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Multimedia publications

Below we present chosen multimedia publications which are used to create Poland's positive image worldwide. Their aim is to provide the most important information about Poland as an attractive and investor-friendly country.

1.  Poland - Land of opportunities (flash) - the presentation was prepared in 2009 mainly to show the current economic situation of our country. It provides a number of detailed data concerning the condition of Polish economy, the legal terms of conducting business activity in Poland, the system of incentives and public support for foreign investors, the costs of running business as well as the living costs in Poland. The presentation also contains some information about the inflow of foreign direct investments to Poland and the basic facts about the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency activity.
Available in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish language versions.
„Poland - Land of opportunities” (flash presentation)
(Attention: because of the size of the document it is recommended to use a broadband connection)
English version (51 MB)
German version (60 MB)
Russian version (60 MB)
French version (56 MB)
Spanish version (58 MB)


2. Promotional movie "Share in our success. Invest in Poland" - a promotional movie showing that the Polish economy was resistant to the global economic crisis. English language version.
Runtime: 167 seconds
“Share in our success. Invest in Poland”
   (Promotional film)
English version (46,2 MB) - DVD version, VOB - file format.

3. Promotional spot “Invest in Poland” - this spot was a part of promotional campaign of Poland’s economy and tourism and was shown in the CNN International television network. Poland has been presented as a modern and a dynamically developing country, a place attractive to tourists and a reliable economic partner as well as a perfect investment destination.

The project was an effect of a team work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the Polish Tourist Organization and the LOT Polish Airlines.

Runtime: 30 seconds
“Invest in Poland”
   (Promotional spot)
English version (20 MB) - DVD version, VOB - file format.
English version (6 MB) - Flash 8 version, Flash Player 8 required.
English version (3 MB) - Flash 8 version, Flash Player 8 required.

4.  Investment Offer of Selected Industrial and Technology Parks in Poland (flash) - the presentation introduce the selected Industrial and Technology Parks in Poland.
Presentation available in English
„Investment Offer of Selected Industrial and Technology Parks in Poland”
(flash presentation)
English version (27 MB)


Because of the multimedia publications size, they are not available directly from the website. To obtain the materials, please contact



Poland - making a difference - the film shows plenty of elementary information about Poland. It refers to the most significant events from the latest history of our country, such as the formation and achievements of Solidarity and accession of Poland to the NATO and the European Union. It shows Poland as a safe country with a stable economy and real prospects of further growth. It presents the exceptional opportunities of investing and running a business in Poland. Those opportunities  stem from rapid development of the country and an enormous potential of Polish society. The film also reminds the main successes of Polish scientists and introduces the profiles of Polish prominent artists. It encourages to visit Poland by presenting its main tourist attractions.

Available in English, German, French, Greek, Japanese and Russian language versions.

PoLand of opportunities - the film broadens the knowledge of Poland by showing a lot of interesting facts. It reminds that Poland is located just in the heart of Europe and is the largest new Member country of the EU. It presents the favorable conditions of conducting business activity in Poland such as low costs of labour force, high effectiveness of work, and strong private sector. It also highlights the great potential of Polish society. Film mentions the international successes of Polish sportsmen as well as tries to show the variety of beautiful places worth visiting in Poland.

Available in English, Japanese and Russian language versions.

“Poland the land of people” - a Poland’s promo film
The film presents testimonials of some of the biggest foreign companies which decided to invest in Poland. Foreign investors’ representatives talk about their Polish experience. The main reasons that attracted the companies to the country and helped them decide on Poland as the best investment destination are presented by such companies as: Motorola Poland (USA), Cadbury Poland (UK), VW Motor Poland (Germany), NSK Iskra (Japan), Michelin Polska (France).

Available in English, runtime: 10 min

“Poland the land of people” - a testimonial by a Chinese investor
The film is a continuation of the material comprised of five testimonials of the biggest foreign investors in Poland. Here a representative of Athletic Group, the largest Chinese investor in the country, discloses the main factors that enticed the Chinese company into investing in Poland and also aims at making other investors aware of the country’s big investment potential.

Available in English, runtime: 3 min

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