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Governmental grants

Governmental grants are provided on the basis of the Programme for supporting investments of major importance to the Polish economy for the years 2011-2030 (further as the Programme), adopted by the Council of Ministers on July 5, 2011 (amended on October 1, 2019).

Form of support

Support is provided in the form of a grant based on an agreement concluded between the Minister responsible for the economy and the investor. The agreement lays down conditions for the payment of the cash grant, which is paid proportionately to the degree the investor’s commitments are fulfilled.

Type of cash grants

Under the Programme, the support will be granted based on eligible costs for creating new jobs and eligible costs of the investments. The amount of the grants may be increased, if training programmes are offered to employees.

Under the Programme, support is granted based on

1. The number of jobs created

Employment Grant
Type of investmentMini­mum eligible costs (m PLN)Mini­mum new employment Other requirementsMaximum support (per each new job created, in PLN)
1.5 or 0.31

250 or 501

up to 12 000 or 15 0001&2
Centre of Excellence1.5 or 0.31150 or 501Advanced processesup to 12 000 or 15 0001&2
R&D1 (under 100k per employee)103Most advanced processes (as per previous slide)up to 15 000 or 20 0001&2

2. Investment costs

Invest­ment Grant
Type of investmentMini­mum eligible costs (m PLN)Mini­mum new employ­mentOther require­mentsMaximum support (as a percen­tage of eligible costs)
up to 10% or 15%1&2
Innovative720Innova­tiveness confirmed by the Ministryup to 10% or 15%1&2
1 (over 100k per employee)103
up to 15% or 20%1&2
3. New form of support - supplement to the above cash grants

 Training Grant
Maximum support (per each new job created, in PLN)  - 25% or 50%1&2 of training costs

1 in medium-sized cities losing their socio-economic functions or in Poviats or cities with Poviat status for which the unemployment rate amounts to not less than 160% of the national average unemployment rate
2 in 5 voivodeships of Eastern Poland (Warmińsko-mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie, Podkarpackie)
3 degree holders only (MA, BA, MSc, BSc)

Obligation to fulfil qualitative criteria

In addition to the quantitative criteria, it is necessary to receive a min. 60 out of 100 possible points as a result of the project quality assessment carried out by PAIH

1. Qualitative criteria for BSS projects

2. Qualitative criteria for manufacturing projects

Obligation to cooperate with higher education institutions:

The investor is obliged to incur costs (in the period of maintaining the investment) for cooperation with institutions of the higher education and science system in the amount of at least 15% of the value of the awarded subsidy.

Cooperation with entities creating the higher education and science system within the meaning of art. 7 sec. 1 point 1-7 of the Act of 20 July 2018 - Law on Higher Education and Science, meaning:

  1. commissioning scientific research or development works to be conducted;
  2. commissioning the implementation of study programs;
  3. participation in the "Doctoral Implementation" program and other programs or undertakings of the MSWiN related to the implementation of doctoral schools;
  4. financing, through scholarships or financing of employment, the participation of students in the practical training process, including dual studies.
Operator of the Programme

The operator of the Programme and the authority granting state aid is the Minister responsible for the economy. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.) is responsible for preparing and providing the Interministerial Committee for Investments of Major Importance to the Polish Economy (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) with the dossier of investment projects and for preparing all documents required to carry out the entire procedure of providing financial support.

Each project is subject to an individual assessment by the Committee based on detailed criteria laid down in the Programme.

The Centre for Strategic Investments (CSI) is responsible for providing information on government grants.

The CSI is not only the operator of the Programme, but also supports investors in the following ways. Read the offer »


*New factors in the project assessment procedure:

NOTE: Start of works on the investment is only possible after submitting a letter/application for state aid with attachments to the Ministry responsible for the economy (an incentive effect analysis is required only for projects implemented by large entrepreneurs).

State aid

State aid offered under the Programme is consistent with the rules on the award of state aid in the EU, that is with the Guidelines on regional State aid for 2014-2020 (Official Journal of the European Communities C 209 of 23rd July 2013, page 1) and Commission Regulation (EC) no. 651/2014 of 17th June 2014 declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the common market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty (Official Journal of the European Communities L 187 of 26th June 2014, page 1). Aid that does not comply with the Regulation requirements may be granted after approval of the European Commission in line with the procedures specified in the Guidelines on regional aid for 2014-2020.


Ikona publikacji do pobrania - szara mała  Application form for a government grant for services projects - to be submitted to PAIH
Ikona publikacji do pobrania - szara mała  Application form for a government grant for manufacturing sectors - to be submitted to PAIH
Ikona publikacji do pobrania - szara mała  Draft letter/application for state aid - to be submitted to the Ministry responsible for the economy

Programme (in Polish):

Program wspierania inwestycji o istotnym znaczeniu dla gospodarki polskiej 2011-2030 - Uchwała RM nr 116/2019 z 1.10.2019 r.

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