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Investment incentives

Investment incentives
Polish companies investing abroad are eligible to use local support instruments including financial grants offered by the government of the host country. The availability and specificity of instruments in the target host country require a case-by-case review.

Long-term relations with foreign investors are a key success driver. We assist clients throughout the investment process and much longer, well beyond the inception of a foreign subsidiary.

Our experienced expert team provides a list of attractive locations where the client’s investment stands the best chance of success, and identifies the optimum implementation track for the project in selected markets.
We take prospective investors to the target host country in order to understand the local investment potential.
Once the investment is in place, we check how the Polish investor performs, and we support its next steps.
The product includes the following components:

  • location advisory
  • location review
  • study tour
  • after care

Business partner check
To identify a reliable foreign partner, companies must have relations with and an understanding of other markets. Our experienced experts pre-select reliable partners based on public data and business intelligence. To establish closer relations with potential partners, we recommend an in-depth review of the target.

The first steps in international expansion require the necessary support to equip the future investor with the required expertise and skills relating to globalisation. We offer support at the stage of investment decision-making in order to develop a comprehensive strategy of international expansion.
The first steps are outlined at an investment workshop tailored to the expectations of the company. Our experts deliver training at the Agency and in locations selected by clients.
The product includes two key components:
  • investment workshops
  • mentoring

Local contacts
A safe market entry represents a major challenge. We work with Polish missions abroad to facilitate the selection and identification of potential business partners and establish contacts with local authorities.
We offer an umbrella of public support for our clients and facilitate their international expansion through business missions, conferences, meetings and seminars in Poland and abroad.

Potential markets and distributions channels
Our experts develop an in-depth analysis of client expectations and business profile to recommend a market entry strategy for a product category and provide a range of necessary information about the characteristics of the local distribution channels.

Polish Champion Project
The Polish Champion Project helps Polish private companies to become leaders of international expansion. Project participants learn how to identify barriers in foreign expansion, work with experts to develop good business practice, and use the support of the Polish government in their foreign investments.
The Polish Champion Project provides workshops in financing of international expansion and the legal and fiscal aspects of expansion.
The Agency’s main partner in the Polish Champion Project is the consultancy PWC.

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