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Bielsko Aviation Technology Park


The Bielsko Aviation Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (BPTLPiI) is the management company of a project entitled “Aviation Technology Park - innovation, cooperation, development” located on the waste dump of the KWK “Brzeszcze-Silesia Ruch II” coal mine in Kaniów, co-funded by the European Union under the Sectoral Operational Program “Increase the competitiveness of enterprises and innovation by strengthening the business environment institutions”, Measure 1.3 “Creation of favorable conditions for enterprise development”. The project participants in its initial phase were the local government, represented by the Bielsko County (Powiat Bielski). At present, the project is almost entirely in the hands of private investors.

The Aviation Technology Park - innovation, cooperation, development was built within an extremely short time - it only took 18 months from the date of signing the contract with the Polish Industrial Development Agency in Warsaw. The Park was constructed on heavily degraded postindustrial land, thus restoring the economic utility of the area. The construction work was completed on 30 June 2008. The opening ceremony of the Aviation Technology Park in Kaniów was held on 11 September 2008.

The project involved the construction of infrastructure necessary for the development of aerospace companies, including over 10 000 m2 of modern production halls and hangars, a 700-metre long asphalt runway, taxiways, parking lots, parking space for aircrafts, petrol station offering JET A1 and AVGAS fuel and air traffic control tower with office facilities and a professionally equipped conference room.


Company: Bielski Park Technologiczny Lotnictwa Przedsiębiorczości I Innowacji
Legal form: Limited liability company
KRS (National Court Register) No.: 0000169940
NIP (Tax Identification) No.: 5480018674
REGON (Statistical Identification) No.: 071003138
Address: Ul. Stefana Kóski 43, 43-512 Kaniów
Telephone: +48 32 750 82 32
Fax: +48 32 750 82 33
Website: www.parklotniczy.eu


If the management board is composed of more than one person, making representations on behalf of the company requires the joint action of two members of the board or one member of the board and the proxy.


Share capital: PLN 7,000,000


The Bielsko Aviation Technology Park in Kaniów is excellently located and well-connected - it is situated in the immediate vicinity of the national road no. 1 connecting the south of Poland with the Baltic Sea coast and of the A4 motorway which connects the western and eastern parts of Poland. The nearby Silesian agglomeration provides an industrial and scientific base for the Park.

The Park is located about 80 km away from Kraków, 50 km away from Katowice, 20 km away from Bielsko-Biała and 40 km away from the southern border of Poland.

The proximity of international airports in Katowice-Pyrzowice, Kraków-Balice and Ostrava represents an additional advantage for potential investors.


The Technology Park is steadily widening the scale of its operations by investing in both the expansion and improvement of the airport infrastructure as well as in new production and storage space. The latter involves not only the construction of production and office facilities, but also land rehabilitation and providing land with utilities infrastructure for investment purposes. In preparing land for commercial activity, the Park closely cooperates with the local authorities which view the Park’s activity as a significant impulse for the economic development of the municipality. The Park obtains funding necessary for investment both from its current activity, including the sale of commercialized facilities, and from the European Union.

Facilities in stage I of the project (2007-2008)

In the years 2007-2008, in addition to the airport, the Bielsko Aviation Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park built four halls for production, commercial, service, training , scientific, research and experimentation activity. Total expenditure for investment in stage I of the project amounted to over PLN 30 million, of which 7.0 million came from investors’ own resources and PLN 22.8 million from EU funds.

HALLS AND HANGARS - stage I of the project

Under the investment project, four insulated production halls (2500 m2 each) with social and office facilities were made available for rent to entrepreneurs. The halls were built in the Borga system, without internal supports, which makes them highly adaptable and adjustable to meet the needs of the tenants. Each hall has a separately metered utilities and sewage system as well as a heating and ventilation system.

Each hall is provided with access and entry gates on both sides.

  • Area of paved roads and maneuvering areas - 13, 057 m2.
    • Area of car parking lot - 510 m2.
    • ICAO airfield code - EPKW
    • Four production and hangar halls.

    • Production and hangar halls
      Usable floor area of each hall - 2,560.8 m2, including:
      • Hall - 1,868 m2.
      • Hangar - 628 m2.
      • Office and social facilities - 64.8 m2.
      • Capacity - 17,600 cubic metres
      • Steel beam structure, single-bay halls
      • Span of the frame - 36 m
      • Usable height of the hall - 5 m
      • Ridge height - 7.9 m
      • Spacing of load- bearing frames- every 6 m
      • The foundation is made of two reinforced concrete footings 0.6 m high and 2.5 m wide, with reinforced concrete ties 0.3 m by 0.6 m and a reinforced concrete floor slab 0.2 m thick, made of B20 concrete.
      • Exterior sliding gates in gable walls, 4.5 m high and 13.5 m wide (one of the halls has 16 m wide gates)
      • Interior gates between the assembly hall and the hangar
      • Three 1 metre wide technical entrances, including one to office and social facilities
      • Two windows to ensure lighting to social areas
      • Roof and wall cladding made of steel sheet with internal thermal insulation of 15 cm thick mineral wool
      • A polycarbonate arched skylight, 3 m wide and 72 m long, was installed in the ridge running along the hall

      • Production and hangar halls
        Power supply through a 15 Kv cable network
      • Powered through 4 x 120 mm² YAKY underground cables from a 400/230v RGN switchboard
      • Blown air central heating
      • Radiator heating in social areas
      • Walls and roof with a a fire resistance class of E1 60
      • Fire alarm system - 20 isotope smoke detectors DIO and 20 optical smoke detectors DOR in each hall
      • The detector’s alarm sets off light and acoustic signals on the control panel in the air traffic control tower
      • Hydrants - 4 interior and 6 exterior hydrants surrounding the halls

    At present, the halls are fully occupied by businesses operating in the automotive and aircraft components sectors. Two of the halls are currently owned by the entities conducting their business activity on the premises.

    Air traffic control tower


    • Two full floors housing office and administrative facilities
    • Upward extension of the second floor used as a control tower
    • Boiler room in the semi-basement
    • Usable floor area of the office and administrative space - 393.1 m²
    • Capacity- 1, 824 cubic metres
    • Power supply through a 15 Kv cable network
    • Powered through 4 x 120 mm² YAKY underground cables from a 400/230v RGN switchboard


    Runway and production and hangar halls

    • Length - 700 m, width - 24 m, at present the runway is 700 m long
    • Asphaltic-concrete surface composed of two layers of asphalt concrete and base layers made of mechanically stabilized aggregate
    • Longitudinal slope from 0.3 to 0.7%.
    • Crowned cross section with a slope of 1.5 and 2 %. Traffic load capacity - KR 1
    • Navigation lighting along the runway enables landing from both sides


    • Two fuel dispensers (unloading units) type ARU 200 STM
    • JET A1 and AvGAS fuel
    • Fuelling area of 330 m² with an impervious surface made of concrete blocks
    • Traffic load capacity - KR 1


    • External water network
    • Sewage disposal to own AWAS MBA 35 treatment plant
    • Rainwater drainage system
    • Fully equipped IC A 110 aeronautical radio station in the air traffic control tower
    • Entire site surrounded with a 2,050 m long and 1.6 m high mesh fence

    Facilities in stage II of the project

    In 2013, the Bielsko Aviation Technology Park completed another investment project - the Technology Transfer Centre - under which entrepreneurs were offered the possibility of renting production, laboratory and office space intended for service activity. The investment is worth over PLN 8.2 million, including own contribution of PLN 3.5 million and PLN 4.7 million of EU support.

    Technology Transfer Centre

    The Technology Transfer Centre is a two-storey building with the following specifications:

    • Built-up area: 2, 234.54 m²
    • Usable floor area: 2, 755.82 m²
    • Capacity: 18, 546 m3


    • Guaranteed parking space
    • 24-hour security service in the Park

    High quality rentable space intended for:

    • Offices
    • Laboratories and research (I)
    • Construction and design (II)
    • Production and experimentation (III)

    Technology Transfer Centre - the offices

    The building will be provided with the necessary specialist equipment for the provision of training and counselling services for the SME sector in the field of creating and producing industrial designs using the innovative technology of composite structures.

    Currently, through its subsidiaries, the Park also operates a commercial, service and office facility in the centre of Czechowice-Dziedzice, which consists of two parts:

    • A thoroughly modernized three-storey building intended for offices and service activity, with a usable floor area of 1,286.6 m², the usable floor area of a single storey is 314-320,5 m²,
    • A two-storey building without basement, which can be adapted for broad commercial/service/office purposes, with a usable floor area of 1,180.48 m².

    Commercial, service and office building
    The modernized part of the facility has the following specifications:

    • height - 10.56 m,
    • built-up area - 395 m²,
    • usable floor area - 1,281.6 m²,
    • total area - 1,580 m²,
    • capacity - 4,680 m³.

    The newly-constructed part of the facility has the following specifications:

    • height - 8.48 m,
    • built-up area - 765.54 m²,
    • usable floor area - 1,180.48 m²,
    • total area - 1,530 m²,
    • capacity - 5,942.00 m³.

    Commercial, service and office building and Technology Transfer Centre

    In addition to the building infrastructure, the Park also has ca. 5 hectares of rehabilitated land provided with utilities network, intended for construction of new industrial facilities.

    Currently, the area adjacent to the Park may be used as a location for another 20-30 000 m2 of production and storage halls. The place offers practically unlimited possibilities of investing in all business sectors.

    Investment activities

    Investments form another important direction of the Park’s business activity. The Aviation Park has funds for investment activities carried out under the EU Innovative Economy Operational Program Measure 3.1, in an amount of PLN 17.4 million, obtained under two calls for proposals, including PLN 8.35 million of funds already engaged in investment projects (investments under the first call for proposals held in 2010-2011)

    The project co-funded under the IE OP 3.1 aims to create conditions for the financing of projects in the market of new products and services. This project is intended to to seek for, explore and implement 10 most innovative projects which use the results of scientific research and business ideas.

    Related entities

    Due to the existing procedural requirements, part of the business activity is conducted by entities related to the Park by equity or personally. This applies particularly to the projects carried out in the Park and its immediate neighbourhood.

    The major projects include:

    • two storage and exhibition halls with an arch structure made of steel sheet panels, movable, with a built-up area of ca. 1,300 m2 and a maximum height of 10 m.
    • two photovoltaic installations 100 kW each

    Based on the expenditure incurred, the total value of investment projects directly linked to the Park’s infrastructure which are carried out in related entities has been estimated at around PLN 4.4 million.

    Complementary activities to the BPTLPiI project

    Silesian Center for Science and Technology of Aviation Industry Ltd

    Silesian Center for Science and Technology of Aviation Industry is one of the most modern European centres for production of composite structures using autoclave technology. The Centre also has a research laboratory. Launched in 2012, the Centre focuses its activity on providing services to aviation industry, which requires the implementation of very high standards in all areas of activity. One of the Centre’s goals is to introduce the technologies used so far in aviation in other areas, such as boatbuilding, automotive, railway and wind power industry - i.e. in all those areas which require the application of lightweight and durable materials ensuring the user’s safety.

    Another important factor is to improve innovation and productivity in Polish aerospace companies by enabling them to test composite materials using the highest quality equipment, thus increasing their production output. The center will also act as a training base for students and academic staff (regional and nationwide).

    Other potential projects likely to be implemented in the Park:

    • ORKA aircraft - the construction of a light twin-engine aircraft certified by the Margański & Mysłowski Aviation Company (Zakłady Lotnicze Margański & Mysłowski). It is possible to locate the construction of the ORKA aircraft in one of the halls in the BPTLPiI.
    • establishment of the Aviation Training Centre in Kaniów for professional and general aviation, based on cooperation with the public and private sectors.

    Current situation and prospects for development

    The Park’s current business activity rests on the following pillars:

    • Rental of production and storage facilities
    • Administration of external facilities in the Park
    • Rehabilitation of new industrial areas and providing them with utilities infrastructure
    • Airport operations, including the sale of fuel which is the major source of airport revenue,
    • Investments in the field of financing of innovation activity under the IE OP 3.1.

    Thanks to its efficient organizational structure, the company is able to substantially increase the scale of its operations without a significant increase in the operational costs, while continuing the implementation of new investment plans. The above activity should result in a considerable improvement of the performance of the Aviation Park.

    The Park’s major plans include further expansion of new production and storage space, systematic development of utilities infrastructure in new investment sites and development of new aviation-related services - training services, development of transport services and parachuting, the idea of construction of a major training, operation and maintenance centre for unmanned aircrafts (drones).

    In addition to the construction of halls for the Park’s own use, the BPTLPiI also provides the interested investors with an opportunity to build facilities adapted to their requirements.

    One of the key tasks to be implemented by the Park in the future is the creation of conditions for the location in the Park of a global manufacturer of general aviation aircrafts, which should result in further strengthening of the Park’s market position.

    It needs to be pointed out that the supply of land in the immediate vicinity of the Park, which after rehabilitation will be available for industrial purposes, is about 20 hectares, 12-13 ha of which are intended for investment activities. The local authorities are planning investments in the land’s communication infrastructure in the nearest future.

    Planned development of the Bielsko Aviation Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park Ltd includes:

    • extension of the runway by about 400m to the length of approximately 1100 m
    • considerable widening of the landing strip primarily intended for gliders, parachutists and helicopters
    • adapting the existing runway to 24/7 year-round operation through the installation of GPS which enables the control of take-offs and landings /project in the phase of consultation/
    • location of new innovative companies in the Park

    All the assets presented above testify to the Park’s immense potential. We are convinced that the long-term regional development project we are currently implementing has a great added value potential and is worth closer attention and involvement.


    Bielski Park Technologiczny Lotnictwa, Przedsiębiorczości i Innowacji Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Stefana Kóski 43
    43-512 Kaniów
    Phone: +48 32 750 82 32
    Fax: +48 32 750 82 33
    E-mail: parklotniczy@parklotniczy.eu
    www: www.parklotniczy.eu

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