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The Pharmaceutical SectorThe Pharmaceutical Sector

Basic facts

  • Employment growth
    According to employment experts more than 3/4 of employers from the Life Sciences sector planned to hire new employees in 2021.
  • Important sector
    The pharmaceutical sector generates around 1 percent of Poland’s GDP, and directly and indirectly contributes to the existence of nearly 100,000 jobs.
  • Sector potential
    In 2019, pharmaceutical and biotechnological exports increased by 11% compared to the previous year, and this growth was twice as fast as the total growth of Poland’s exports.

    According to GUS, the pharmaceutical industry is a leader in product innovation, placing it ahead of the computers, electronic and optical goods production industries.
Sources: HAYS report

Mature and stable business environment for the production of generics

Despite being behind its Western counterparts, Poland's pharmaceutical sector leads among the CEE countries in R&D expenditure.

The largest pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in building new research teams in Poland. The demand for specialists in the area of quality control, systems and validation - is still growing. The year 2021, and the time after the Coronavirus pandemic, has and will be ideal for experts from these fields to develop their careers. There are also many opportunities for new employees in the area of clinical trials - here we can observe the highest salary increases. The year 2020, when the pandemic began, was also a big challenge for the Pharmaceutical Industry, which necessitated an increase in recruitment.

Sources: Ku¼mierkiewicz, Rachoń & Grynkiewicz (2019) Pharmaceutical industry and its influence on the state of healthcare in Poland, in view of the local innovative potential. Polish Technical Review No. 2/2019. The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures. Key data 2020, EFPIA: European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, p. 7.

Well-educated talent pool, strong academic base for pharma & biopharma
  • 25 707 - Number of graduates in the Health sector in 2019
  • 1st in CEE - Number of graduates with biopharma-related degrees
  • 5th in Europe - Number of graduates with biopharma-related degrees
  • >40 - Number of higher education institutions focused on skills relevant to the biopharma industry

Trusted by the largest players, proven manufacturing, BSS and R&D location
  • 78,2 - FDI inflows in 2019 in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector (mln EUR)
  • 17 - Number of top biopharma companies in Poland
  • 31 - Number of successful investments
  • 640 - Total value of investments (mln EUR)
  • 3300 - Number of jobs created

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