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Why Poland
Why Poland

Industrial Park in Stargard


Stargards Industrial Park is an investment area of about 150 hectares, managed by Stargard Local Development Agency, created by authorities of the town Stargard and the Industrial Development Agency in Warsaw. Stargards Industrial Park was created in 2004.


Industrial park is directly connected with the national main road number 10 via newly built roundabout “the 15th meridian” which enables entering the Industrial Park without driving through the city center. Industrial Park is also located close to the national road A3 Gorzów - Poznań, road E 65 to Świnoujście and the motorway A6 180 km to Berlin.

Industrial Park is situated near the railway tracks of PKP which gives vast logistics possibilities. The distance to the Railway Station in Stargard is approximately 1km. The distance to the railway siding in Stargard is approximately 0,5 km. The area of the Park offers greenfields which are ready for new investments.

The city potential guarantees possibility of dealing with almost every case of investment, as well as economic activity. Stargard Local Development Agency ensures aid and assistance for investor during every step of the investment. Stargard Local Development Agency helps in applying for the necessary documentation regarding environmental impact. We are in close cooperation with a designing company and cooperate in the process of applying for necessary documents for the required utilities, we also provide assistance in obtaining local tax relief. 



Technical infrastructure

  • Access road to the plots through the newly build Przemysłowa street, which is 7m wide.
  • Drain pipe - Ø200 to Ø400 - Directly connection on the border of the area.
  • Water pipe - Ø200 mm - Directly on the border of the area.
  • Electricity cables - Directly on the border of the area, available power up to 12 MW.
  • Glass fiber wires - Directly on the border of the area.
  • Gas pipe - Ø150 mm - Available capacity 65m3/haur. The higher available capacity depends on the individual decision of the Gas Company.


Why Industrial Park of Stargard ?

  • Certificate location for the investment - Golden Site 2008,
  • excellent geographic location - In western part of Poland, near the border with Germany, only 180 km from Berlin,
  • high unemployment rate in the Town Stargard,
  • ideal communication solutions for people and goods transport,
  • successful investments,
  • very attractive tax allowances up to 5 years,
  • „Greenfield” are ready for investments projects and are equipped in a valid spatial management plan,
  • technical infrastructure,
  • Industrial Park of Stargard has efficient and versatile customer service and possibilities of fast completion of the transaction,
  • Stargard gives full support of local authorities and Stargard Local Development Agency.


Investment grounds

The size of each investment area can be adjusted to the specific needs of the investor. 



Workforce and help from The Job Centre

Labour market in the district of Stargard, number of the unemployed - 7 726, May 2011 (source: PUP Stargard).

Highly qualified staff:

  • excellent employers opinions;
  • high technical culture;
  • excellent practical and theoretical basis;
  • flexibility in changing qualifications;
  • thanks to trainings organized by the local job center it is possible to prepare suitable workers on expected posts.

Job centre offer:

  • refund of the costs of equipping the workplace;
  • training of new employees;
  • job mediation;
  • work practice;
  • preparation for performing a job.


Tax relieves

The investor will be released from 100% of the local real estate tax for the period of 3 to 5 years depending on the solution chosen by the investor.

Examples of the companies operating in The Industrial Park of Stargard

  1. BACKER OBR (Sweden ) - producer of the heating elements,
  2. Klippan Safety Polska (Sweden) - producer of the components making better safety of cars,
  3. Spaas Candles Polska (Belgium) - producer of candles,
  4. Stargard Borst (Sweden) - manufacturer of cleaning equipment,
  5. S.I.B.I. (France) - producer of concrete prefabricated elements,
  6. BS Vognen (Denmark) - producer of specialist liquid tanks and elements of steel constructions,
  7. ZPS (Poland) - manufacturer of railway machines,
  8. Luxpol-Bis (Poland) - knitwear producer,
  9. KUCA (Poland) - producer of the elements for rail traction and tanks, ressels,
  10. Tradis LTD (Poland) - logistic.



Stargardzka Agencja Rozwoju Lokalnego Sp. z o. o.
Pierwszej Brygady 35 Str.
73-110 Stargard
Tel.: +48 91 834 90 88
Fax: +48 91 834 90 98
Michał Kieliszak

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