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Environmental Impact Assessment

Table of contents:

1. What is an EIA?
2. What does the term “project” mean?
3. Where can one check whether a project planned by an investor necessitates an EIA?
4. When is an EIA carried out?
5. The parties in proceedings concerning an EIA
6. The six stages of the EIA process
7. Report on environmental conditions
8. Scope of the Report on environmental conditions
9. Defects in the Report
10. The public’s participation
11. Procedure for opinions and arrangements
12. What is a decision on environmental conditions?
13. Issuance of the Decision as a condition for the issue of other administrative decisions in investment construction proceedings
14. Who issues the Decision?
15. Application to issue a Decision
16. Content of the Decision
17. Issuing a final decision
18. Refusal to issue a Decision
19. Period of validity of the Decision
20. Transfer of the Decision
21. Repeated EIA

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