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Workshops and business missions

Workshops and training sessions

We organise business workshops and training sessions helping Polish companies to gain an operational understanding of exports to a new market. We arrange training and workshops with the participation of experts who have operational experience in the local market. We offer training both in Poland and in selected markets.
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Business missions

Business missions organised by the Agency provide clients with a range of opportunities: participation in workshops, conferences, trade fairs, as well as dedicated business meetings helping to understand the local market. All events are arranged under the umbrella of Polish public institutions, frequently with the participation of top-ranking officials of the central and local administration.

Preparation for trade fairs

Trade fairs are among the most effective ways to establish business relations with foreign partners. In many countries, especially countries with different cultures, personal contacts are a prerequisite of business relations. To participate in trade fairs and take full advantage of promotion opportunities, companies must be properly prepared. We help to comprehensively prepare Polish businesses for participation in international trade fairs. We provide a range of necessary information about market specificities and offer consulting in how to draft marketing materials matched to the local business culture.

Dedicated business meetings

With a good understanding of the business specificity of both partners and an extensive network of business relations, we can arrange successful B2B sessions. Our experts organise customised business meetings in Poland and abroad, depending on the client’s required business profile and expected forms of co-operation.

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