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20 December 2005

Campaign promoting Polish economy in the lead of "Straight at the target 2005"

"Straight at the target 2006" is an action advocating for ideas, initiatives and undertakings which most favourably impact Polish economy and job market has been resolved. The reduction of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) fees won this year's edition. PAIiIZ campaign promoting Polish economy abroad took the second place.

The ranking was composed according to the votes of 5,000 internauts. 42% of votes went to the ZUS fees reduction. This way ZUS won the title of "Straight at the target 2005" (Strzałek 2005) for initiative that most favourably impacted Polish economy and job market. All of the fees for new entrepreneurs amount currently to about PLN 250 a month. Up till now it was PLN 720. Preferential premiums are paid for 24 months. They are not available to those, who during last five years conducted business activity, or those, who begun business activity to provide services for former employer. This solution was implemented by a bill from the 1st of June 2005, amending the Social Insurance System Bill, and other legal acts. (Dz.U. nr 150, poz. 1248).

A beating heart is the leading image of the campaign promoting Polish economy.

28% of votes and a second place went to this years' promotional campaign of Polish economy in Western media, prepared by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ). About 38 million people - viewers of CNN, BBC and readers of Time Magazine, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal - at least once saw the advertisement. Overall, six-week-long campaign consisted of 500 television spots (400 at BBC and 100 at CNN), and 10 editions of a printed ad. The leading image of the campaign was a beating heart, metaphorical for Poland's' central location in Europe (Poland - the heart of Europe), as well as for the dynamic and developing country. The image of contemporary Poland is emphasized by techniques of fast film editing and dynamic music based on a style represented by the group Stomp (rhythm of metal objects such as barrels and buckets).

"We're abandoning bisons, thatched roofs and coachmen usually associated with Poland. We want Poland to be seen as a dynamically developing country with over 2 million of university students, as a country of highly qualified specialists, a country whose most valuable capital are the people. We want Poland to be seen as  a research and development as well as servicing and capital centre of Central Eastern Europe," said Marcin Kaszuba, PAIiIZ Vice President. 

Polish nurse and plumber pictured at advertisements promoting Poland.

15% of voters would award the "plumber campaign" prepared by Polish Tourism Organization (POT). When Polish plumber begun to live its own media life as a warning on cheap, Polish workforce, it was used by POT to promote Poland. An advertisement with Polish plumber in front of Polish landmarks and a sentence "I'm staying in Poland, you should come and visit us" was published on the POT website in Paris. Overall, the theme of Polish plumber was noted in over 200 press, Internet and audio and television media around the world.

Advertisement promoting Poland.

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