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The Euro-Center Industrial Park

Euro-Centrum Industrial Park

Name: Euro-Centrum Industrial Park

Type: industrial park

Managing entity: Euro-Centrum JSC

Period of development: developed

Bird's eye view of Euro-Centrum Industrial Park (photo: Euro-Centrum)
Bird's eye view of Euro-Centrum Industrial Park (photo: Euro-Centrum)


The Euro-Centrum complex is located in Katowice - the heart of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis and the capital of the Silesian Province, which belongs to the most industrialized regions of Poland with a dynamically developing economy and powerful human capital. 12% of gross domestic product is produced in Silesia, which in economic terms puts the region in second place in the country. The metropolis's human capital is about 4.6 million inhabitants and 40 universities. A favourable climate for investors has put this region high in the investment attractiveness ranking. This is due to, among others the largest work resources of the highest quality, rich industrial traditions, a large market, very well-developed economic and communication infrastructure. Within 600 km of Katowice there are six European capitals: Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin. The park is located in the node of European transport corridors (A4, A1, DT¦ motorways) in close proximity to the international airports Katowice - Pyrzowice and Kraków - Balice.

Sector profile

Euro-Centrum Industrial Park is a complex of modern buildings in the form of office spaces, services, conference and exhibition rooms. Park offer is designed primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the sector of energy-saving technologies, including IT.

Innovative buildings

One of the most important element of the Euro-Centrum Industrial Park is an innovative energy-efficient building that uses only 1/3 of energy as compared with a standard office building. It was established thanks to the cooperation with the Austrian partner Weizer Energies - Innovations - Zentrum GmbH. We let open space for companies which appreciate the energy efficiency combined with an innovative interior style. The building uses technologies using renewable energy sources that reduce the cost of its operation.

Energy efficient building (photo: Euro-Centrum)
Energy efficient building (photo: Euro-Centrum)

Offer of the Park

Euro-Centrum Industrial Park offers for rent over 17 thousands square metres of space. Modern air-conditioned areas of open space and offices are adapted to the needs of clients. You may design your office yourself or with the help from our architect. Within our complex you will find ATMs, restaurant and parking for nearly 1,000 vehicles equipped with a whole day monitoring system.

Office (photo: Euro-Centrum)
Office (photo: Euro-Centrum)

Tenants Promotion

A similar profile of the companies located in the Park has been conceived to encourage cooperation and services exchange between them. At the website dedicated to our clients www.ligocka103.pl you will be able to promote your services, inform about events, news and win new clients.

Offices buildings in Euro-Centrum Industrial Park (photo: Euro-Centrum)
Offices buildings in Euro-Centrum Industrial Park (photo: Euro-Centrum)

Company situated on the Park

The Euro-Centrum Industrial Park together with the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park create a dynamic business centre with over 100 companies operating there. For their actual list, please see www.ligocka103.pl/firmy.


Euro-Centrum JSC
ul. Ligocka 103, 40-568 Katowice
+48 32 251 74 78

Investment Service Team contact:

  • Domestic investors:
    +48 32 251 74 78 ext. 360
  • Foreign investors:
    +48 32 78 34 320 ext. 220


(Last update: January 2020)

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