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Ruda Šl±ska Business Incubator

What is being covered under the name Ruda Slaska Business Incubator?

The Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (RSBI) is a partnership, where The City of Ruda Slaska holds a 100% shares . The headquarters of the Ruda Slaska Business Incubator are situated on the premises of the Upper Silesian Technological Incubator - the new offices and warehouse facilities. RSBI offers about 6 000 m2 of office and warehouse space.

Our aim is to create favourable conditions for the establishment and development of innovative businesses, by guaranteeing support in terms of infrastructure, marketing, personnel and finance, as well as additional services. 


Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (RSBI) is a new, attractively localized addition to the business map of the Silesian Viovodeship. RSBI is located in the centre of the Silesian agglomeration, with easy access to the DTS express road  as well as the A4 motorway, which has been created in frame of Sectoral Operational Programme Improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises, years 2004-2006.

RSBI second building, which was the headquarters before, is located a few kilometers from the actually headquarters.

Offer of the Upper Silesian Technological Incubator - rent the locals

In the modern air-conditioned complex, favourable conditions have been created for new, innovative companies and those dealing with production and sales. Preferential conditions are available for office-space and equipment (furniture, computers) and warehouse rental.

State-of-the-art multimedia, modern conference halls has been created for our tenants, which has got 100 seats.

Training room has been created for clients, who participate in the trainings & courses.

 A possibility of the lease of the Virtual Office (Wirtualne Biuro) is an addition to our offer. The Virtual Office relies on the lease of a postbox what is a practical arrangement for newly established companies. It is also a good solution for entrepreneurs which are leading one's business activity at home.

Training & Courses

TRAINING CENTRE RSBI offer trainings in the scope of enterprise establishment and sourcing funds to the European Union, and professional development opportunities and career-change prospectives. Union Projects also are being carried out in frames of the Training Centre.

Regional Centre of the European Social Fund (ESF) in Rybnik is acting in frames of RSBI, which is providing services free of charge associated with recruiting and the due use of funds from ESF. Regional Centre of the ESF is working for schools, self-government units, non-governmental organizations, enterprises as well as private persons. The centre is comforting for everyone for entities from subregions Rybnik and Gliwice.

Advisory and information activity - CENTRE OF THE BUSINESS COUNSELLING

 A consulting and a help in scope of  receiving  moneys from structural funds of European Union are one of The Ruda Slaska Business Incubator activities, what is made for the sector of enterprises and self-government units as well as the help in preparing motions for union subsidies with preparing businessplans, feasibility studies and financial analyses.

Pro - innovative activity

The Incubator is dealing with also a completion of european projects concerning IT modern technologies (SilesiaNet); with matching economic partners up; with organization of entrepreneurs meetings; with organization of economic conferences - development of the economic foreign cooperation and organization of international trade missions.

Companies operating on area of the Upper Silesian Technological Incubator

The largest group of companies in the building of Upper Silesian Technological Incubator are usually newly established companies, most often of the IT industry, but not only, e.g. Tresso  (electric elements production), Stanusch Technologies (IT industry - artificial intelligence), DST (IT industry), DUO  (import, porcelain distribution ).



Ruda Slaska Business Incubator
36 Karola Goduli Street
41-703 Ruda Slaska - POLAND

Phone: (+48 32) 342 22 30, ext.100
Fax: (+48 32) 342 22 30, ext. 108

E-mail: info@inkubatorrudzki.pl

Website: www.inkubatorrudzki.pl

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