Fudo Security
is a leading cyber-security company, helping organizations around the globe protect their most critical and sensitive resources with their Privileged Access Management solution, Fudo PAM.

Fudo Security is one of a select few in the world situated at the highest echelons of the industry. It serves hundreds of clients through a network of 80 partners in 30 countries, including such brands as Yahoo!, DHL, ING, Santander, Innogy, PGE Group, Nurnberg Airport, Ministry of Justice in Qatar.

Patryk Brozek
CEO of Fudo Security

As the CEO of Fudo Security, Patryk is responsible for the vision and growth of the business. He has a proven executive management record and over 15 years of experience in the IT sector. He has put his skills and talents to use and transformed Fudo Security from a small startup to a rising global tech vendor. Early in his career he gained valuable insights at large IT companies and was in charge of selling security solutions. He also was part of the development team of the European cryptography devices. He is a passionate author of numerous editorials, a guest speaker of various conferences - where he specializes in security topics and inspiring entrepreneurship in others.  He holds a master’s degree in Quantity Methods and Information Systems from the Warsaw School of Economics. He is married and a proud father of two. He spends his spare time either cheering for his favorite soccer team or playing classic rock on the drums.