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What is the awaiting time when submitting a startup survey for a Startup Hub Poland?

Within three days each start up will be informed about the further steps that should be undertaken.

Is a citizen of the Russian Federation also eligible for the startup Hub Poland project, as a startup co-founder?

According to the regulations, citizenship does not matter, as long as the person involved transfers the project from Belarus to Poland.

Poland Business Harbour program

Is it possible to contact the people, who are in charge of the recruitment process regarding IT firms, that are listed on website? I filled in the form on that website last week and I haven’t received a response yet.

We kindly ask you to send us an email. Our email address is

Can I apply for participation in this programme and for a visa, if I have a business visa granted for six months ? I am currently staying in Poland and I am an IT specialist.


We would like to apply for participation in the programme, as a company willing to hire Belarusian IT specialists. Is there a simplified procedure for obtaining a work permit, in addition to a simplified visa procedure?

We kindly ask you to contact the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and fill in the contact form: Please select the "Investment in Poland" topic.

What conditions must be met in order to apply for the programme as a partner company?

We kindly invite Polish IT companies to Collaboration. IT companies willing to hire Belarusian professionals. Such IT Companies are obliged to have a website and an email address and the contact form in English and / or Belarusian. We do have the right to ask you more questions regarding your participation in the programme, if there is such a necessity, to clarify the other aspects of the programme.

We are a married couple of IT Professionals from Lithuania. We have a Shengen visa issued in Lithuania. Can we enter the territory of Poland on its basis? Can we apply for another visa in Poland?

If you are in Poland already, it is not necessary for you to apply for a D23 visa type. You can look for a job and then your employer might apply for a work permit for you.

How quickly are prospective participants of the project provided with responses by

Due to the large number of inquiries, responses are sent within 3-4 business days.

Is there a quarantine exemption for ‘Poland Business Harbour Programme’ participants?

People, who enter the territory of Poland under the PBH program are required to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

How can a Belarusian set up a sole proprietorship in Poland?

As of December 16st 2020, all participant of the Poland. Business Harbour Porgramme may set up a sole proprietorship on the same terms as Polish citizens.

Is it possible to participate in the PBH program, while working for a Belarusian company remotely?

Yes, it is possible, it is necessary to set up a sole proprietorship in Poland.

Can Ukrainian citizens, who are IT specialists, who have been living and working in Belarus for years, apply for participation in the PBH Programme?

The PBH program is addressed to the citizens of Belarus, exclusively.

Can a Russian citizen, IT specialist, who has lived and run a sole proprietorship in Belarus for years, apply for participation in the PBH Programme?

The PBH program is addressed to the citizens of Belarus, exclusively.

What about further formalities (if the employee receives a visa under the programme) - a work permit, etc. - does the program offer support for the company, a faster path in filling in the forms related to the legalization of the stay of the selected employee or is it responsibility of the company, who employs certain employees?

Please contact the Polish Investment and Trade Agency via the contact form - please select in the field "Investments in Poland". All support options are available for you, there.

I am an IT specialist, for the last 4 years I have been working as a freelancer for American companies. Can I relocate to Poland under the PBH program? How can I prove my experience?

The PBH program is dedicated to people, who:
- Have a technical degree, or
- Have at least one year of experience in the IT industry, or
Will stay with one of the partner companies from the list:

How should education and one year of IT experience be proven? Is a recommendation letter from the employer sufficient?

This can be a certificate of employment (entry in the work book), an employment contract or a letter of recommendation. In case of doubt, the consul will be able to ask for additional documents. Documents may be submitted in a foreign language (Belarussian, Russian or English).

What is the legal basis for the "Poland. Business Harbour "Programme? Where can I find the publication of the regulation / law etc.?

The institutions implementing the program run it within their current tasks and competences, hence there was no need to create a separate legal basis.

Can I get a visa under the "Poland. Business Harbour ” Programme, if I intend to work from Poland remotely for a Belarusian or another foreign company? I meet the condition because I am an IT specialist.

The visa procedure does not differentiate between people, who work for a Polish or foreign entity in Poland, as long as such a person will pay taxes and fulfill his/her obligations in accordance with the regulations.

To whom and what documents should be sent, in order to be eligible for the Poland Business Harbour Programme ?

If you are:
a) an IT specialist: submit the documents, when completing the visa application, indicate that you want to participate in the programme.
If you plan to look for an employment in one of the companies listed in the "IT specialist" tab, companies will directly ask you for the documents, necessary for you to present to them in the recruitment process, regardless of visa applications,. Then you will have to send them to them through the channel that the company suggests. The organizers of Poland Business Harbour Programme do not conduct the recruitment process - its time, requirements and necessary documents depend only on the certain company given and its policy.
b) Startup - fill in the form ( and attach the necessary documents there. In addition, you will have to complete standard visa applications at the consulate.
c) Company - contact the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. You will be assigned a guardian who, depending on your needs, will help you in the relocation process.

With Whom the willingness to participate or appear on the list of Polish entrepreneurs( participating in the program ),can be consulted ?

We kindly advise you to fill in the application form on the "IT Specialist" website:

Can a Belarusian IT specialist look for a job in Poland himself or does he have to choose a company from the list on

You can look for a job yourself but you need to meet one of the following conditions :
1) Having a technical degree, or
2) Having at least one year of experience in the IT industry.

Is it possible to conclude a contract with a Belarusian specialist using an electronic signature?

Yes. According to Polish law, a secure, secure electronic signature verified by a valid qualified certificate is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

How should companies participating in the program and on the list of employers proceed, after receiving a job offer from Belarusian citizens?

If a person meets one of the other two requirements (education or experience), such a person can report directly to the consulate - you do not need to fill in anything else, as long as the person indicates that he / she participates in the program, when submitting the application.

If this person does not meet the other requirements (or there are doubts about it), participating companies will receive a link to a form by which they can report people selected for the fast track.

What are the conditions that have to be met in order to participate in the grants indicated on the website?

In case of enterprises, please contact us via the PAIH contact form and describe the planned project. On this basis, PAIH will contact you regarding investments in Poland and possible financial incentives. In the case of startups, please apply via the form:

The Startup Hub Poland programme partner will inform you about the possibility of obtaining grants for a certain activity.


Is it possible to cross the border between Schengen Area Member States on the basis of the D23 Visa Type?

According to EU regulations, the D 23 visa is a national visa which, allows you to stay in a Schengen Member State, other than the country that issued the visa for up to 90 days, within 180 days validity period of this visa.
However, you should bear in mind the fact that Schengen Member States may introduce some restrictions in this regard, due to the prevailing pandemic.

Can I apply for a visa that would enable me to cross the border with other countries on the basis of the D23 visa type?


Can an unregistered start-up participate in the programme?

A Start-up cannot participate in the programme. Companies only may apply for participation in the programme. Each application is reviewed individually.

I am a Schengen visa holder (type С visa, that expires in February 2021). Can I still apply for a Polish National Visa as an IT Specialist (according to the rules posted on the following website: or do I need to wait until Schengen visa expires and fill in the application form then? What should I write in response to question 32 ( the name of the organization that issued an invitation or another name, if yes, what name)?

You can apply for a D visa type, if you have a C visa type only. There is no need to wait for the C visa type to expire. In point 32 of the survey, you should fill in the details of a person or organization, that invited you.

Can the visa applicant hold a proof of accommodation for a few days only, while submitting the visa documents? Is a visa applicant allowed to stay with his friends or family members in Poland, or not? How should the formal confirmation be submitted then? Should the evidence of an income and estate / property status be provided by such a party?

When applying for a D23 visa very few documents must be presented, according to a simplified procedure implementation. The list of necessary documents is presented on the website dedicated to Poland Business Harbour Programme.

Are the rules of the visa issued under Poland Business Harbour Programme equivalent to the Blue Card?


Have the consulates started accepting submissions within Poland Business Harbor Program, yet?

Yes. Consulates have started accepting applications under the PBH programme.

What would be a better solution for a Polish employer interested in hiring a foreigner - first you look for a permit (declaration) and, on this basis, obtain a visa, or first obtain a visa and then proceed with other documents.

Both options are available, you can also select them yourself.

I am an IT professional. I want to come to Poland and start my own IT firm. Can I apply for the accelerated visa path?

If you want to come to Poland to start your own business in the IT industry, you can use the facilities covered by the PBH plan, if you meet one of the following conditions:
1) Possess a technical degree in IT or
2) Have at least one year of experience in the IT industry.
In this case the policy of accelerated visa path acquisition is described on the following website:

Would it be possible to start working on the basis of the visa, granted under the accelerated path of visa acquisition?

As of December 1st 2020, all participant of the Poland. Business Harbour Porgramme can work in Poland without the work permit during the validity period of the visa.

What type of visa should a Belarusian entrepreneur, who is a member of "Poland. Business Harbour" Programme choose?

In such a case, the Belarussian entrepreneur ought to choose a national visa with D symbol.

Is it possible to obtain a work visa, if a humanitarian visa has been already granted to you?

Yes. Having been granted a humanitarian visa does not prevent you from applying for a work visa.

If I receive a humanitarian visa, does it provide me with a refugee status right away?

No, but a foreigner staying in Poland may apply for an international protection (a refugee status or an international protection right). Such an application may be submitted either directly at the border crossing point or in the country at a Border Guard post.

Is it possible to obtain a humanitarian visa, without obtaining the refugee status, as a consequence?

Obtaining a humanitarian visa does not constitute a refugee status. A person who has been granted a humanitarian visa does not use the rights of a foreigner, who has been granted the refugee status. However, if a foreigner is interested in submitting an application for a refugee status, he or she may do so while staying in Poland.

Where can you select the option of participation in "Poland. Business Harbour", in the visa form?

Information on this matter should be provided in the box no 21 of the application for a national visa.

Can a spouse of a member of “Poland Business Harbour Programme”, who is a person of the same or different sex, apply for a visa under this programme, if he or she has the Russian citizenship?

Yes. However, this applies only to spouses within the understanding of Polish law. According to Polish regulations a spouse is a person of a different sex only.

What is the simplified visa procedure for pregnant women, under the "Poland. Business Harbour” Programme? Are there any restrictions?

In the ‘Poland Business Harbour’ Programme pregnant women benefit from the facilitated procedure, as other visa applicants do.

What is the visa procedure for animals moving to Poland with a Belarusian family in the "Poland. Business Harbour” Programme?

If you intend to import animals into the territory of the Republic of Poland, read the following information, please :

How will the consulate get to know that the entrepreneur participates in the "Poland. Business Harbour" Programme? Will the entrepreneur get a confirmation that he is registered for this programme?

The consulate will be notified by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the entrepreneur himself, who will obtain contact details for the consulate in order to make an appointment.

Which application should be submitted first: work permit or visa application?

As of December 1st 2020, all participant of the Poland. Business Harbour Porgramme can work in Poland without the work permit during the validity period of the visa.

Who should send the documents to the consulate - Polish IT company or Belarusian citizen, if he or she participates in the programme?

The documents needed to obtain a visa are presented at the consulate by the person concerned. The person applying for a visa has to be present at the consulate or at the visa application point with the set of required documents ready to be shown to the consulate representatives.

What documents should be delivered to the consulate?

In order to simplify the visa procedure, apart from the recommendation (in case of startups and SMEs) and a diploma / document of min. one-year experience (in case of IT specialists), foreigners should submit the following documents:

1) A completed and signed application for a national visa with a photo,
2) a valid passport, which has been issued within the last 10 years and has at least two blank pages, and its validity period expires no earlier than 3 months after the expiry of the visa,
3) valid travel medical insurance that does not expire before the visa expiration date, (unless the foreigner has an insurane in Poland, entitling him to medical services financed from public funds).
4) In the case of applying for a visa together with the family (spouse, dependent children), for minors, please provide:
5) a written, notarized consent of the parent / parents to submit a visa application. If there is only one legal guardian, this should be documented by submitting a birth certificate, a court decision granting sole parental authority or a death certificate of the other parent,
6) passports of both parents - the original document (for inspection) and a copy,
7) the child's birth certificate - the original document (for inspection) and a copy.

What type of visa will the family members of the Belarusian IT professional receive under the "Poland. Business Harbour" Programme?

In case of a positive visa decision, participants will receive a national visa with D23 symbol.

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