise in treatment of materials, casting, mechanical engineering, electronics) and competitive labour costs (still three time lower than in the Western Europe). Network of production and service companies supported by R&D centres creates great environment for aerospace sector. Polish factories often held up as a brand to the foreign entities.

Constantly developing R&D, educational and training activity

One of the examples of Poland’s ongoing actions to build a high-tech economy is the development of its aerospace industry. Till 2020 companies will benefit from EU funds (8,61 bn EUR) dedicated to enhancing their innovations and competitiveness. This will significantly increase private capital contribution to research and development, cooperation with research centres, participation in international projects, human potential and developing clusters.

Aerospace companies already participate in INNOLOT program (the National Centre for Research and Development) which co-finance research, development works and knowledge transfer to the aerospace industry.

The advanced level of processes used in the Polish aerospace sector is well illustrated by the participation in  different international projects for example: the development of the innovative engines like PurePower PW1000G  (GTF), GEnx, LEAP.

In the future Polish participation in such projects should increase owing to the mentioned subsidies.

Aviation and space clusters

Aviation Valley
Wielkopolski cluster
Silesia cluster
Lubelski cluster
National Center of Space and Satellite Engineering Cluster

Perspective for future

Due to 30 billion EUR expenditures for the Polish army modernisation  and 8,6 bilion EUR EU funds aerospace sector in Poland will benefit in the next years. We may observe a technological jump among Polish companies and increase of the presence of the foreign companies in Poland.

Poland marks its presence in space. In 2012 we finally became a fully-fledged, 20th member of the European Space Agency with an annual budget of EUR 4 bn. This membership enables Polish companies and researchers to fully participate in many European space programs and missions. Next step in Polish space exploration is the establishment of the Space Cluster and the Polish Space Agency (POLSA). POLSA will fulfil governmental tasks in the area of space research and development of new technologies.

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