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Kamienna Góra SEZ’s Educational ClusterKamienna Góra SEZ’s Educational Cluster

Kamienna Góra SEZ’s Educational Cluster will actively support a multi-level cooperation between vocational/ technical schools and entrepreneurs. We want to promote the investors who operate within Kamienna Góra SEZ, vocational education with a particular support of dual training, popularize the occupations that are necessary for a local labour market. We would like to conduct a verification and analysis of the demands of the entrepreneurs in the range of the need of adequately qualified workers as well as to inform the education-related environement about the need of adjusting the educational offer of the vocational training to the changing labour market.

We do suggest that the investors cooperate by establishing the agreement with the high schools (schools after graduation junior-high schools) in the range of organizing the traineeships and apprenticeships for the students in Kamienna Góra SEZ’s companies, creating the classrooms under the auspices of SEZ or undertaking common projects having on purpose improvement of the competences and vocational qualifications of the students, necessary at the constantly changing labour market.

An additional activity that has been undertaken by the Educational Cluster is a widely understood cooperation with the teachers of both theoretical and practical, vocational subjects in the range of modification of the curriculums of practical education of the occupation and apprenticeships in order to improve the quality of educating as well as organizing improvement courses for vocational teachers in the scope of modern methods, techniques and technologies that are being applied in the companies.

Moreover, the Educational Cluster is going to promote good practices and innovative forms of cooperation. There is going to be established a network of „vocational” companies in which the students of high schools with vocational training will get the practical training. All of the indicated activities have on purpose developing a longstanding strategy of cooperation between entrepreneurs and educational institutions in the scope of defining the directions and forms of vocational education with agreement with current labour market’s demand.

As an effect of undertaken activities there will be exposed an educational offer of the schools adjusted to the demands of the market economy; as a consequence there will be a well-educated graduate of a vocational school, prepared to pursue the profession and of a flexible reaction to the changing demands of the labour market and also adjusted to current as well as future demands of the labour market.

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