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New technologies and Internet law

New technologies have become a key element of the Polish economy. Professionalism and competencies of the Polish lawyers have been appreciated by the global companies that set up their Shared Services Centers (SSC) in Poland. Low wages, compared to Western Europe or the United States, as well as better work quality and better knowledge of foreign languages comparing to Eastern Europe, make Poland an attractive country to invest in. On the other hand, Polish entrepreneurs more often decide to expand their companies abroad, particularly in the new technologies sector.

Polish legal regulations, as well as the new technologies sector, promote an investment-friendly environment. Predictability and standardization with the EU law help to plan long-term investments in Poland.

In this publication, we focus on certain selected areas related to new technologies, such as data center and hosting, e-commerce, online marketing and services, and fintech. The choice is intentional, as these areas develop rapidly and at the same time, they have been secured in a complex way by legal regulations, supported in practice by the Polish public administration and courts.


Table of Contents:

  1. Polish market of data center and hosting
  2. Hosting - legal aspects
  3. Polish e-commerce and internet advertising market
  4. E-services delivery
  5. Polish fintech market
  6. The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2)




This publication has been prepared for the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)
by the lawyers of APLAW Artur Piechocki


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