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Despite being one of the fastest growing sectors in Poland, biotechnology is still an emerging sector. In the coming years further dynamic growth of the domestic biotechnological market is expected, largely thanks to innovative research projects carried out by the Polish biotech companies and academic institutions, as well as by the inflow of foreign investment into biotech sector. Key reasons why Poland attracts investors is availability of highly qualified professionals and competitive labour costs.

The continuous development of biosubstances and biofuels production technologies is definitely worth mentioning. Hormones, antibodies and diagnostic tests, all generated with the use of modern genetic engineering techniques, are becoming a specialty of Polish biotechnology industry. Biopharmacological products have also gained recognition, and this branch is currently the most rapidly expanding one within the biotechnology sector.

Manufacturing processes of human proteins and peptides based on E. coli and cell cultures are constantly improving. Undoubtedly, there is still a considerable scope for exploitation of the untapped potential in the section of vaccines, protein drugs and reagents.

The sector in numbers

  • The most important reason why Poland is one of the most attractive locations for international biotechnology projects is a broad access to highly qualified researchers. Due to rapid growth of student base in Poland, we are dealing with a significant surplus of alumni, especially in the field of biotechnology. Despite that, university admission is highly competitive and over the last 5 years there were approx. 4 candidates per place. Biotechnology major is offered by 39 universities (including 30 at PhD level), which educate more than 13 thou. students, which generates about 4 thou. graduates per year (data of the Central Statistical Office for the academic year 2011/2012)

  • Research facilities constitute a network of more than 110 scientific institutions employing more than 2,800 scientists, who mostly work in biotechnology and molecular biology.

  • Biotech companies and research institutes generally locate their activities in one of 6 mature biotech clusters (Warsaw, Lodz, Tri-City, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan).

  • A fact worth mentioning is that business spending on R&D in Poland has increased over the last year by 800% (from EUR 61 mn to EUR 500 mn). Also, the budget R&D expenditure noted a significant increase - Ministry of Science and Higher Education funding, including grants provided by the National Science Centre and the National Centre for Research and Development, amounted to EUR 302 mn.


According to FDI Intelligence, Poland ranked 5th (in a tie with Russia) in the world ranking of foreign biotechnological investments in 2010, having attracted 14 such undertakings. It was a huge success since a year before, in 2009, Poland managed to attract only one investment from this sector. Countries with higher positions in the rank are: USA (38 investments), China (27), Great Britain (22) and India (16).

The country also performed well in another ranking conducted by the same organisation (11th position), prepared on the basis of location and access to research centres as well as opportunities for the development of biotechnology. Additionally, Warsaw was ranked 16th in the world and recognised as highly attractive for R&D centres’ investments, partly due to its competitive quality and costs ratio.


Map of Polish biotechnology sector


The rationale for the development of the biotechnology sector in Poland:

  • numerous facilities with high research capabilities;
  • favourable government policy supporting investments in new technologies;
  • development of biotechnology-related sectors;
  • competitive labour costs and rapidly increasing labour productivity;
  • government grants dedicated for biotechnology projects;
  • wide variety of financing programmes (both national ones available through NCBiR, as well as financed from the EU funds).



Project name

3CLA - biotechnology anticancer medicine


Adamed GROUP

OPIE contribution

26 363 858.77 PLN


This is a project from the field of medical biotechnology. The therapeutic molecule the project focuses on is an anticancer protein “equipped” in a special system which targets the tumor cells. The key task of the project is to develop an optimum form of active molecules, which will provide both maximum therapeutic activity and stability. Pilot-plant scale optimization of synthesis and purification is planned, which will be the next step before conducting the research necessary for the drug candidate to enter the clinical trial and, subsequently, undergo the trial.


Project name

Innovative compounds with highly selective toxicity as prospective drugs of crucial importance for the market of antifungal agents


Blirt S.A.

OPIE contribution

1 018 856.75 PLN


The project aims to develop a new biologically active compound with the features of a prospective innovative drug, which could be used in the treatment of systemic mycoses. A positive result from the project will be a breakthrough in the treatment of systemic mycoses. The implementation consists of developing the technology and obtaining the data necessary for increasing the scale of prospective drug production. The innovativeness of the project consists mainly in using an original scientific concept as the basis for the rational design of the structures of the prospective drugs with desired physical, chemical and biological features (innovative approach, especially in the case of antifungal drugs).


Project name

Innovative drug used in treating tumor diseases, impeding activity of STAT3 transcription factor


Celon Pharma Sp. z o.o.

OPIE contribution

2 904 917.50 PLN


The project aims to develop a new drug to be used in anticancer treatment. Currently, the drug is at the stage of pre-clinical development. For now, the research results have confirmed the effectiveness of the molecule. In the near future, animal testing starts, which will ultimately verify the therapeutical and pharmacological features of the drug.


Project name

Package of innovative biopharmaceuticals for human and animal therapy and prophylactics

Scientific institution

Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics

OPIE contribution

76 278 233.34 PLN


The project consists of creating the Centre for Medicinal Product Biotechnology in a branch of the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics in Macierzysz near Warsaw. The project falls in line with the “Health” research area presented in the National Framework Programme. The priority research directions in this field include 1.3 “Molecular biology and biotechnology and their influence on improving the health and quality of life of society” and 1.6 “Innovative and generic drugs, materials and support equipment for diagnostics and medical therapy.”


Project name

Establishing a research and development center for genetic research of cancer



OPIE contribution

3 878 934.96 PLN


The direct aim of the project is to establish a research and development center, which will conduct genetic research and development work concerning cancer diagnostics and prevention. The strategic goal of the investment planned by the READ-GENE S.A. is the commercialization of methods for the detection, prevention and treatment of the most common types of cancer. As a result of research and development work conducted in the field of cancer genetics, new products will be introduced into the market – genetic tests, dietary supplements and new drug formulas preventing the most popular forms of cancer, i.e. breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.


Project name

Peptaderm – Development of a new drug based on truncated analog of cyclolinopeptide A (cyclic tetrapeptide)


Peptaderm Sp. z o.o.

OPIE contribution

2 040 789.52 PLN


The aim of the project is to develop technology for obtaining medicinal means and introducing them into the market. The project is based on a molecule, which is an innovative chemical compound of immunosuppressive and antiphlogistic features to be used in dermatology. The first animal tests suggest the possibility of using the chemical compound in the production of topical drugs (cream, ointment) in allergic and seborrhoeic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, different types of eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, skin T-cell lymphoma, photoallergic skin changes, skin drug reactions. Generally, it seems that the molecule, because of its strong antiphlogistic effects, can be used in all the cases where nowadays steroids are used, but without their side effects. Because of its low toxicity, the drug seems to be safe for children.


Project name

Development of the research and development activity of the Biofana Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Trials


Biofana Sp. z o.o.

OPIE contribution

1 888 870.00 PLN


The aim of the project is to create the Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Trials in the Biofa na Sp. z o.o. Pharmaceutical research and clinical trials verify the influence of a drug or medical product and determine its approval on the market. Tests proving the safety and effectiveness of a new medical substance have become a part of the activity of the Biofa na Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Trials, which will develop its R&D work thanks to EU funding. The center is adapting a new area for laboratories and equipping them with new specialist devices for analytical laboratories and a formulation laboratory. The project will result in extending the company’s offer: introducing new research methods into the market, e.g. analysis of the contamination level in medical substances and products with the use of liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry. The company will also gain the possibility of checking the identity, purity and content of active ingredients in medical products.


Project name

Innovative biodegradable “living” bandage for chronic wounds and ulcerations



OPIE contribution

3 782 933.50 PLN


The project aims at developing a modern specialist biodegradable bandage and its commercial implementation. The bandage significantly accelerates the healing of wounds.


Project name

Development and implementation of innovative tests from the field of veterinary genetics of selected species


CB DNA Sp. z o.o.

OPIE contribution

3 149 998.00 PLN


The aim of the project is to develop and implement innovative comprehensive genetic tests for veterinary diagnostics within the scope of:

· identification of relationship by selected farm animals

· identification of gene mutations determining genetic diseases by selected farm animals.


Project name

Innovative technology for producing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used in lymphoma treatment



OPIE contribution

16 719 542.50 PLN


The aim of the project is to implement an innovative system for producing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used in the treatment of lymphoma. The system will use orbital shaker technology on an industrial scale. The accomplishment of the project will introduce a new element to the production processes used currently by the company and will provide a new quality of technological processes and production capacity of biotechnological drugs.



Forms of public aid available for biotechnological projects:

Polish government gives priority to the biotechnology sector, therefore investors can benefit from numerous incentives, such as:

  1. Governmental grants: Investors carrying out new investments in biotech sector in Poland can count on receiving support under the “Programme of support of investments of considerable importance for Polish economy for years 2011-2020”.

    Biotech R&D investment projects which create a minimum 35 new jobs for employees with higher education and envisage a minimum of PLN 3 million in expenditures may apply for job creation grant. The amount of support varies from PLN 3 200 to PLN 15 600 per each workplace created.

    In case of biotech production projects both job creation grant and new investment grant are available:

    • Job creation grant criteria: create minimum 250 new workplaces and incur minimum PLN 40 million in expenditures. The maximum amount of support varies from PLN 3 200 to PLN 15 600 per each workplace created.
    • New investment grant criteria: create minimum 50 new workplaces and incur minimum PLN 160 million in expenditures. The amount of support varies from 2 to 10,5% of eligible costs.

      Governmental grants (full criteria):

  2. Programme INNOMED: Entrepreneurs carrying out new R&D and pre-commercialisation projects in the field of innovative medicines can count on receiving support under INNOMED programme operated by The National Center of Research and Development.
    The amount of support varies from PLN 1 to 10 million of eligible costs.
    Programme INNOMED (full criteria):
  3. CIT exemption in Special Economic Zones:
  4. Exemptions from real estate tax:

Useful contact data:

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Portal BioTechnolog.pl
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Portal Biotechnologia.pl
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European Federation of Biotechnology
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