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National Court Register

The National Court Register (NCR) is a centralised, electronic database introduced in 2001.

The NCR is operated by selected district courts situated in major Polish cities and consists of three separate registers:

  • register of entrepreneurs,
  • register of  associations, other social and professional organisations and public health service establishments, 
  • register of insolvent debtors. 

Following entities are, among others,  subject to registration in the register of entrepreneurs: commercial companies (registered partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, professional partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company) as well as branch office of the foreign entrepreneurs conducting activity within the territory of Republic of Poland.

Following entries are subject to registration: 

  • registration of a new entity,
  • changes and modification of important details of an entity, in particular concerning capital and partners (shareholders), persons authorised to represent an entity and members of organs, financial  report of an entity.

The Court maintains paper registration files  for each entity registered in the NCR. In registration files are gathered documents which confirm information contained in the register as well as patterns of signatures of persons  authorised to represent an entity.

The National Court Register may contain also other, important information concerning an entrepreneur:

  • information about tax and customs arrears,
  • information about Social Security arrears,
  • creditors and amounts of unpaid liabilities.

The National Court Register is accessible to public – anyone has access to registration files of entities registered  in the NCR (in the relevant District Court). Extracts from the NCR are obtainable   within the whole country in the Central Information of the NCR offices. On the other hand, nobody can plead ignorance of information contained in the NCR.

In addition, on the following web site http://pdi.cors.gov.pl/KRSSED/ one may search entities entered into the National Court Register. The aforementioned entities may be searched by their business name or NCR number and on the web site in question are provided basic data of the searched entity.

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