January 5th, 2017,
 Issue 517


Two reinvestments of Valeo in the Kraków Technology Park
At the end of 2016, the Management Board of the Kraków Technology Park issued business permits to Valeo Autosystemy to run two reinvestments that will be conducted in Skawina and Chrzanów. The Valeo Group plans to invest PLN 420m.

In Chrzanów, the company will spend PLN 101,7m to create 100 new jobs, to expand the factory and to build a warehouse. Valeo is also planning to buy a new production line to manufacture car lighting systems. The factory expansion will be also held in Skawno. The company’s second project this year will cost PLN 323m. Under the investment, Valeo will hire 150 new people and develop R&D centre.

Valeo is an international automotive company operating in Kraków Technology Park since 2013 when its two investments were supported by PAIiIZ. In Poland, the company hires 6,000 people including 2,500 in Kraków Technology Park. (KPT)

The winner of the Golden Site Contest 2016 with new investor
Danish-Poland fish processing company BG Production chose Białogard to develop its business. The company will operate in the production hall built by the Białogard Invest Park on the investment site that won the Golden Site Contest 2016.

Since 2010, BG Production has been active in Wieniotów close to Ustroń Morski where the company processes salmon and cod. Now, BG Production has decided to expand the business and to rent the production facility from Białogard Invest Park for 5 year. Then the 5000m2-size building will be bought by the investors. The new plant will be ready to operate in 2017. Also this year, the company will hire 400 people, there.

Few months ago, the site that was chosen by the investor, received the award for the best investment greenfield area in Zachodniopomorskie province in the Golden Site Contest 2016 arranged by PAIiIZ. This is the second Golden Site Award that went to Białogard. The first time an investment plot located in Białogard received the award in 2010. Since then, two production facilities have been built there for Kabel-Technik Polska. (Invest_Park Białogard)

The production hall which will be leased by BG Production


Workshop: Japanese IT Market
Japanese IT market is the 3rd largest in the world and 2nd largest among OECD countries, 323 billion dollars (2014, OECD), and growing steadily. To learn more about business opportunities for IT companies, visit IT market in Japan Seminar arranged by Japan External Trade Organization (JERO) on 27 January in Krakow Technology Park (ul. Podole 60).

Japan is looking for new technologies. Especially, such areas as IoT, cyber security, big data, FinTech and so on are attracting enormously high attention in the market and companies pour into a lot of spending. They are looking for new technologies. Thanks to Abenomics, the economic and investment climate in Japan has been rapidly changing and greatly improved. According to JETRO, business and living costs in Tokyo become less than Hong Kong, Singapore, or Shanghai, and Japanese government tries to tackle regulatory barriers eagerly.

The presentation of business opportunities of the IT market in Japan will be provided by Japanese experts and JETRO officers. The seminar will be held in English only.

The admission is free after registration: www.jetro.go.jp/form5/pub/pow/it_seminar_krakow

More information by:
Małgorzata Szmidt (JETRO)
tel: +48 22 322 75 00

Outsourcing Stars 2016 Gala
On 3 January 2017 Lublin will hold the 4th Outsourcing Stars Gala. Every year, the event gathers experts of outsourcing industry and representatives of Polish and global BSS companies operating in the country. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

During the Gala the winners of the Outsourcing Stars 2016 contest will be presented. The venue will also hold the networking session on BSS during which experts will sum up the 2016 in the industry. (ProProgressio)

More information: www.outsourcingstars.pl


PMI improves to 17-month high in December
The Polish manufacturing sector continued to build momentum in the final month of 2016, according to the latest PMI survey data from IHS Markit.

The PMI remained above 50.0 for the twenty-seventh successive month in December, indicating an improvement in Polish manufacturing business conditions. This reflected faster increases in output, new orders and employment and renewed growth of exports.

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Demand for manufacturing inputs increased in December, maintaining pressure on supply chains. Purchasing activity rose for the fourth time in five months, and at the fastest rate since March 2014. Suppliers’ delivery times lengthened for the ninth month running. The Markit Economics survey also shows that Polish manufacturers stepped up recruitment in December. Employment in the sector rose for a survey-record forty-first consecutive month, and at the fastest rate since March 2015.

Greater input cost burdens led manufacturers to increase their own prices at the fastest rate since April 2011. (Markit Economics)

More information: www.markiteconomics.com/Survey/PressRelease.mvc/108e2406790e44a8a2e21a1a7b80f7ad

Exporters and importers see 2017 in bright colors
According to the recent survey by “Akcenta”, at least 30% of exporters and 28% of importers from SMEs sector predicts that in the upcoming year, the number of orders in their companies will grow, while only approximately 5% of them forecasts a decline in orders.

“The vast majority of respondents expect that in terms of orders, the upcoming year will be just as good as last one, or even better. It is very encouraging that, the number of companies expecting growth in the orders increased six times bigger than the pessimistic ones, comments Radosław Jarema from “Akcenta”.

The analysis was conducted by the 4P research mix at the request of the payment institution AKCENTA in late September and October 2016. It covered a group of micro, small and medium-sized companies for which export or import is an important part of the business.

More information: www.akcenta.pl/informacje-prasowe.html


Pomerania SEZ gets bigger
The Pomaranian Special Economic Zone increased its area by 206 hectares. The new investment plots that were joined to the zone are located in Kwidzyń, Czarnków, Police, Nakło upon Noteć, Biały Bór (close to Grudziądz), Solec Kujawski and Biała Podlaska.

The decision to expand the Pomerania SEZ was expected by twelve companies that since recently were operating outside the zone. The enlargement of the zone is also due to plans to establish a Chinese - Polish logistic centre that will be based on the former military airport in Biała Podlaska and dry transhipment port in Małaszewicze. According to authorities of the zones, the creation of such transhipment hub in a strategic location between the Baltic sea and the eastern part of the country neighbouring Belarus will increase the export of Polish goods to China. (PSEZ)

350 hectares more in Warmińsko-Mazurska SEZ
On 30 December, a regulation issued by the Council of Ministers extending the Warmińsko - Mazurska SEZ by 350 hectares came in force. Also the seven new sub-zones has been created.

More than 186 hectares of public land have been covered by the zone. What is more, 163.8 hectares of private land where nine investors operate was joint to WMSEZ. Among the nine investors there are: Get Fresh Cosmetics, Fabryka Mebli Taranko, Indykpol, Warmińsko-Mazuski Klaster Meblowy, Isoroc Polska, Skejka-Pisz Paged, Horizon Project Development, Steklarna Hrastnik Polska and Lech Drób. These companies declared to invest at least PLN 1.2 bn and create over 1,160 new jobs in the zone.

In addition, the sub-zones were extended in Bartoszyce, Morąg, Lidzbark, Ostróda, Olsztyn, Mława, Iławie, Ciechanow, Nidzica, Pisz, Biskupiec and Pomiechówek. Moreover, seven new subzones - Braniewo, Stawiguda, Orneta, Działdowo, Węgorzewo Zalewo, Żuromin - were created. Now, the zone cover 37 municipalities located in the Warmia-Mazury and Mazowsze and after the enlargement in has the area of 1390.7303 hectares. (W-M SEZ)

The Katowice SEZ also grown
At the end of 2016 the Katowice SEZ has grown by nearly 270 hectares and currently covers an area of 2,614 hectares. The new grounds are located in 16 communities in the provinces of Silesia and Opole.

Special economic zone includes areas in Zabrze (over 44 hectares) and Oleśno (31.5 hectares), Jastrzębie-Zdroj (over 25 hectares), Godów (over 14 hectares), Radziechowy-Wieprz (over 29 hectares), Racibórz (over 7.5 ha), Wodzisław Śląski (over 24 hectares) and Bielsko-Biała (0.73 hectares) Zawiercie (over 16 hectares), Woźniki (nearly 16 hectares) Ogrodzieniec (over 10 hectares) and Krzepice (nearly 19 hectares) and 3 hectares in Lędziny.

The zone will include plots owned by the State Treasury, where the companies already operate. These are the areas in Bytom (used by Kopex and Conbelts S.A.) and in Węgierska- Górka (used by Metalpol). The Zone were also expanded by a site in Katowice, belonging to the Echo 135 and National Treasury, in which Rockwell Automation is planning the investment. Zone authorities estimate that approximately 13,400 new jobs can be created in the next few years on this new area and they are related to the execution of nearly 100 projects expected there. Their total value is estimated at about 5.3 billion. (KSEZ)

The new sub-zone in the Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ
Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone expanded its area by 68.8 hectares. Within the zone also four sub-zones were created.

By enlarging, the zone now has 1,900 hectare. Kostrzyn - Słubice SEZ starts a new year also with four new subzones in Krzeszyn, Kłodawa, Golczewo i Sieraków.

In 2016, KSSEZ issued 13 permits for business activities. One of the biggest investment held last year was the project of German- based Zalando. The total value of the investments, which came to the zone in 2016 was over PLN 908m. More than 3,200 new jobs will be created there, most of them within the framework of the investment project of Zalando company. (KSSEZ)

New subzone in Białobrzegi
Euro - Park Wisłosan Special Economic Zone enters new year with introducing a new subzone in Białobrzegi and with additional 125 hectares of new sites.

The zone has covered new area in Tarnobrzeg, Gorczyce, Stalowa Wola, Przemyśl, Radom and Janów Lubelski. Currently, the zone reaches 1868,2 hectares. Due to the creation of the subzone in Białobrzegi, Euro - Park Wisłosan will be now divided in 22 subzones. (Euro-Park Wisłosan)

78 hectares and 16 investments in Łódź SSE
Łódź is among the zones that have been expanded at the end of 2016. It has grown by 78 hectares and now covers the area of 1,416 hectares. In 2016, the zone also doubled the number of new jobs created and the total value of investments implemented y/y.

Next business permit in Łódź SSE (Source: ŁSSE)

In 2016, Łódź SSE issued 16 business permits. Half of those projects are reinvestments. Moreover, 50% of them will be provided by Polish companies. Among other investors with projects implemented in 2016 there are companies from Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and India. The projects will generate 1,016 news jobs in the Łódź SSE, while 4,632 jobs has been maintained. The total value of last year’s investment reached PLN 1,017 m. (ŁSEZ)

Focus on high-tech in Kraków zone
28 investment projects got the green light to be developed in Kraków Special Economic Zone that is managed by Kraków Technology-Park. The zone has also increased its area by 159 hectares.

Last year, 22 Polish and 6 foreign companies have started their projects in Kraków zone. Half of them are reinvestments, the rest are new projects. The total value of them all is PLN 1,47 m. In total, investors declared to create 1,408 new jobs.

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Last year, the zone has focused on promoting high- tech companies. A ScaleUP accelerator was created. Kraków Technology Park also acquired PLN 30m to create the Alfa Bridge seed found for start-ups and SME’s sector that predominate in the zone portfolio. (KPT)

The busy year in Słupsk SEZ
11 investment projects with a total value of PLN 85m - this is the result of business activity of Słupsk Economic Zone that is managed by Pomerania Regional Development Agency.

640 new jobs were created due investment projects implemented in 2016 in Słupsk SEZ. Moreover the zone has grown by 7,8 hectares located close to S6 motorway, close to the Słupsk ring that is often called the Baltic sea investment route. (PARP)


World Games in Poland already in 2017
After the European Capital of Culture, it’s time for one of the biggest sporting events in the world - The World Games 2017. What connects this events? Wrocław is their host city.

The World Games take place every four years in the year following the Olympic Games. Comparing to the Olympics, World Games are more liberal when it comes to sports categories. The event showcases such sports as Dance Sport, Squash, Tug of War, Sumo and Karate. The difference between this two events also lies in the fact that the World Games use only existing infrastructure in the city - it does not require to build additional and expensive sports facilities. And it is the ultimate sports infrastructure that impact on what disciplines will be represented during the event. So this summer, in the capital of Lower Silesia, more than 3,600 athletes from around the world will compete for medals in more than 30 disciplines.


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