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Bankruptcy law and restructuring proceedings



  1. Scope of application of the Law
  2. Types of restructuring proceedings vs bankruptcy proceedings
  3. Reasons for commencing restructuring and declaring bankruptcy
  4. Persons authorized to file requests
  5. When a request for commencing restructuring or declaring bankruptcy may be filed and when it must be filed
  6. Formal requirements for requests
  7. Restructuring plan and initial arrangement proposals as key elements of the request for commencing restructuring proceedings
  8. Coincidence of a request for restructuring and a request for declaring bankruptcy
  9. General procedural regulations. Courts competent to carry out bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  10. Special participants of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings: supervisor, administrator, and trustee in bankruptcy and their role in the proceedings
  11. The rights and the role of creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings
  12. Protection in the course of the proceedings for the declaration of bankruptcy
  13. The new procedure of arranged liquidation
  14. Consequences of commencing restructuring proceedings
  15. Consequences of declaring bankruptcy
  16. Reporting claims
  17. Restructuring proceedings proper: restructuring actions and remedial actions; an arrangement in restructuring proceedings
  18. Liquidation of the bankruptcy estate
  19. Completion of bankruptcy proceedings
  20. Completion of restructuring proceedings, simplified request for the declaration of bankruptcy
  21. Summary


Bankruptcy law and restructuring proceedings


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